City completes repairs on century-old, storm-damaged Tacoma Brewery District building

Repairs to a 112-year-old Brewery District building severely damaged during a rain storm in fall 2011 are expected to be completed this week.

The city-owned building, located at 2308 South Holgate Street, has served as a warehouse and workshop for the City of Tacoma’s public works streets and grounds division. A large section of the roof collapsed into the center of the building on Nov. 22, 2011, due to heavy rainfall, causing damage to the interior and exterior facade. An emergency declaration was declared and the city, its insurance provider, and Belfor Property Restoration worked together to make sure the building was stabilized, debris was removed, city property was recovered, and testing and abatement of hazardous materials were completed, according to city officials. In addition, temporary scaffolding was erected to support a temporary plastic roof.

Late last year, Tacoma City Council awarded a $514,800 contract to Jones & Roberts Company to install a new roof structure over part of the building, replace the remaining roof, complete repairs to the interior drywall and paint, replace damaged flooring, repair electrical and fire protection systems, and replace existing high bay lighting with energy efficient lighting fixtures. The city hired Tacoma-based BCRA Design to draw up the final plans for repairs, according to city staff.

The 112-year-old Brewery District building as it appeared after storm damage (left) and as it appears this week (right) after being repaired. (PHOTOS BY TODD MATTHEWS)