ContractQuest announces it will beta test new software

“ContractQuest, the leading provider in wireless and PC-based workgroup tools and on-line communities, announced that 30 home builder associations in the U.S. have partnered with the company to beta test its new CQConstruction software.Building associations in Michigan, Washington, Virginia, Ohio, Utah, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, representing up to 18,500 builders, approved the contract to initiate testing between Sept. 25 and Oct. 27. Each association will create teams of five to 15 members to test phase one of CQConstruction.CQConstruction will feature job posting, quoting, project management, cost control, marketing for builders and CQCommunity, a portal used to communicate with members. Implementation of CQConstruction will benefit associations and builders by earning them substantial non-dues revenue and member loyalty while providing tools to fight new economy competitors. Contractors benefit from the software, which reduces operating costs while increasing productivity.In preparation for long-term performance in the building industry, ContractQuest signed a letter of agreement this week with Fitz Solutions, Inc., to evaluate the Contractors’ Wizard estimating and job costing computer program. Upon successful proof of concept, ContractQuest will purchase, lease or license the program from Fitz Solutions in November. During the three-month evaluation, ContractQuest will modify the look of Contractors’ Wizard to closely resemble CQConstruction. The owners of Fitz Solutions, Inc., will act as advisors to ContractQuest providing the company with 14,000 contractor leads.If testing the Contractor’s Wizard proves successful, it will push phases two and three of CQConstruction a year ahead of schedule, said Jon Taber, president of ContractQuest. Phase two of CQConstruction, for example, will link to building material supply chains and provide barcode feedback to remodelers from the homeowner. “