Citizens group considers new ways to pay Narrows Bridge tolls

There may be new ways to pay the toll for crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge come January 2011. Photo tolling and Pay By Mail are among the options under consideration by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Citizen Advisory Committee.

The committee will review the proposals and associated rates and fees on Weds., Oct. 6, at a public meeting in Gig Harbor.

Pay By Mail is proposed for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as part of a conversion to a new statewide customer service center for toll facilities. Pay By Mail would allow drivers without Good to Go! accounts to bypass the toll booths and receive a bill in the mail. A photo would be taken of the license plate as the vehicle passes through the Good to Go! electronic toll lanes and then the registered owner of the vehicle would receive a bill in the mail.

Currently, drivers without Good to Go! accounts who skip the toll booths are issued a $52 citation. With the Pay By Mail system, these vehicle owners would have up to 80 days to pay their toll bill before being issued a citation.

In addition, under the new proposals, drivers may have the option to set up a Good To Go! account linked to their license plate rather than a transponder. An additional transaction fee is proposed to cover the costs associated with processing these transactions.

The Citizen Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Weds., Oct. 6 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Gig Harbor Civic Center, Chamber Room, 3510 Grandview St.

All Citizen Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Time is allotted at each meeting for public comments. Individuals may also submit comments or questions to the Citizen Advisory Committee either online at or by mail to TNB-CAC, WSDOT Toll Division, 401 2nd Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104.

The Citizen Advisory Committee is a governor-appointed nine-member committee that makes toll rate recommendations to the Washington State Transportation Commission. Committee members include: Caroline Bellechi, University Place; Melody Griggs, Gig Harbor; Ted Hilliard, Tracyton; Ron Jones, Gig Harbor; Amy Matsuno, Port Orchard; Sonja Morgan, Tacoma; Chris Myers, Gig Harbor; Jim Pasin, Gig Harbor; and Alan Weaver, Gig Harbor.

For more information about the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Citizen Advisory Committee, visit .