City of Tacoma News –Destination is Now Downtown

“The City of Tacoma Planning Commission hosted a public hearing for new developer-friendly downtown zoning on November 3. The commission took testimony on Destination Downtown, the proposal to modify the City’s comprehensive plan and zoning regulations.If adopted, the Destination Downtown plan will:- Replace outdated downtown plans and studies;- Create four new downtown zoning districts;- Add new development regulations for the new zones; and,- Modify sign regulations for the downtown area.Destination Downtown emphasizes mixed-use development provides incentives for design quality and promotes downtown living.At its November 17 meeting, the Planning Commission is scheduled to make a recommendation to the City Council. The Council will discuss Destination Downtown at a study session and take public testimony about it at a public hearing on November 30.The Council may vote to adopt Destination Downtown as part of Tacoma’s comprehensive plan as early as December.”