Best Weight Loss Programs Reviewed

Weight loss programs are often put in the same category as supplements. For those highly motivated to lose weight, both types of products seem like an easy way to make quick progress toward their goals. But like supplements, the effectiveness of a weight-loss guide relies almost entirely on the person’s dedication. Taking supplements will frequently do very little to help you achieve your goals unless you combine supplementation with some diet and exercise regimen. The same can be said for almost every weight loss guide.

Weight loss guides, however, provide one unique benefit. While supplement users might be ignorant of the workouts and diets necessary to capitalize on the benefits of their favorite pills, users of weight loss guides are generally given a straightforward method of shedding fat and building muscle. In other words, a good weight loss guide will provide you with everything you need to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. If followed correctly, the programs in this list will give you the tools necessary to burn fat, reveal muscle, and change your life.

We’re big fans of some weight loss guides. Other guides don’t quite meet our standard for effectiveness and scientific support. Like supplements, some programs rely on antiquated science or promote pseudoscientific solutions that make losing weight seem easier than it is. The simple reality of weight loss is that it requires effort and dedication. Without putting sufficient effort into a weight loss guide, you’re unlikely to see any substantive progress. But even maximal effort can leave you falling short of your goals if your program is based on faulty fad science and improper dieting advice.

How can you separate the excellent weight loss guides from the unhelpful? What criteria should we use to judge different weight loss programs? This is a big question – but it’s one we will answer throughout this extensive guide to the best weight loss programs in 2022. As we move through the year and into the summer, millions of Americans turn to weight loss guides to stimulate their efforts to shape their ideal summer body. To achieve the beach bod of your dreams, you might need the help of one (or several) of the guides in today’s weight loss program rankings.

To compile this ranked list, we’ve worked hard to find some of the world’s best weight loss programs. This isn’t easy work; thousands of weight loss guides claim to provide consumers with easy ways to destroy stubborn fat and cultivate coveted abdominal muscles. We cut through the hype and conducted our research to give our readers an in-depth look into how these programs help you lose weight.

Look at twelve of the best weight loss systems available to consumers in 2022. Take our reviews with the smallest grain of salt; your research is always more valuable to your situation.

The Ranking System: How We Evaluated Weight Loss Programs

Almost every weight loss program we evaluated claimed it could help consumers lose weight quickly. Some even reported unlocking ‘cheat codes’ that allow users to drop 50+ pounds in just a few months. These absurd claims are a problem, as nobody should expect to see such significant results in such a short period. While we’re skeptical of the crazier claims made by some overzealous marketers, even these systems were worth exploring. If nothing else, these sketchy weight loss programs provide insight into what consumers should avoid when searching for their perfect program.

Let’s look at how we ranked the weight loss systems on our list. What did it take to make it onto our list of the most effective weight loss programs of 2022? As always, this list isn’t exhaustive; we considered too many factors in our search for the best weight loss program to include in the space we’ve been provided.

Here’s what we considered when evaluating weight loss programs on our list:


Value is one of the most important aspects of a weight loss program. We all want to lose weight, but we don’t want to break the bank to see results. We considered value to be a separate consideration from cost for our list. While some weight loss programs on our list are relatively expensive, we considered them a good deal if they provided results that justified their monetary worth. We marked it as a good value if a weight loss program offers only moderate effects but costs very little. If a program provides exceptional results at a relatively high price, it is also classified as a solid value.


Nobody wants to follow an overly complicated diet and exercise plan. For the meal plans included in our guide, we considered whether the meal plan was easy to follow and attainable for the average consumer. For our weight loss programs that involved exercise, we looked for guides that didn’t overuse confusing workout lingo. The programs on our list are generally user-friendly and can be used by nearly anyone with positive results.


This is likely the most crucial factor we used to compile our rankings. Unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult to pin down. It has always been hard to objectively measure the effectiveness of a weight loss program – or any weight loss tool. We looked at verified user testimonials and the science behind the weight loss or dieting program to assess results.

Honesty and Company Reputation

We combined both honesty and company reputation into one category for obvious reasons. Reputable companies will make claims about their weight loss products supported by mainstream scientific consensus. We said ‘no’ to any weight loss company that claimed their product would help you burn 50+ pounds in just a couple of months. The products on our list make reasonable claims about product effectiveness, and the companies behind them have a solid reputation for honesty and consistency among consumers of various backgrounds.

Many considerations we used when compiling our rankings didn’t make the above list. We also considered long-term effectiveness, ingredient quality, nutritional science, and a few other factors when coming up with our picks for the best weight loss programs of 2022. We hope, however, that the factors above provide our readers with a basic understanding of what we looked for in the top weight loss formulas of 2022.

What is a Weight Loss Program?

Weight loss programs go by many different names. This also makes quite a bit of sense, considering how various versatile programs can be. Some programs are centered around recommended workouts and exercises, while others are almost exclusively concerned with meal plans and recipes. There’s nothing wrong with the complexity of weight loss programs; every person needs something different out of their weight loss plan.

Our list considers a wide variety of different program types. Whether you’re looking for a way to get healthy, fresh ingredients once per month or a one-on-one personal weight loss coach, we’ve got you covered with at least one of the programs on our ranked list.

Weight loss programs have one goal, regardless of their methods to achieve it. Weight loss programs give consumers a simple, straightforward process of attaining their weight loss goals. Usually, people turn to weight loss programs after struggling to achieve sustainable weight loss on their own. It would be a mistake to think that only overweight people want to try out a weight loss program. Some people use weight loss programs to curate their diets to gain muscle while also shedding just a bit of extra body fat.

It is also worth noting that some of the weight loss programs we considered for our list are free. Most programs, however, have at least some cost. You never want to spend your money on an ineffective weight loss system, but free programs might sometimes lack the actual methods you need to be successful.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Programs

Some people assume that weight loss programs are free of the side effects that often accompany supplements. While it is true that weight loss programs are less likely to lead to the more severe side effects associated with some supplements, you should know that some weight loss plans can lead to negative consequences for your health. This is especially true for programs that are highly demanding. Too much of anything can be harmful; weight loss efforts can be similarly troubling if followed too strictly. After all, obese people can easily over-exert themselves with exercise or fail to maintain proper nutrition.

Weight loss program side effects often depend on the scientific approach behind a given formula. Some programs use the ketosis system, which has a list of side effects. Other programs prescribe unnecessarily low calories per day, which can be dangerous.

In general, the following side effects are rare but possible under many weight loss programs:

  • Exhaustion
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Malnutrition
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness

If you’re following the advice of a weight loss program under the supervision of a medical professional, your odds of experiencing some of these side effects are very low. We always recommend working with a doctor to ensure you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs while still losing weight.

The Best Weight Loss Programs of 2022

After a long wait, we’re finally here. Keep reading for an in-depth look at our picks for twelve of the best weight loss programs and systems of 2022. With thousands of weight loss programs available on the internet, we’ll be the first to admit that this is not a complete list. There may be better systems out there, and there are certainly systems available that better match your specific wants and needs. But as for our rankings, we consider these twelve systems to be some of the best dieting systems currently available to consumers.

Custom Keto Diet


The name of this diet plan should give you a couple of pretty big hints about how the formula plans to help consumers burn fat. The keto diet has been around for decades and is one of the most popular dieting fads in history. Millions of people have successfully lost weight using the keto diet, and their testimonials are so plentiful that we’d be wasting time including them in this guide.

Custom Keto Diet allows consumers to use an integrated website to design their custom diet plan. The creators of the Custom Keto Diet claim that they can help consumers develop a plan based on their own ‘physiology.’ The result is a dieting plan that caters to all body types and sizes and various levels of experience with the keto diet.

Custom Keto Diet offers a generous 60-day refund, which is unique, considering that the program is entirely catered to the individual and unique from consumer to consumer. Following the Custom Keto Diet, directions can help you determine your dieting plan based on the keto diet principles.



If you’re looking for a diet plan with a significant existing reputation among consumers worldwide, then Nutrisystem may be your best pick on this list. Millions of people have used Nutrisystem and experienced weight loss success. The product concept is simple: you order the meals you want, and they are delivered straight to your door.

One of the significant benefits of Nutrisystem is meal selection. There are over 160 dish choices on the Nutrisystem menu, and each one is full of nutrients and low on calories. The primary purpose of Nutrisystem is to help consumers take the guesswork out of cooking. Because each Nutrisystem meal offers a solid intake of nutrients and low calories, following your diet plan is easy using their convenient system of directly-to-your-door meals.

Nutrisystem is a bit pricey, coming in at around $10.00 per day. The exact price of your subscription depends on the tier you choose, but they begin at $10/day. If you’re willing to start investing in your health, Nutrisystem comes highly recommended by tens of thousands of satisfied customers.



Beachbody is the first weight loss program on our list known primarily for its workout plans. While the programs above focus mainly on nutrition, Beachbody places exercise and activity at the forefront of its weight loss philosophy. Beachbody already has a solid reputation for creating popular and easy-to-follow workout videos. The company has also transitioned to offer a wide range of weight loss programs to help people shed weight without losing muscle.

Beachbody offers several programs centered around helping people feel and look their best. They have over 1,500 other workout videos and tutorials to help you out in the gym. They are best known for their work on the “21 Day Fix” and “Muscle Burns Fat” programs, emphasizing a diversity in workouts and easy-to-follow at-home instructions.

If you want to prioritize exercise instead of diet alone in your weight loss journey, then Beachbody is tough to match.

Weight Watchers

If your parents followed a weight loss program, it was probably Weight Watchers. No other program on our list has likely had a significant effect on American culture that Weight Watchers has enjoyed. The company recently rebranded; they go by WW now. The basic premise behind the Weight Watchers promises is still the same. The company strives to help consumers lose weight consistently while still enjoying delicious foods every day.

It might be essential to note that WW offers one of the best introductory offers of any company on our list. For the first three months of your membership to Weight Watchers, you pay only $1 per month. While the prices certainly jump after three months, these low introductory prices for new consumers make it easy to see progress on your waistline before seeing a dent in your wallet line.

Weight Watchers allows consumers to use their “PersonalPoints Engine” to plan each meal, a unique feature on today’s list.


Noom is a relatively new addition to the competitive diet plans and guides industry. Noom has been working hard to market itself on all social media platforms; particularly notable is the company’s presence on TikTok, where its ads have been highly effective in securing first-time trial users. Noom is based on “real psychology;” its creators claim that Noom helps to retrain the brain to provide more lasting transformation results to users.

Noom is unique because it does not attempt to regulate what we eat merely. Instead, the platform works to rewire the brain to change your fundamental relationship with food. As with all claims made by dieting companies, the scientific evidence behind this transformation should be carefully evaluated. The results of our research suggest that Noom’s creators are generally correct. After all, one big reason why so few people stick to their diets is that they fail to alter their relationships with food psychologically.

The programs generated by Noom are customizable and rely on information that users provide during an introductory survey. The survey asks consumers to supply demographic information and information related to a personality test. The result? A personalized weight loss program based on science relies on a contemporary psychological understanding of the mind.


Golo approaches weight loss by conceding one important face: everyone has different needs. Different body types, metabolic rates, and countless other factors mean that a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss is almost always doomed to failure. This weight loss company explicitly targets men and women who have previously failed to achieve their weight loss goals. Insulin resistance and high-stress levels are two significant obstacles Golo reportedly targets.

“Release” is the name of the unique supplement that Golo has created. The supplement is made to help people with insulin resistance overcome this obstacle and achieve their weight loss goals. According to Golo, the formula can help people control their hunger, burn fat cells, boost immunity, etc. While we can’t vouch for the scientific legitimacy of Golo Release, it seems to be the case that most users of Golo’s trademark formula have been satisfied.

With a Golo subscription, the primary product you pay for is the Golo Release supplement. Still, the company also provides buyers with many resources, including a public platform called myGolo, an “Overcoming Diet Obstacles” guide, and the “Golo Metabolic Solution.”

LA Weight Loss

LA Weight Loss is one of the most expensive monthly subscriptions on our list, but the versatility of options that the company provides might make it worth the extra cost. LA Weight Loss has been around for a while, and the company boasts thousands of satisfied customers ready to attest to the efficiency of its various programs. The LA Weight Loss company has its mobile app, which earns the organization points regarding user-friendliness.

It is also good to know that the LA Weight Loss provides multiple programs. Users can choose the program that best benefits them and their weight loss goals. LA Life, Essential, and LA Weight Loss are two of the most popular programs, and they come highly recommended by consumers who have tried LA Weight Loss in the past.

The many benefits and perks associated with the LA Weight Loss program provide us with quite a few reasons to add this company to our list.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is another recent contender in the weight loss program market. You may have heard Hello Fresh advertising on one of the many podcasts they partner with. All of this marketing has gone to good use, as Hello Fresh has quickly become one of the leading new meal delivery systems in the United States.

The concept behind Hello Fresh isn’t particularly unique. Each week, consumers can choose from a wide selection of meals. These meals aren’t precooked, but they come packaged with all the ingredients you need for a delicious dinner/lunch. Users of Hello Fresh attest that the program makes cooking far more manageable; you don’t need to shop for ingredients or spend time thinking of a yummy meal to make at the end of the day.

Hello Fresh is a little expensive, but those who want to keep eating healthy without worrying about what they want to eat at night should keep it in mind.

Diet Direct

Diet Direct utilizes the same business model as Hello Fresh. Both companies allow consumers to buy meals weekly from a predetermined list. While Hello Fresh offers diet-friendly and diet-unfriendly options, Diet Direct primarily aims at people working to lose weight. The program is also far cheaper than Hello Fresh; you can buy one of their meals for as low as $1.64 for each meal.

The program also includes several additional bonuses, unique among our list’s weight loss meal plan programs. Menu plans, meal shakes, and written guides are all provided with this subscription. If you’re interested in the Hello Fresh method of diet assistance without the Hello Fresh prices, consider giving Diet Direct a shot.

Factor 75

This is the third meal shipment service we’re covering on today’s list of the best diet programs of 2022. Factor 75’s meal plans are designed by dietitians, which adds a new layer of legitimacy to the program and its meal options. Like Hello Fresh, Factor 75 is being marketed as a way to take the stress, preparation, and thinking out of the cooking process.

You can also customize your meals using Factor 75. The program’s interface allows consumers to customize their programs using the keto diet, the low-calorie diet, and even a plant-based meal plan. Factor 75 has also been hailed as one of the most versatile meal plans. You can order meals from a wide variety of different cultures. For people who want to continue to lose weight while trying new foods, it’s hard to pass up the unique meal plans provided by Factor 75.

The price for Factor 75 is closer to Hello Fresh than to Diet Direct, making it one of the more expensive meal delivery services on today’s list.

Beyond Body

Beyond Body’s approach to health and personalized wellness is unique. Beyond Body uses your input to generate a personalized diet and self-help book. The process is relatively simple. After visiting the Beyond Body website, users fill out an extensive questionnaire which helps the site’s algorithm generate recommendations and suggestions to help that person improve their relationship with food.

Beyond Body is prepared to generate a helpful guide no matter where you are in your health journey. This program’s custom weight loss advice makes it a different option for people whose diets have failed in the past. If you are someone who believes that your specific issues are under-served by the traditional dieting industry, then giving Beyond Body a try might be worth the time.

Beyond Body also comes at a single price, so consumers don’t need to worry about paying a recurring fee to take advantage of this company’s advice and recommendations.

Raw Generation

Unlike the other dieting plans on our list, Raw Generation is primarily meant for people already adept at eating healthy. Raw Generation produces several juices that can help cleanse your body and supplement your diet. Each box contains twelve juices, and each one can last for two days. Most people who subscribe to Raw Generation use the juices to conduct ‘juice cleanses,’ which involve eating nothing except juice throughout the day.

Raw Generation may be a solid option if you’re already using juice cleanses to supplement and improve your healthy lifestyle. At $8.33 per juice, they are a bit expensive. But those who want to avoid the trouble of making their juices may find the product well worth an extra bit of cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Systems

Below, you’ll find answers to some of our consumers’ most common questions about weight loss programs and how they work:

Q: How do weight loss programs work?

A: Weight loss programs function in several different ways. The answer to this question depends mainly on which type of program you decide to participate in. Some programs on our list involve weekly meal plans, while others provide personal guidance to help you reach your weight loss goals. Many weight loss plans also include their lines of supplements to help give you an extra boost.

Q: How much weight can weight loss programs help you lose?

A: Generally, doctors recommend that you lose no more than two pounds per week. If you shed more than two pounds each week, you risk experiencing adverse health effects, including fatigue, muscle loss, and loose skin. We recommend asking your physician to help you find a healthy weight loss rate, which might depend on your age, gender, current weight, and a variety of additional factors.

Q: Should I use a weight loss program without asking my doctor?

A: While you likely won’t experience severe side effects following any diet plans on our list, we recommend that consumers consult a physician before beginning any new weight loss system. Your doctor should be able to tell you if you’re at risk for any severe side effects from significant weight loss. Speaking to your doctor is never a bad idea for life-changing decisions.

Q: What is the best weight loss program?

A: The best weight loss program helps you look and feel your best. While the weight loss plans in our ranked list above might all be good options based on solid science, we strongly recommend doing your research to find the best program for your specific situation.

The Best Weight Loss Programs of 2022 Final Thoughts

Choosing the proper diet or weight loss system can be tricky. In addition to cost, company reputation, and quality of ingredients, you should also consider subjective factors, including how you want to lose weight, before deciding.

We recommend conducting your research and speaking to a physician, and trying the top weight loss program above today.


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