Council hears first reading of Comprehensive Plan amendments

The proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulatory Code for 2005 that were had their first reading at the Nov. 8 City Council meeting. The amendments, each of which is contained in a separate ordinance, include modifying the land use intensity areas and generalized land use plan map; revising the neighborhood elements for the South End, West End and South Tacoma; and modifying the marine guidelines chapter of the Thea Foss Waterway design and development plan; modifying the City’s Critical Areas Preservation Ordinance to change buffers for wetlands, streams and geological hazard areas, and to extend the interim regulations for critical areas adopted by Ordinance No. 27300 to June 30, or until amendments to Chapter 13.11 of the Municipal Code become effective, whichever comes first; and modifying Title 13 of the Municipal Code to increase the separation requirements for adult uses, correcting the legal description for an area-wide rezone along Tacoma Mall Boulevard, changing the view sensitive overlay district in the vicinity of North Orchard Street and Ruston Way and an area-wide rezone of the North Slope Historic District.