Council approves Douglas Aukland as liaison

The Tacoma City Council voted Tuesday night to affirm Douglas Aukland as the council liaison for the investigation into David Brame’s career by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). For two years, Aukland, a 31-year employee of the FBI, served in the Tacoma FBI office as a special agent supervisor.

“Both of Aukland’s references cited his high level of integrity,” said Mayor Bill Baarsma. “That’s what our city – and the City Council – needs right now. Someone all of us can put our trust in during this critical time.”

The City Council, based on a WASPC request, filled the liaison position quickly. Mayor Bill Baarsma, in concurrence with Deputy Mayor Bil Moss, interviewed and appointed Aukland as the temporary council investigative liaison May 9.

While working with the FBI, Aukland had little interaction with David Brame-and had no contact after Brame’s promotion to assistant police chief or chief.

Since his retirement in July 2000, Aukland has had no professional relationship with the Tacoma Police Department. Aukland resides in Tacoma.