Building supply business attracts bargain hunters

“At right, Aaron Rosen. (Photo by Bonnie West) Aaron Rosen, vice president of Building Material Outlet in Tacoma, which opened in August, hopes you’ll get around to knocking on his door sometime—any one of them.Rosen’s company carries patio doors, French doors, interior and exterior doors-from a $9 interior door to a $590 Simpson exterior door, beautifully carved and its glass etched.And that’s just a beginning. Building Material Outlet has an alphabet of new merchandise warehoused in its 18,000 square foot business located at 2310 E. D Street.We carry cabinets, specialty plywood, windows, shelving, carpet remnants, countertops, molding, specialty plywood, vinyl remnants, plumbing, mirrored medicine cabinets faucets, and sinks, Rosen said. We’ve always got a variety and we’re full.Rosen said his business Isn’t fancy. We’re not a big box store because we don’t have to be. We’re not a liquidation center. We’re an outlet. There is no competition to us, no other outlet or surplus center around. Our prices are 35-40 percent less than a box store.Rosen said his business is filling a bargain-hunting need in Tacoma, and that customers come to the store from as far as Sequim, Port Angeles and Seattle. When we opened four months ago, we felt we had plenty of room. Now we feel we may be too small already.Part of that tightness might come from the 100 bath tubs they stock-acrylic soaking tubs to jetted tubs, or the entire sets of kitchen cabinets on hand. The outlet is open to the public-who don’t need a membership card to shop there. The outlet also welcomes wholesalers, builders, and property managers. There are bargain hunters out there, Rosen said, and. we’re here to find them and save them money. This store is for the person that wants to remodel a whole house on a little budget. We’re not fancy, but we’re worth the trip.The business utilizes a full-time buyer who is constantly on the lookout for merchandise from liquidaters and manufacturers. Rosen said all of the products he carries are new, they’re just factory overruns and seconds, scratch and dents, and factory leftover inventory. When the merchandise is gone we buy more, and it changes on a daily basis, he said.Rosen added that it’s not just well-priced merchandise that’s offered through his business, it’s service.We go out of our way to make it right for our customer, he said. One of the ways they do that is to hold merchandise without a deposit for 24-hours, so the buyer can go home and check to be sure what he is buying is the correct measurements for what he needs,Building Material Outlet is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m; and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For any questions, contact the business at 253/779-4050. “