ContractQuest Expands Operations Globally Through Alliances in India and Australia

“ContractQuest, a Tacoma-based business-to-business online contracting software provider, has expanded operations bases through strategic alliances with Hyderabad Direct in India and Hot Fish Global in Australia. Operations with Hyderabad Direct, named ContractQuest/India, are to cater to the needs and interests of Indian business owners by providing business-to-business and business-to-consumer contracting software.Initial market saturation of ContractQuest/India is focusing on high-tech firms specializing in software development and systems integration, according to the company. The partnership between ContractQuest and Hyderabad Direct is designed to fill the needs of Indian businesses looking to internationally market their products through inexpensive and effective means.ContractQuest/India provides communication tools Indian businesses can use to reach a global audience, according to the firm. It is estimated 2500 Indian businesses will be using ContractQuest’s online contracting software by the end of the year.The company expects to eventually expand into serving commodities, manufacturing, bio-tech, transportation, telecommunications and utility sectors in India.Hot Fish Global, provider of Australian based ContractQuest, will re-sell communication software for Business-to-Business, Business-to-Employee and Business-to-Consumer contracting systems. Operations in Australia are expected to be based in Sydney and Melbourne.The Australians’ willingness to give ‘new’ things a try, positions Australia as an ideal market in which to test the international appeal of a product or service, said Damien Reilly of Hot Fish Global.ContractQuest provides communication solutions that adapt to fit Hot Fish Global projects in the information technology, entertainment and construction fields. Australia’s media and advertising sectors provide a large customer base, while the technology climate’s similarity to the United States creates a mirrored product market.Ventures into India and Australia continue to broaden future horizons for ContractQuest, said Jon Taber, President and COO of ContractQuest.The company has a schedule of beta testing for its affinity programs through August in the U.S. as well as Germany, India and Australia. The formal launch for CQConstruction is slated for September 15.Expansion into Germany is expected in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the company.”