Charlie Shrem Crypto Investor Network Review – The Greatest Trade?

Charlie Shrem has launched a new cryptocurrency newsletter called Crypto Investor Network.

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get cryptocurrency recommendations, market analysis, news, research, bonus guides, and more.

Should you subscribe to Crypto Investor Network? What’s included with your new subscription? Please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Investor Network today in our review.

What is Crypto Investor Network?

Crypto Investor Network is a new email newsletter from Charlie Shrem and Investor Place.

Charlie Shrem, an early bitcoin supporter and bitcoin millionaire, uses his decade of crypto experience to recommend new cryptocurrencies, analyze markets, and help investors make intelligent picks.

As of February 2022, Charlie’s Crypto Investor Network has 34,000 members. By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and guides, including multiple guides on tokenization and numerous token recommendations.

An annual subscription to Crypto Investor Network is priced at $99 per year. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all subscriptions.

Who is Charlie Shrem?

Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur and bitcoin advocate. He’s known for co-founding BitInstant, being a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, serving as COO of bitcoin wallet company Jaxx, and founding crypto advisory CryptoIQ.

Charlie is also known for being involved with Silk Road, the dark web marketplace that operated in the early 2010s. In 2014, Charlie was sentenced to two years in prison for aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business related to Silk Road.

In recent years, Charlie has become a more public face of the crypto investment space. Along with founding CryptoIQ, he has launched financial publishing services like Crypto Investor Network. After becoming an early bitcoin millionaire, Charlie wants to teach others to achieve similar success.

Look Over Charlie’s Shoulder As He Makes the Next Big Crypto Trade

When you subscribe to Crypto Investor Network, you get Charlie’s trading and investment recommendations from across the crypto space.

By viewing Charlie’s latest presentation online, you can look over Charlie’s shoulder as he buys a cryptocurrency.

Charlie recommends specific tokens, bitcoin, and other opportunities each month. Effectively, you’re looking over Charlie’s shoulder as he makes his plays.

To promote Charlie’s Crypto Investor Network online, Charlie describes his newsletter as looking over his shoulder. You can see some of the trades Charlie has recently made, allowing you to copy his success and enjoy similar returns on investment.

What is Tokenization?

Charlie believes we’re at the cusp of the tokenization of the world. Tokenized platforms are increasingly becoming mainstream. Celebrities are buying NFTs. 10% to 20% of Americans own crypto. Crypto stories make headlines daily.

However, Charlie believes the best is still to come. He thinks the tokenization space is similar to where bitcoin was in the early 2010s: people are excited about the opportunities in the space, but there’s still plenty of room to grow.

Here’s how Charlie explains the opportunities within the tokenization space and how much room there is to grow:

“…let’s start by looking at bitcoin’s market cap… it’s around $1.2 trillion these days. The total crypto market… it’s valued around $3 trillion. And the U.S. stock market… it’s worth around $30 trillion. But the opportunity I want to tell you about today… I believe it’s going to be bigger than all of those markets combined. In fact, experts believe that this opportunity is going to be worth over $544 trillion.”

In other words, Charlie believes that the tokenization space will be worth ten times more than the United States economy and five times more than the entire global economy. He describes tokenization as “the biggest wealth-generation event we’ve seen in centuries.”

Many people associate tokenization with NFTs. However, NFTs are just one part of tokenization. Charlie believes tokenization “will be 544x bigger than NFTs.” NFTs are an early example of how tokenization technology will work, but there will be plenty of other use cases in the coming years.

That’s why Charlie recommends buying tokens today. As the market takes off, tokens will grow in value.

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get a bundle of bonus reports recommending specific tokens and cryptocurrencies to buy today. Some of these cryptocurrencies are platform-specific tokens where Charlie believes in the platform. Others are hot plays to purchase today as the market takes off.

Buy Five Tokens with “1,000x Upside Potential.”

Charlie discusses various platforms that could take off over the coming years as tokenization goes mainstream to promote Crypto Investor Network.

However, instead of buying one platform, Charlie recommends purchasing all five of the platforms he discusses. He claims each has the potential for 1,000x gains – so why not buy all five instead of just one?

One of Charlie’s recommended tokens is called Polkadot. By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you can discover the names of Charlie’s other four recommended tokens:

“Similar to Polkadot, the other four cryptos I want people to buy today are in their early stages and have massive upside potential. The media… they have no clue about them. Nor do most mainstream crypto investors. But together they represent what I believe will be the FIVE key players in the $544 TRILLION tokenization revolution. Own them all.”

Charlie and his team created a report explaining how to buy each of these platform-specific cryptocurrencies – and why you should own them. Many of these tokens are still trading for less than $3. Charlie believes the tickets will rise over 1,000% over the coming months and years as tokenization takes off.

The Three Waves of Tokenization Wealth

As part of a new marketing campaign for Crypto Investor Network, Charlie has published three guides discussing tokenization. These guides discuss the three waves of tokenization and how crypto investors can take advantage.

Charlie claims many investors are in the same place Charlie was in in 2011: he recognized the opportunity from the bitcoin space and was interested, but he wasn’t sure how to get started.

According to Charlie, tokenization is similar to Bitcoin in the early 2010s. Investors who make smart plays today can position themselves for the future.

Charlie’s three guides discuss the three waves of tokenization. By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get all three of these guides.

The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth: 5 Platform Crypto Set to Soar

Charlie has identified five platform-related cryptocurrencies that he believes are “set to soar” over the coming months. He describes this guide as “a recommendation service” and “an elite community.” In the guide, you can discover specific crypto investment recommendations and ideas to take advantage of the upcoming tokenization boom.

Charlie believes “tokenization is going to break down the barriers that prevent most people from achieving long-term wealth.” It’s going to put the wealth-generating tools of the elite into the hands of ordinary people.

Charlie used his crypto investments to turn from a shy kid in Brooklyn to a millionaire, property owner, and businessman.

What’s the first step to taking advantage of the tokenization boom? Charlie recommends buying all five platform-related tokens to take advantage of the upcoming tokenization boom:

“The first wave will come as the critical platforms take center stage in the new tokenized economy…They represent a critical backbone of this $544 trillion megatrend….Step one is to own all five.”

Charlie recommends two other plays to take advantage of tokenization’s second and third waves to capitalize on the boom.

The Second Wave of Tokenization Wealth: Red-Hot Tokens to Buy Right Now

Charlie recommends buying five platform-related cryptocurrencies in his first guide and buying more in his second guide.

In this guide, you’ll discover some of Charlie’s favorite plays on the market right now. These tokens have three things in common, according to Charlie:

  • They’re easy to buy
  • They’re fantastic, high-value assets
  • There’s plenty of room for growth

Because of these advantages, Charlie believes these cryptocurrencies are “poised to make investors incredibly rich in the coming years.” By buying Charlie’s recommended tokens today, investors could quickly get rich.

Tokenization is still in its infancy. As the token space continues to go mainstream, tokens will grow in value. Charlie believes the eight cryptocurrencies he recommends in this guide will lead the charge.

The Third Wave of Tokenization Wealth: The New Income Revolution

In this third guide, Charlie explains why tokenization will change everything in the world, including how everything is owned, exchanged, bought, and sold. Tokenization will also create new and extraordinary ways to earn income.

This guide explains some of the new income-earning opportunities from the crypto space. Charlie discusses plugging a box into your wall to earn up to $260 per day through a blockchain tool, among other possibilities.

The Tokenization Primer: Guide to the Market, Scams, and Opportunities

New to tokenization? Not sure where to start? Charlie’s Tokenization Primer explains complete details about the world of tokenized assets, how to avoid scams, and how to get started for the first time.

Whether you’re new to the token space or need help picking the correct tokens, you can get valuable information from this guide about Charlie’s approach to token markets.

What’s Included with Crypto Investor Network?

You receive several bonus guides when subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today as part of a new promotion. With your annual purchase, you get four guides discussing tokens, tokenization, and the best token plays over the coming months and years.

Here’s what you get with each new subscription to Crypto Investor Network:

Annual Membership to Crypto Investor Network

With current picks and emerging opportunities in the crypto space, Crypto Investor Network is designed to help anyone, regardless of their level of crypto experience. Each month, you receive a new issue of Crypto Investor Network covering new investment topics, crypto market news and analysis, and more from Charlie Shrem and his team. Charlie recommends specific token plays and crypto buys in the newsletter, giving investors ideas on where markets can go next.

Bonus Guide #1: The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth: Five Cryptos Set to Soar

Charlie recommends buying five platform-specific cryptocurrencies he believes could rise 1,000% or more as tokenization takes off in this guide.

Bonus Guide #2: The Second Wave of Tokenization Wealth: Red-Hot Cryptos to Buy Now

Charlie recommends buying eight specific cryptocurrencies and tokens today. These cryptocurrencies are poised to play a significant role as tokenization increasingly becomes mainstream.

Bonus Guide #3: The Third Wave of Tokenization Wealth: New Income Plays

Tokenization is creating new and unique ways to earn income. In this guide, Charlie discusses several of these exceptional income earning methods. He discusses a box you plug into your wall to make hundreds of dollars per day through a blockchain tool, among other wealth generation strategies.

Special Bonus Report: The Tokenization Primer: Guide to the Market, Scams, and Opportunities

In this report, Charlie explains what to expect from the upcoming tokenization boom, including critical information on avoiding scams and staying safe in the market. The token market is filled with opportunities and scams. Successful traders know how to spot the difference and navigate the growing space. Charlie teaches you some of the strategies he uses to help.


Crypto Investor Network Pricing

Crypto Investor Network is priced at $99 per year:

  • Annual Subscription: $99

Your subscription renews automatically. You can cancel your subscription at any time. One year after signing up for Crypto Investor Network, your credit card will be charged $99 again for another year’s subscription to Crypto Investor Network.

Crypto Investor Network Refund Policy

A 365-day money-back guarantee backs all Crypto Investor Network subscriptions. You can request a complete refund on Crypto Investor Network within one full year of your purchase.

If you’re unsatisfied with Crypto Investor Network for any reason, or if you did not like Charlie’s token recommendations, then you’re entitled to a full cash refund of your membership fee.

About Investor Place

Crypto Investor Network is published online by Investor Place, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company. Led by CEO Brian Hunt and founder Tom Phillips, Investor Place has helped investors make more intelligent choices for 40+ years.

Today, Investor Place offers several free and paid advisories covering stocks, crypto, retirement planning, and more.

You can contact Investor Place and the Crypto Investor Network team via the following:

  • Email: feedback@investorplace.com
  • Phone: (800) 219-8592
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Crypto Investor Network Final Word

Charlie Shrem and the Investor Place team have launched a new marketing campaign for Crypto Investor Network.

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get a bundle of bonus reports explaining how to invest in tokens, why you should buy platform-specific cryptocurrencies, and how to potentially earn 1,000x gains by purchasing the proper tokens today.

To learn more about Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Investor Network or subscribe today, visit the official website. An annual subscription to Crypto Investor Network is priced at $99 and backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee.

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