Chris Jordan and Gustavo Martinez at Kittredge Gallery

Christopher Paul Jordan and Gustavo Martinez will show artwork in solo exhibitions at Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound until Saturday, December 9.

Gustavo Martinez, a professor at Green River College, in Auburn, creates sculptural ceramics. His exhibition, Guardians, Warriors, and Allies, explores how the artist comes to peace with his inner demons.

Tlaloc (detail), by Gustavo Martinez
Tlaloc (detail), by Gustavo Martinez

Martinez tells stories through his work that embody powerful imagery, history, and figurative forms that connect to Mesoamerican imagery and personal identity. The artworks involve the presence of a guardian-warrior who is an ally aiding Martinez in the process of quieting his mind and allowing positive thoughts that are free of fear and that help guide him in times of darkness.

Christopher Paul Jordan is well-known in the Tacoma art scene. He has had a significant impact on public art across the city, and this will be his first solo gallery show. Kittredge Gallery is proud to host Jordan’s work on landscapes, community, and reimagining the painted landscape tradition in the context of displacement.

In Latent Home Jordan’s carved paintings and immersive virtual installations archive fragments of Tacoma’s landscape. Reassembling neighborhood memories through rolls of unprocessed film from 2007, Jordan uses a series of collaborations with his teenage self to investigate the construction of belonging in an era of red-lining and mass displacement. Describing the exhibition as a “long distance phone call with the past,” Jordan experiments with optics, aerosol art, and stereoscopic collage to survey his childhood home, while questioning traditions of consuming and documenting the environment.

Kittredge Gallery serves as a teaching tool for the Department of Art and Art History and a cultural resource for the university and the community at large, exhibiting work by noted regional and national artists. Exhibits and talks are free and open to the public.

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