County dismissed from Crystal Brame family’s lawsuit

The family of Crystal (Judson) Brame has agreed to dismiss Pierce County from the lawsuit pending in King County Superior...

The family of Crystal (Judson) Brame has agreed to dismiss Pierce County from the lawsuit pending in King County Superior Court. In negotiations with deputy prosecutors representing Pierce County, the family agreed to drop all claims previously filed asserting negligence or other wrongdoing on the part of Pierce County Sheriff’s personnel. The family had included Pierce County, among others, as part of its suit against the City of Tacoma for the death of Crystal caused by her husband, Tacoma Police Chief David Brame. The parties have agreed that all the resources identified in this agreement will be committed to pursuing the following avenues to address the issues of domestic violence in the community:

— The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department will devote three domestic violence investigators and a sergeant to staff the Family Justice Center — a new one-stop community service facility for victims of domestic violence and their children.

— The county will conduct a series of domestic violence training seminars for sheriff’s deputies and law enforcement personnel from other municipalities in the county, as well as make such training available to other entities.

— The county will dedicate a plaque to the memory of Crystal Judson at the new Family Justice Center.

Neither the family nor their attorneys will receive any monetary benefit from this agreement.

Pierce County has already committed $327,000 for initial start-up of the center, and the county is committed long-term to the center. The Family Justice Center is intended to be a cooperative venture between Pierce County and the City of Tacoma, as well as other potential municipalities, which will coordinate resources and services for domestic violence victims and their children.

Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg said Crystal Brame’s tragic death was a wake-up call that focused the attention of the community and local government on the seriousness of domestic violence. He said the announced actions demonstrate the county’s determination to address the issue in a comprehensive manner.

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