City of Tacoma News: Tacoma City Council

Tacoma City Council
Study Session
Noon, Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Room 16
Tacoma Municipal Building North
728 St. Helens Ave.
Group care homes, transportation
The City Council will learn about recommended revisions to the Group Care Ordinance and the city’s six-year street program. For more than two years, the Planning Commission-designated Group Care Advisory Committee has worked to address a variety of siting issues for what were previously referred to in the Tacoma Zoning Code as “Group Care Home Class I.” The recommended revisions identify 12 different types of special needs housing that make up what is presently designated in the Tacoma Municipal Code as “Group Care Homes Class I,” a designation which treats a considerable variety of facilities as a single category. Also, engineers from the Public Works Department will recommend the council add up to $31 million worth of new projects to the city’s Six-Year Transportation Program. New proposed projects and revisions to the plan include:
n Full funding for East 48th Street, McKinley to Portland Avenue.
n Full funding for improvements to a portion of the Puyallup River Bridge on Puyallup Avenue.
n Proposed Tacoma Mall/I-5 direct access.
n Proposed Lincoln Avenue grade separation.
n Proposed pedestrian improvements in the vicinity of LINK Light Rail.
n Proposed traffic signal at North 30th and Pine streets, and two pedestrian signals on South Hosmer Street.
Tacoma City Council
Regular Meeting
5 p.m., Tuesday, June 11, 2002
City Council Chambers
Tacoma Municipal Building
747 Market Street
2001-2002 budget amendments
The council will consider amending the 2001-2002 biennial budget, with more money for the Convention Center, the Business Systems Improvement Project (BSIP), contracts and other adjustments The budget amendment would essentially reallocate already budgeted funds and provide for additional expenses.
Tacoma Water sale to county
Should the council approve, Tacoma Water will sell a large parcel of land – 80 acres at Patterson Springs – and help local conservation efforts. The land is to be sold to the Pierce County Conservation Futures Program. The council conducted a public hearing on the sale June 4.
Business system improvements
The council will vote on the Business Systems Improvement Project (BSIP) team’s recommendations for updating the city’s customer information, financial management, work management and human resources systems. Cost of the total project is $50 million. The Public Utility Board voted to approve the project resolution June 5. The city will fund the 19-month project over a period of several years to minimize the budget impact.
Housing and shelter grants
The council will review and take public testimony on the planned allocations of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for housing/shelter, community and economic development. The council expects to vote June 18.