Best SARMs PCT Supplements: Complete Guide To Post Cycle Therapy

People love talking about using SARMs, but they don’t really like talking about post cycle therapy. The best SARMs PCT can really be the difference between your success and failure though, so it’s important.

So, in this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about using SARMs PCT supplements.

I’ll explain the SARMs that need Post cycle therapy supplements after a cycle, and the SARMs that don’t need PCT.

I will tell you what the top four post-cycle supplements are, how they work, and how to use them (dosage and cycle length).

Plus, I will give you a natural alternative you can try instead, and tell you where you can buy the best quality PCT products.

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Here’s Why Understanding SARMs PCT Is So Important

Not all SARMs ( selective androgen receptor modulators) require PCT, but understanding which ones do, and the effects they have, will be the difference between you successfully getting results from using SARMs, and struggling due to the vicious side effects they can produce through depleted testosterone levels.

Plus, if you don’t understand how SARMs can deplete your testosterone and how to correct it, then it can cause long-term damage. This is on top of the lower testosterone levels (alongside LH and FSH) meaning the gains you get will be as large as they should be.

Low levels of testosterone not only affect your muscle development but also your strength and endurance. Worse than that, they can affect your mental and sexual health as well.

So, post cycle therapy supplements are vital if you are using suppressive SARMs, that work in the following way:

·They bind with high affinity only to androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue

·They mimic the effects of testosterone

·SARMs fool the body into thinking they have a higher level of testosterone

·The body reacts with aggressive anabolic results (muscle growth primarily)

·The body also reacts to this perceived surplus by lowering testosterone production

How To Spot The Signs Of Testosterone Suppression

If you can’t spot the signs of low testosterone, then often it’s too late to react in time to avoid some really nasty side effects.

These are the key symptoms of testosterone suppression:

·Increase in body fat (which shouldn’t be happening if you’re using SARMs alongside a good diet)

·Hot flushes

·Lowering of levels of strength and determination

·Mood swings and poor mood

·Malaise and fatigue

·Lack of sexual energy and interest

·Drop in fertility

·Unable to sleep yet feeling tired

If you’re on a SARMs cycle using androgenic SARMs, and some of the symptoms start to become noticeable even moderately, then it’s time to adjust your strategy:

1. Immediately stop the SARMs cycle and start post cycle therapy

2. Immediately taper down your dose and see if things improve

3. Immediately taper down your dose and start your PCT protocol

For me, number one is the only sensible strategy. If you want to protect your testosterone production from long-term damage, then you have to get it bouncing back as fast as possible.

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These Are The SARMs That Need Post Cycle Therapy

You only need to use post-cycle therapy supplements when you are using androgenic SARMs, and even then, not if you are using very low doses.

These are potent SARMs that need PCT and the sort of ballpark dose levels at which they will probably start to deplete your testosterone levels:

·RAD-140 (150) Testolone 5 mg

·S-23 5 mg

·S-3 Andarine 20 mg

·MK-2866 Ostarine 50 mg

·YK-11 10 mg

·LGD-4033 Ligandrol 10 mg

·AC-262 15 mg

As you can see, you don’t need to be taking very strong doses of any of those suppressive SARMs (they mimic testosterone), for them to start to cause your body to lower its testosterone production.

Some guides will tell you that Ostarine is not androgenic. It is, it targets the androgen receptors but it is only mild. But at higher doses, then yes, it does start to deplete your natural testosterone production.

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These are The SARMs That Don’t Require A PCT Supplement

Although they are sold alongside SARMs and marketed as SARMs, these are not SARMs:

·MK-677 Ibutamoren

·GW-501516 Cardarine

·GW-0742 (Cardarine variant)

·SR-9009 Stenabolic

·SR-9011 (Stenabolic variant)

You could literally use all of those chemicals together, and it wouldn’t deplete your testosterone levels one bit.

Therefore, underpinning your androgenic SARMs stacks with one or more of these can help you to get great results, and minimize the testosterone drop you could face.

Will Ostarine Require PCT?

Because Ostarine is mild, some people use it during PCT to protect their gains and increase energy levels.

Just make sure that you only take a dose of around 30 mg or less, otherwise, it can be mildly androgenic enough to get your body to respond by lowering production a little.

Another great SARM you can use post cycle is Cardarine. This is actually a PPAR-delta modulator that will give you a significant energy boost, allowing you to continue to work out and offset some of the lethargy that lower testosterone levels bring.

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Difference Between SERMs And Aromatase Inhibitors

SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) like clomiphene, raloxifene, and tamoxifen, work by competing with estrogen at the estrogen receptor sites, binding and blocking the ability of estrogen to bind and act instead.

Aromatase inhibitors work by blocking the action of aromatase, which is used to convert other hormones (including testosterone) into estrogen.

Therefore, SERMs don’t block production, they block the effects and by time for testosterone levels to bounce back (Clomid pct does this more aggressively), while aromatase inhibitors block the conversion of testosterone and other hormones into estrogen.

In addition, SERMs benefit us because by blocking the action at the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, it allows for higher levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, both of which are crucial to muscle development and testosterone levels.

Are SARMs safer than anabolic steroids?

Steroids activate androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue, but they also can do the same across the body, which is why prostate problems can occur, and why testicles can shrink for steroid users.

SARMs, or at least the anabolic ones, do highly target only androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. So there are far fewer side effects from using SARMs because they simply do not work as agonists of androgen receptors across the body in the way steroids do.

Also, in terms of general side effects, at moderate doses, the long-term use of SARMs with good breaks between cycles anecdotally has been shown to create very few problems with bodybuilders who’ve used them for many years. So overall, yes, SARMs are in a different universe when it comes to safety compared to anabolic steroids use.

Top 4 Most Common PCT For SARMs And Steroids

To help you decide the best PCT for SARMs for your own purposes, let’s look at the top four SARMs PCT options used by bodybuilders.

1. Clomid (Clomiphene)

Clomiphene is the original SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulators), first made available back in 1967. It is also highly potent, far more so than any of the others.

It competes with estradiol at estrogen receptor sites in the hypothalamus. In doing this, it aggressively shuts down the effects of estrogen.

Clomiphene also stimulates higher production levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). These are both crucial to muscle mass development and testosterone levels.

It does this far more aggressively than Nolvadex pct, which is why some bodybuilders actually take Clomid on cycle. It spikes FSH and LH, spiking testosterone levels as well. I wouldn’t recommend you do that though, especially not if you are using androgenic SARMs.

Therefore these are the things you need to know about Clomid as a post cycle therapy:

  • ·Potent and good for bouncing back moderate to high levels of testosterone drop
  • ·100 mg maximum dose for a severe drop
  • ·Typically taken at 50 mg for the first two weeks
  • ·Taper down after two weeks to 25 mg or switch to Nolvadex
  • Don’t use other testosterone boosters!

2. How does Tamoxifen (Nolvadex PCT) Works?

Nolvadex is a brand name. The generic chemical is called tamoxifen, and if you buy off label, that’s what you will get. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). It’s the most widely used PCT product. It’s quite mild, but it’s also effective in how it helps to bounce testosterone levels back.

Nolvadex works for low to moderate levels of testosterone drop, it works by binding to the estrogen receptors (primarily in the pituitary gland), and blocks the ability to estrogen to bind on those estrogen receptor sites.

Nolvadex pct is milder in its effects compared to Clomid. Used at doses of 100 mg, it is good at bouncing back moderate testosterone losses.

Mostly though, you would dose Nolvadex at 50 mg for about four weeks to deal with lower levels of testosterone drop, before tapering down to about 25 mg. The levels will depend on how your body reacts though.

In summary, Nolvadex is:

·Good for bouncing back low or moderate levels of testosterone drop

·Best used as an initial dose of 50 mg (100 mg if really severe)

·Taper down after 2-4 weeks

·Acts as a SERM


3. Raloxifene

Raloxifene is a second-generation SERM that is far milder and far more targeted in the receptor sites it binds to. Depending on the sites it attaches to, it can work as an estrogen agonist, and antagonist, therefore being far more advanced in how it works by activating or blocking pathways.

It has anti-estrogenic effects in breast tissue, which is why it’s often cited as the best PCT supplement for gyno. It can help to stop and reverse it.

Plus, as a SERM it will block a lot of estrogenic activity at the receptors, and help to improve levels of LH and FSH. But, it’s not as potent as Nolvadex or Clomid.

Put all that together, and raloxifene has the following characteristics:

·Good for low to moderate levels of testosterone drop

·Very effective SERM to deal with gyno

·Spikes LH and FSH levels

·Dose at between 20 mg and 120 mg (typical 60 mg)

4. Anastrozole

Anastrozole (the generic form of the drug Arimidex) works as an aromatase inhibitor. Therefore, it works by blocking the conversion of hormones such as testosterone into estrogen via the aromatase enzyme.

By doing this, it stops the conversion and breakdown of testosterone in the body, allowing the stabilization of testosterone levels while lowering estrogen production levels as well.

However, it won’t stop initially high levels of estrogen that are produced as the testosterone production declines. Therefore, it’s not as immediate at diminishing the effects of elevated estrogen as a SERM is.

Overall, this is a snapshot of what you need to know about anastrozole:

·Is an aromatase inhibitor

·Blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen

·Doesn’t directly raise levels of LH or FSH

·Good for gyno symptoms

·Slightly slower at reversing than Nolvadex or Clomid

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Best Natural Alternative: Rebirth PCT

If you’re using really mild androgenic SARMs by type or dose, then you may not even need a potent post-cycle therapy supplement. You could get away with a natural supplement that uses completely natural ingredients to help maximize your testosterone production levels.

Rebirth PCT is the supplement I would recommend you look at. It costs just $69.95 for a full month’s course, purchased directly from huge supplements.

Rebirth PCT uses several proven natural ingredients to help not only maximize your testosterone production but also to lower estrogen production through containing natural aromatase inhibitors as well.

So, if you’re using Ostarine in a high dose, and you feel a little depleted, Rebirth PCT could be a far milder way of bouncing your T levels back than hitting Nolvadex or Clomid.

PCT Cycle Length&Dosing

The dose of PCT in cycle length you take will depend on the severity of the testosterone drop, your ability to bounce back, and the type of PCT supplement you are using.

Typically, this is what you are looking at:

1. Nolvadex tamoxifen is for low to moderate testosterone drop. You will use it for two weeks at high dose (100 mg for moderate, and 50 mg for low levels of testosterone drop). After two weeks, you would half the dose if possible, till you reach your normal levels.

2. For Clomid, you’ll use 100 mg a high levels of testosterone drop, and 50 mg for moderate levels of testosterone drop. Again, after about two weeks you will half the dose or switch to Nolvadex. If you can’t just use a moderate dose of Clomid.

3. For raloxifene, 120 mg is the highest dose anyone would recommend. That would be for high levels of testosterone drop. For moderate levels, 60 mg is more typical for 2 to 4 weeks.

4. Anastrozole is dosed at 1 mg for moderate to high levels of testosterone drop, and half a milligram for lower levels of testosterone drop. This is usually for two weeks or more.

Where To Buy High-Quality PCT For SARMs

When it comes to buying a PCT supplement for SARMs to fit your needs, there are surprisingly few places that sell them. Worse than that, there’s only one place that sells them alongside SARMs – only a single true “one-stop shop” for both.

Swiss Chems sell high-quality SARMs PCT in capsule format alongside high-purity SARMs capsules.

A pack of capsules is very reasonably priced, with the four main post-cycle therapy supplements we have covered priced as follows:

  • 60 @ 20 mg tamoxifen $80
  • 60 @ 25 mg clomiphene $69.95 (Best Buy)
  • 60 @ 20 mg raloxifene $85.95
  • 60 @ 0.5 mg anastrozole $63.95

If you are about to start SARMs cycle with androgenic SARMs, make sure you have at least one of these best PCT supplements as well, so that you can immediately react and stop the nasty side effects of lower testosterone production fast.

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