Donation Depot launches new corporate Web site

Donation Depot yesterday launched a new corporate Web site designed to better explain their online giving products. The site can be found at:

It contains information for the four main groups the company serves – nonprofit organizations, employers, United Way, and government.

After incorporating in 1999, Donation Depot launched a consumer Web site that allowed donors to research and make secure contributions to thousands of charities. Since then, the company has switched its focus to more of an Application Service Provider model, building and delivering customized online giving applications that are used in conjunction with the customer’s own Web presence.

“The new site is a better representation of the company we are today,” said President and CEO Brandon Fix. “Many of our clients have had tremendous results with our applications, and we wanted our Web site to have better information about how other groups could benefit from these products.”

The company’s redesigned consumer portal, which links donors to thousands of charities across the United States, will be located at: site will be in effect beginning in April.

The portal also includes philanthropy news and educational information on the financial and tax benefits of charitable giving.

Last year, more than $1.2 million in donations was processed through Donation Depot products.