Curtain Calls: Rialto reopens; major repairs finished at Pantages

The City of Tacoma and the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) are pleased to announce that the Rialto Theater has reopened. The Tacoma Fire Department and Tacoma Power authorized opening the theater following inspections on Nov. 24. The Rialto’s balcony will remain closed while repairs to the seats continue. Main floor seat repairs are complete.

The Rialto closed Nov. 9 after fire and electrical inspections cited safety concerns, including the capability of the theater seats to automatically retract during an emergency. All fire and electrical code safety deficiencies have been corrected. City and BCPA staff continue to work on other maintenance tasks. Repairs are scheduled to be complete by Dec. 1.

The Tacoma Fire Department announced today that all major electrical and fire hazards have been corrected at the Pantages Theater. The Pantages was closed from Oct. 14 to Nov. 5 following a fire inspection that cited concerns about the fire curtain that separates the stage from the audience section of the theater, and various electrical problems.

“A new fire curtain has been installed, decorative curtains are now flame retardant, hazardous storage conditions and all major electrical hazards have been corrected,” said Tacoma Fire Department Deputy Chief Ralph Johns. “The Pantages Theater is a safe place to enjoy this season’s shows.”

Fire personnel have also worked with Pantages staff and ushers in emergency evacuation planning and drilling. Ushers will now be required to be trained by Tacoma Fire Department personnel in safety and evacuation procedures. Pantages staff is finalizing a full fire and earthquake safety plan approved by the Fire Department.