City of Fife plans controlled burning of blighted motel

The City of Fife announces the controlled burning of a former motel that was previously shut down by the city due to criminal activity and unsafe operating conditions. Taking a firm stand against crime and ensuring the safety and welfare of the community, the City Council directed that the motel remain closed and that seizure of the property be pursued. The motel’s impending demolition is the direct result of the city council’s support of the police department and the council’s desire that the police department use all proper means available to eradicate crime and close businesses that promote criminal activity.

The building at 2121 Pacific Highway E. and formerly known as the Kingdom Inn is scheduled for a two-day training burn beginning at 10 a.m. Thurs., June 21. The Tacoma Fire Department will be assisting.

The motel, which was closed down by the city in October 2005, was considered by the Police Department to be one of the worst crime ridden areas in the city. Fife officers regularly made arrests at the motel for drug sales and possession, weapons violations, prostitution, assault, and robbery.

The controlled burn event will be attended by members of the Fife Police Department, City of Fife, Fife City Council, and the Tacoma Fire Department.