Boat sinks at Foss Harbor Marina

Tacoma fire fighters responded Wednesday morning to a report of a boat at Foss Harbor Marina that had sunk and was leaking fluids.

According to Tacoma Fire spokesperson Joe Meinecke, fire fighters arrived at 821 Dock Street at 7:44 a.m. to find a 32-foot boat listing while tied up at its slip.

Operationally, crews stabilized the boat, deployed absorbent pads to contain leaking fluids, and set up a “fog” nozzle to suppress any potentially dangerous fumes. The incident commander coordinated the environmental response with the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Ecology, City of Tacoma’s Environmental Services and Vessel Assist for salvage operations.

This is the second sinking incident at Foss Harbor Marina in the past two months.

A boat sank at Foss Harbor Marina Wednesday morning / PHOTO COURTESY TACOMA FIRE DEPARTMENT