Clyde Ballard won't seek re-election

Clyde Ballard, the Wenatchee Republican and former Speaker of the House who lead Washington state’s “Republican Revolution” in 1994, announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election next year.
Ballard, a powerful GOP force who has represented the state’s 12th District for 20 years, intimated that his decision to retire had at least something to do with his party’s loss of a 49-49 House tie last fall’s special election.
“All this is just part of the decision-making. There was a whole series of things that went into this,” Ballard said from his Olympia office.
Gov. Gary Locke, who has often sparred with Ballard, wished the 65-year-old legislator and his wife well.
“While we had our policy differences, I always knew he was working for the people of his district, and we really did work together whenever we could. He and Ruth are neat people, and I wish them well in retirement,” Locke said Tuesday.
Ballard said he plans to serve out the rest of his term, which ends in January, and will not step down as GOP leader.