City’s new animal control program begins neighborhood outreach

The City’s Tax & License division in the Finance Department recently hired four full time employees to provide outreach for the new Animal Care and Control services. This summer, these canvassers will be going door-to-door in Tacoma and Fircrest neighborhoods educating citizens, answering questions and leaving door hangers with information about the benefits of licensing a pet.

The new canvassers will be based out of the Tax & License office at 733 Market St. and will be wearing a City of Tacoma polo shirt and identification badge when traveling the neighborhoods.

“The best benefit of a pet license is having your animal returned to you, there is nothing more rewarding than having your pet come home safely and quickly,” said Jodi Trueblood with the City’s Finance Department. “Without proper identification an animal control officer is helpless in returning a pet – a license can help prevent an animal from going to the shelter.”

The City of Tacoma started offering Animal Care and Control services on Jan. 1, 2006 through the Finance Department’s Tax and License Division and the Tacoma Police Department. The services include licensing as well as enforcement of the City’s Municipal Code relating to animals.

The City previously contracted with the Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society for animal control and licensing, but the local Humane Society announced in early 2005 that it would no longer provide those services. The City continues to contract with the Humane Society for kenneling stray animals.

For more information about the City’s Animal Care and Control services, or to report a problem animal in your neighborhood, call (235) 627-PETS or check the Web site at .