"City of Tacoma News – City Council Agenda for Tuesday, December 14, 1999"

“City Council Study SessionTuesday, December 14, noonTacoma Municipal Building North,Room 16, 728 St. Helens Ave.Municipal Court UpdateMunicipal Court judges Elizabeth Verhey and Gary Sullivan will meet with Council members to discuss the current state of the City’s court system. The Council members and judges are marking their first time together since 1994.City Council MeetingTuesday, December 14, 5 p.m.City Council ChambersFirst floor, Municipal Building747 Market StreetDestination DowntownDestination Downtown may become a reality if the Council approves the downtown development strategy up for a vote during this meeting. Destination Downtown would replace the City’s comprehensive plan and zoning and sign regulations with new, streamlined, developer-friendly downtown zoning.The plan emphasizes mixed-use development, provides incentives for design quality and promotes downtown living. If approved, Destination Downtown would:- Replace other downtown plans and studies.- Create four new downtown zoning districts.- Add new development regulations for new zones.- Modify sign regulations for the downtown area.Comprehensive Plan ChangesChanges to land use classifications, policies and new zoning for parts of Tacoma neighborhoods highlight the proposed 1999 comprehensive plan changes.The Council will vote on proposed annual amendments.New Parking SystemThe City’s new Parking System Services program, which consolidates City parking assets, revenues and expenses, would have authority to adjust monthly parking rates under a proposal up for a vote.Parking in downtown currently runs from $50 to $125 a month. Parking rates at the City’s Park Plaza North and South garages runs $70 a month. Under this proposal, the Council would authorize Parking Service Systems to raise rates up to $250 a month.$5 Million More for Convention CenterThe City may loan the Tacoma Convention Center another $5 million for property and pre-construction costs.The Council will vote on a second $5 million loan for the center from the City’s General Fund. The City plans to repay both $5 million loans after the Council issues bonds for the construction project, likely sometime next year.City Employee Pay IncreasesThe City’s 2000 union-represented employees would get negotiated pay increases and an additional 700 non-represented employees would see similar increases under a proposal up for a vote.Most of the increases, averaging 3 percent, are based on Seattle-area cost of living indexes. Implementation of most of pay increases and classification changes would take place January 1.Fees IncreaseUnder a proposal up for a vote, a new fee structure for any projects requiring a permit or service from the City’s Building and Land Use Services Division would be implemented.Fees would increase an average of 12 percent. In addition, the City would levy a 7 percent surcharge on fees to cover costs related to compliance with the Endangered Species Act salmon listing.Tacoma Narrows Airport PlanThe Council will take testimony and vote on adopting a master plan outlining the City-owned airport’s future. If approved, the City can ask the Federal Aviation Administration for Airport Development Funds to pay for these and other projects.Waddell Building MetamorphosisThe vacant Waddell Building may find itself as part of the City’s new convention center. The Council will take testimony and vote on a plan to purchase the building for $270,000. The City intends to re-use the building in conjunction with the new convention center.Foss Land OwnershipA resolution up for comment and a vote would transfer ownership of 16.5 acres of property along the Thea Foss Waterway to the Foss Waterway Development Authority. The agreement would give the FWDA additional latitude to bargain in development efforts. If approved, the resolution would give the FWDA clear title to the lands.”