City of Tacoma website offers information, resources for domestic violence victims

The Reduce Domestic Violence Incidents Safe and Clean team — comprised of representatives from the City of Tacoma, the YWCA, the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center and other community organizations — recently unveiled, a website that offers information and access to resources for victims of domestic violence, their friends and family members.

“Our hope is that citizens come to realize that anyone can be a first responder,” said Jacqueline Strong-Moss, team lead and human rights manager in the City’s Human Rights and Human Services Department. “You can be a friend, coworker or neighbor, and help someone in need.”

The Web site features links to resources like the YWCA, Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, Korean Women’s Association, Pierce County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Men’s Network Against Domestic Violence, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Coalition Against Violence; local, state, and nationwide 24-hour help numbers; what to watch for when it comes to spotting domestic violence and how to take protective action.

The Tacoma City Council issued a proclamation for designating October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the Oct. 12 City Council meeting.

Click here for more information about the Safe and Clean Initiative.