City Seeks Retirement Board Rep

“The Tacoma Employee’s Retirement System is seeking a citizen representative to sere on the nine-member Retirement Board that makes policy decisions for the system. The Retirement Board funds and administers the Tacoma Employee’s Retirement System. The board meets at least once a month and also schedules quarterly meetings to review the investment managers’ performance. Applicants must live in Tacoma. In addition, the Retirement Board is looking for an Investment Advisory Committee member. Committee members are responsible in an advisory capacity for: – Making recommendations to the Retirement Board about the Tacoma Employee’s Retirement System’s general investment policies, practices and procedures. – Reviewing the Retirement Board’s investment transactions. – Preparing a report of the committee’s activities during the year. – Participating in up to six regularly scheduled meetings a year and other meetings as needed. Applicants should be experienced and qualified investors. Prior to applying for the position applicants should make sure they, or the firm they work for, do not have a working relationship with the Retirement Board through investments or banking transactions. Investment Advisory Committee members need not live in Tacoma. The two positions serve three-year terms. Interested applicants should submit letters of interest and resumes by April 1 to Patricia Pabst, Tacoma Employees’ Retirement System, 747 Market Street, Room 1544, Tacoma, WA 98402-3789, 253-591-2035.”