City Council OKs more funding for Puyallup River Bridge design

Tacoma City Council Tuesday approved a resolution to spend an additional $569,068 on a design plan for replacing a 950 foot segment of the Puyallup River Bridge. It is the second time in less than two years the city’s contract with the design firm David Evans and Associates has been amended. On June 8, 2010, City Council approved a resolution increasing the original contract from approximately $1.5 million to approximately $2.9 million. It would also bring the total value of the contract to just under $3.5 million.

“Over the past year, Tacoma has requested David Evans and Associates provide even more additional support and design to address design and construction details in dealing with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific Railroad, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Puyallup Tribe of Indians,” wrote Tacoma Public Works Director Richard E. McKinley in a Jan. 3 letter supporting the request. “This additional support supplanted some of the original scope. This resolution will provide for these supplanted work items and also support during the advertisement and award phase.”

The design phase of the project is being paid for through federal funds. Subsequent phases such as property acquisition and construction are funded through a variety of sources, including $12.6 million in federal bridge funds; $6 million in federal surface transportation program funding; $5 million from the state’s Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board; and $1.4 million from the City of Tacoma. In total, $25 million of the $38.7 million needed to replace the 950-foot segment is funded.

This first phase is only one part of a larger plan to replace the entire 84-year-old, 2,453-foot-long Puyallup River Bridge.

The Puyallup River Bridge stretches from Portland Avenue, across railroad tracks and the Puyallup River, and into Fife. According to the Regional Transportation Improvement Program, the bridge carries over 16,000 vehicles a day.

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