City, Metro Parks to discuss future of shuttered Old Town Dock

The City of Tacoma and Metro Parks Tacoma will hold a town hall meeting June 23 to discuss the current status of Old Town Dock. At the meeting, representatives from both the City and Metro Parks will share the results of a recent structural survey, a basis of design for making necessary repairs and modifications required to re-open the dock, as well as next steps. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Old Town Music Society, 2101 N. 30th St.

In 2008, the City’s Public Works Department conducted a visual inspection of the Old Town Dock, located along Ruston Way, and recommended that it be closed to public access and its use limited to special events and emergency police, Coast Guard and fire operations. Among the structural concerns with the dock, the decking is deteriorating and the structure lacks a handrail, which makes it unsafe for pedestrian use.

When the dock was constructed in 1873, its intended use was as a wharf. In recent years, it has been used by the public and in emergency situations by the police and fire departments. Since the role of the dock has changed, inspectors recommended closing it to the general public until improvements can be made to return the dock to its current use as a public access pier.

The dock is in the City’s 2008-2013 Capital Facilities Plan and has been assigned a project manager. Currently, the project has not started and remains largely unfunded.

The Old Town Dock is owned by the City of Tacoma and maintained by Metro Parks Tacoma.