County prosecutor charges two High Priority Offenders

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office charged Brandon Leonard Starks, 27, with one count of unlawful possession of a firearm, theft of a motor vehicle, identity theft, and forgery. And, in a completely unrelated case, the Prosecutor charged Sean Michael Hill, 26, with unlawful possession of a firearm, taking a motor vehicle without permission, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Both men are convicted felons known by investigators to illegally carry guns.  They have been identified as High Priority Offenders.

Starks has numerous prior felony convictions, to include unlawful possession of a firearm, theft of a motor vehicle, felony harassment, conspiracy to commit robbery, unlawful delivery of a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Hill has seven other felony cases in just the last two years.  He is currently awaiting trial on three cases which include eight felonies such as unlawful possession and deliver of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a firearm, and bail jumping. He’s also awaiting sentencing on two open cases that include four felonies.

Investigators believe Starks, and a group of his associates are responsible for many of the car prowls which have been happening all over Pierce County including at the Lakewood Town Center.

Starks is being held on $250,000.00 bail. Hill’s bail is set at $175,000.00.

The High Priority Offender Program uses data, technology and intel to identify and target the small percentage of offenders who are causing a large percentage of crimes. The goal is to reduce crime by focusing resources on chronic offenders.


  – Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office