Buildable Lands Report available to public

Pierce County has completed a report that analyzes housing and employment needs in the county through the year 2017.
Now available for public review, the Buildable Lands Report is the result of a five-year project involving the county and the cities and towns within the county.
The report is aimed at helping elected officials, members of the building and real estate industries and citizens interested in growth trends in the county.
Copies are available at no cost on compact disc by calling Pierce County Planning and Land Services at 253/798-2785.
It can be viewed at local libraries and at (click “News”).
The first report of its kind completed in Pierce County, it was developed by a team composed of Pierce County Planning and Land Use staff and representatives of the cities and towns in Pierce County.
It provides information concerning development trends, critical areas, housing, employment targets and capital facility needs.
Pierce County’s urban population is projected to grow by nearly 200,000 by 2017.
To provide housing and employment opportunities for this new population, the Buildable Lands Report estimates that 101,951 new housing units and 104,004 new jobs need to be provided.
Based on land actually available for residential and commercial development in unincorporated urban Pierce County and the cities and towns, the Buildable Lands Report estimates that capacity exists for 140,303 dwelling units and 259,965 jobs, sufficient to meet needs over the next 15 years.