Dept. of Ecology awards funds for Puyallup's Meeker Creek restoration project

The Washington Department of Ecology has finalized funding offers for 57 clean water projects worth $82 million in loans and grants, from funds approved in the 2012 state budget.

Projects qualifying for Ecology’s clean water funding include upgrades and expansion of sewer plants and collection systems; sewage system improvements; water re-use facilities; water cleanup projects; stormwater and groundwater projects; stream-side protection and restoration projects; public clean water education projects, and more.

In Pierce County, the City of Puyallup was awarded $215,891 for the Meeker Creek Riparian and Stream Restoration Project, which will remove 1,000 linear feet of the 4,385-foot Meeker Creek from its trapezoidal ditch and return it to a natural, meandering stream channel, restore over 100,000 square feet of riparian habitat, and allow for natural expansion of the adjacent wetland.

A complete list of project descriptions and funding amounts can be found online here.

Funding for Ecology’s integrated loan and grant program comes from a combination of dedicated state and federal monies. Of the current $82 million shared, $13.5 million comes from the Centennial Clean Water Program, which is funded through state bonds. The federally funded Clean Water Section 319 Nonpoint Source Fund provides $1.6 million. The Washington State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund, a combination federal grant, state match and interest and loan repayments, provides $67 million.

The next application cycle for Ecology’s water quality grants and loans begins Sept. 1 and ends Nov. 2. Ecology will hold funding application workshops around the state in mid-September. Visit Ecology’s Water Quality Financial Assistance Web site for details. This latest round of funding became available July 1.