Correll named first recipient of the Tacoma's human rights award

The City of Tacoma has recognized Allen Correll as the first recipient of the Human Rights Champion Award. Correll retired as the Executive Director of the City of Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Department after a 35-year career in civil rights.

Correll fought for human rights on a local and national level and participated in numerous organizations that advanced human rights. In addition to shaping the development of local, state and national civil rights policy, Correll was instrumental in making the Tacoma’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration one of the largest in the country.

The City of Tacoma’s Human Rights Commission introduced the Human Rights Champion Award in 2012 to recognize individuals and organizations in Tacoma that provide services in our city for the advancement of human rights. To learn more about the Tacoma Human Rights Commission and/or to nominate someone for the next Human Rights Champion Award, visit the City of Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Web site at or call (253) 591-5151 (voice) / (253) 591-5153 (TTY).