Best Same Day Payday Loans In 2022: Top 5 Lenders Offering Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit

Money, if not the first, it’s the second most important thing in our lives. If you have it, you’re mostly free from worries. But, if you don’t, it is a big problem.

We have all come across difficult times with money throughout our lifetime. We need money for our everyday needs. Sometimes, we don’t have enough money, so we end up with bad credit. We know how difficult it can get in these situations. We’re here to give you a little bit of hope. Things won’t seem so gloomy in a bit.

There are many options to cope with bad credit. One of them is online payday loans. Get money whenever, wherever you need and want it. Our researchers came across many sites and people that weren’t genuine nor reliable. We hope our list of the best online payday loans may help you in your hard times.

Stick with us, and keep reading to learn more about the internet’s best lending platforms. This option may be the best solution for you.

Top 5 Financial Services for Small Payday Loans Online

  • MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform for Online Payday Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans: Popular Loan Company for Instant Payday Loans
  • RadCred: Reliable Loan Lenders Providing Fast Payday Loans Online
  • CashUSA: Trusted Intermediary for Fast Cash Advance
  • Personal Loans: Well Known Payday Lenders for Bad Credit Loans

We guarantee that these companies may help you with your bad credit and make times more pleasant for you.

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform for Online Payday Loans


This company is quite trustworthy. They may help you choose a lender quickly. Their business started in 2010, seeing Americans struggle with everyday money problems.

Their website is straightforward to use. Not only that, but their form is also free. So you may be in the right spot whenever you’re in a tight situation, be it a holiday, an emergency, or even bills. MoneyMutuals website is easy to use and navigate. You just need to fill out a form at the beginning, which is as simple as that.

MoneyMutual ensures you receive money from a lender in less than 24 hours. They also have a lot of customers, which shows how trusted the company is. You can see some of the customer reviews on their page.

If you have any difficulties or vague questions, simply go on their frequently asked questions page. You can also contact them via phone or email displayed on the site.


As per theislandnow, there are a lot of things that this company can be praised for. Firstly, MoneyMutual offers the option of getting a loan, even if you have bad credit. You can get a loan if you get $800 a month. Of course, you must be 18 and older and a US citizen.

Let’s even look at the worst situations. If you have bankrupted, don’t worry. You may still be eligible to apply for a short-term loan. We are sure there will be a lender that would want to work with you.

With MoneyMutual, you’re free from any cost. This company offers a marketplace full of lenders, all for free.

How it works

On the main page of MoneyMutual, you’ll see a red button that says ‘Get started’. Click the button and start the process of filling out the form. The form is simple and secure and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to fill in your information.

Once you’re done with the form, your information is sent to the lenders for review. You first need to satisfy the lender’s requirements. Once a lender decides to work with you, you’ll be redirected to the lender’s website.

From there, you have to fill out the lender’s form. If you agree with the terms that the lender offers, you can choose to accept their loan. Soon, the lender will contact you so that you can confirm your personal information.

Lastly, after the agreement, the lender should deposit their money to your bank account as soon as possible. All the terms and rules are agreed upon between you and the lender.

Requirements for request

MoneyMutuals requirements are simple. So the basic qualifications are as follows:

  • You need to be employed or receive regular income
  • You need to make at least $800 monthly
  • You need to have a checking account
  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must be a US citizen

You should know that other requirements may be wanted by the lenders you might work with. Please provide the needed information to your lender.


  • Fast and easy website
  • Safe and secure with private data
  • Get your deposit in less than 24 hours
  • Get up to $5000
  • Fill out a form for free
  • Legal


  • No major cons

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Popular Loan Company for Instant Payday Loans


BadCreditLoans may be suitable for anyone. As with the other companies on our list, we can gladly say they are secure and trustworthy.

They have a huge network of lenders that you may find and work with. They are also quite flexible. They can also connect you to third-party lenders if that also works for you. Their service is completely free.

The important thing is that they are really careful with personal information. They offer you ads from other lenders but with care for your sensitive information.

With this company, you simply fill out a form for free, and then you are connected to a bunch of lenders. Only accept offers that suit you and your needs. As a company, they are really honest and transparent. We warmly recommend this company, but be sure to read their privacy policies, as it is crucial to making your decision.


Speaking about this company’s possibilities and options is a major pro. If a lender from their network doesn’t want to work with you, they connect you with a non-lender third-party lender network. This way is much faster for connecting to other lenders who may want to help you.

No worries if your credit score is really low. They have a huge network of lenders, and we’re sure someone is willing to help. Some lenders may offer emergency loans that are different from your preferences, but as we said, there are plenty of lenders for you to settle with.

A big plus is the charity side of the company. You can get more information about their charity work on their website, in their news section.

The best part is that you can learn a lot of useful information on their page. Everything you need to know on how not to get scammed or simply how payday loans work, all of this can be read on their website. So make sure you visit it. We support your decision.

Requirements for request

A big plus about this company is that credit score information does not matter to them, so there is no need to worry if you have a bad credit score. The requirements for a request are the following:

  • You can have a full-time job or be self-employed, but it doesn’t matter as long as you have a regular income
  • You need to be 18 or older and give proof of US citizenship; a Social Security number or legal residency needed
  • You need to provide contact information, such as a valid phone number and e-mail address
  • You need to have a checking account

Disclaimer: even if you meet the requirements, it does not mean you’ll be connected to a lender.


  • Big lender network
  • Third-party lenders
  • Fast and secure website
  • Legal company
  • Get up to $10000


  • They can’t always connect you to lenders

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred: Reliable Loan Lenders Providing Fast Payday Loans Online


RadCred is a worldwide company that connects you with lenders willing to pay. Since it’s globally known, it is a trusted company. You may rely on this company with no worries.

To get a loan, you must fill out a form, which won’t take more than 5 minutes. After that, you’ll be greeted by many lenders, who pay the company to connect with you. If someone wants to work with you, you are all set.

If you are asking yourself why you should choose this company, we can gladly tell you. RadCred is possibly the safest and easiest way to get your desired bad credit loan. We’re sure their local lenders are ready and happy to work with you at any time.

Not only are they safe, but they are also fast. Get your deposit of money in as little as 24 hours. You can use the loan for whatever you may need.


RadCred is truly careful when privacy is in question. They claim that every customer has the right to privacy. They collect all kinds of information that you provide them with. But, they are committed to keeping it safe and secure.

An important notice is that you should read their privacy policies. You will then be informed of what terms and principles rule their website.

From what we’ve seen on their website, you may be sure that you’re giving your information to the right hands. RadCred is the most trusted company for linking potential lenders with potential borrowers.

Requirements for request

The basic requirements for this company are the same as the ones for the companies we mentioned. Having your regular income of $800 per month and being 18 and a US citizen is crucial for meeting this company’s requirements. You can read more information about this topic on their website.


  • Easy and safe
  • Highly trusted company
  • Known and trusted worldwide
  • Transparent
  • Get up to $5000


  • No major cons

=> Click here to visit the official website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA: Trusted Intermediary for Fast Cash Advance


CashUSA is quite a good option. If you decide to apply on their website, be sure that you are automatically their partner. They also have an educational character. This is something that most companies lack. This also proves they care for you and want to help.

With CashUSA, you can get up to $10000. A downfall is that not every lender in their network is willing to lend you that much.

Speaking of their lender network, they have state lenders and Tribal lenders. The biggest difference is, Tribal lenders have higher interest rates and fees. They are also subject to federal laws, not state laws.

CashUSA also provides you with fast and secure service. They are careful with personal information and respect your privacy. They use industry-standard encryption to keep your personal information safe. You can find more information about this on their privacy policy page.


CashUSA is easy to use and cost-free. You must first pass the requirements for them to link you to a lender. You need to be at least 18 years old and earn a monthly $1000. There are also other requirements that you need to pass as well. But, keep in mind that even if you meet these requirements, the company might not be able to link you with a lender.

CashUSAs website is very user-friendly. They have an Education Center section on their page. You can get financial tips, loan information, dealing with debt, etc.

Another positive thing about this company is that they are fast. It only takes 2 steps to fill out their form. While requesting a loan from a bank might take weeks for them to check your information, CashUSA immediately displays your information to lenders.

CashUSA uses industry-standard encryption, so be sure that your online transactions will be secure.

Requirements for request

CashUSA has simple requirements. Filling their form will be fast and easy. The requirements that you need to prove are the following:

  • You need to be 18 or older
  • You need to have US citizenship or be a permanent resident
  • Earn at least $1000 monthly, after taxes
  • You must have a checking account
  • You must provide a valid phone number and email address


  • A most trusted company in the US
  • Fast and cost-free
  • Informative website
  • Request up to $10000


  • They can’t always find a loan offer
  • High criteria for requesting a loan
  • You can’t request less than $500

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans: Well Known Payday Lenders for Bad Credit Loans


Personal loans is a company that has many offers. They approve almost any loan you request. With this company, you can get a loan of up to $35000. But the company considers your credit score for the larger amounts.

Personal Loans has a wide range of lenders as with other online loan companies. They have a network of lenders and also work with third-party lender networks. The lenders have competitive interest rates.

You don’t have to worry about your bad credit because of the many lenders. Most lenders don’t care about your credit score. This means that you have increased chances of approval.

With this company, you can apply for free. No hidden fees, all free from cost. They are also safe and secure. You can give away your personal information with peace in mind, as we can confirm that your private information will be in safe hands.


These forms are simple, and you will fill them in fast. After the form, the company will display your information to their network of lenders. No sensitive information will be displayed.

If, for some reason, no lender offers you a loan, your information will be sent to third-party lenders, where they might give you an offer. If you accept to connect to a lender, carefully read the terms and conditions that the lender offers. You are in no way obligated to accept any offer. The choice is yours.

What happens if no lenders offer you a loan, you may ask? Well, the company gets your information and shows you financial-related ads based on that information. The same applies to the ads as well. You aren’t obligated to accept any of them. The ads you’ll get will be about credit debt, credit monitoring, or credit repair.

We highly recommend you read their privacy policies as they are crucial for understanding under what terms and rules the company works.

Requirements for request

Their requirements depend on the amount you request. But they are overall easy, and you may qualify. These requirements include the following:

  • You need to be 18 or older
  • You need to provide a US citizenship
  • The credit score is included, and it needs to be 600+
  • Regular income varies; for a request of up to $10000, regular income needs to be at least $2000 per month
  • You need to provide valid contact information

Please note that meeting the requirements from this list doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be linked to any lender.


  • Request up to $35000
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • High privacy
  • Legal
  • Flexible repayment terms


  • Minimum credit score requirement for larger amounts

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

How We Made This List of Payday Loans Online?

While making the list below, we ensured that these companies were trustworthy. This is something that we’ll discuss later in this article. People that aren’t well informed are prone to making mistakes when taking personal loans.

When looking for online personal loans, you might get manipulated easily. This is why you should learn more and do research. We made sure that these companies are transparent and secure and will be available when you need them.

Because most companies were scams, we were left with the best options. Not only are these companies truthful and reliable, but they also have great offers. We’re sure you’ll be ready to choose the company that suits you best.

We also know how important personal information is, so we made sure these companies are pure and transparent and will keep your private data safe.


We all have heard of people getting scammed online. And as with simple things such as shopping online and not receiving the product you ordered, you can get scammed with online loans.

Why is it important to look for a reliable company online? Well, most importantly, you’re giving away your most personal information. We’re talking about your bank account information, your personal information. This data may be used against you by hackers.

Some websites can be quite catchy, but remember that they’re only catfishing you. Trust is key, and you can’t trust everyone, especially someone on the internet. You can find a lender, and he might not stick to the rules you both agreed to. So, you’ll find yourself in a loop of debt.

We can say that payday loans are predatory by nature. So keep your eyes wide open when looking for a lender.


While being able to get fast money, you can get in a really bad situation. An inconvenient situation. Maybe you won’t be able to return the loan you applied for. Not only are you getting yourself in additional debt, but you might also get sued by the lender.

Another thing is that you might not be able to get the desired amount of money that you need. There simply won’t be any lenders available with the option that you need. Again, there is an option for you to get scammed. You will expect the amount you wished for and simply be left halfway.

We ensured that the companies we present to you are 100% legal. We checked these companies’ reviews, ensuring their customers were pleased. A good reputation tells a lot about a company’s work and deeds.

Loan amounts

With an offering of a fixed amount of money, you are limited. Whatever you need the money for, it’s a fact that you are limited. We paid a lot of attention to the loan amounts these companies offered. We also ensured that these companies’ loan amounts satisfy almost everyone who requires a loan. We’re sure that you may be pleased with them.

The companies that we present to you have decent loan amounts. With the money you’ll get, you may be flexible enough to buy or cover whatever you need them for. These companies offer you loans from as little as $500 to $10000.

Interest rates

We know that payday loans can be quite expensive, especially with their high-interest rates and fees. You’ll end up repaying more than you took. So, we considered the interest rates as an important factor.

The companies that we’ve listed have decent interest rates. Be sure that the APR is below the average.


Satisfied customers and positive feedback tell a lot about a company’s reputation. Even though payday loans have earned a bad reputation, the present companies convinced us otherwise.

These companies provide 24/7 customer service. You can contact them via phone, mail, etc. We’ve read hundreds of positive customer reviews. They’ve helped a lot of borrowers. They are trusted and secure. They also have a wide range of online lenders that are available anytime.

They also don’t have any specific credit requirements, meaning many people can apply and request a loan. All of these companies don’t even request information about your credit score.

Things to Consider When Searching for Online Payday Loan Companies

When looking at loans, you have to be very cautious. They certainly aren’t easy money. Look at them as a backup plan. You need to understand that payday loans won’t be the best solution for your problem.

We’ve all been looking for the best websites and companies on the internet. But, we all know it’s not easy, especially when you have millions of sites. When it comes to money, we ensure the company is safe and secure. Trust is what we seek.

When informed, chances are you won’t make a mistake and won’t get easily manipulated. Since payday loans have a manipulative side, predatory even, many people are lied to. All these people are left helpless and with no money.

Many fake sites just want to take our money. That is the worst scenario. We don’t want that to happen. We wrote this article to help you better find and determine what is real and fake, reliable or dodgy, etc.


The most important part of them all. Do your research. When you do your research, you’ll stumble upon millions of pages. Open them, check them out and compare them with one another. You’ll find differences and soon know what’s legit and what’s not.

Articles about a company give the best representation and information. Customer reviews are truly honest, and they are crucial. The company is doing well when you know that its customers are satisfied.

An important thing to search for is if the company works on legal terms. This may tell you if the lenders are legit. Many people get scammed nowadays and can’t do anything about it. That is because all these illegal companies shut down their websites, and we lose track of them.

Privacy policies

Always check the privacy policy page of a company. You need to know what terms and conditions you agree to. It is your responsibility to read every single detail in this section. Not sticking to the rules will lead to a bad situation.

You should always know how your personal information will be collected, how it will be used afterward, and how it will be protected. If the company doesn’t display this information, be sure it is a red flag. A company’s privacy policies tell you how serious the company is with its business.

This is a way for companies to gain your trust. And rightfully so, it is the right way. It shows how transparent the company is with its customers.

Application process

Online payday loans don’t require extensive paperwork. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes before you press the submit button. When applying for a loan, check and fulfill the requirements. If you have any questions or there is something you don’t understand, ask your lender before you submit your information.

When you link to a lender, we recommend you carefully read the terms and conditions that your lender wants you to sign. Always read the whole document. You need to approve these terms. The rest of the work is mostly simple.

Personal loans vs. payday loans

The important thing is to recognize the differences between these two terms. They both have their pros and cons. When you know them, it may be easier to determine what best suits you in your financial situation.

With personal loans, you can get a larger amount of money. That amount is somewhere between $1000 to $50000. Their interest rates are lower than most credit cards. Also, with personal loans, you have a fixed monthly payment schedule, and you can repay them in several years.

On the other hand, there are payday loans. With payday loans, you get smaller amounts of money, but they come with high-interest rates. This means they are more expensive to pay than personal loans. You also have to repay them faster, usually within three to four weeks. Payday loans are also unlikely to improve your credit card score. You can easily get into a debt cycle with how expensive loans are.

FAQs About Quick Payday Loans

What is a payday loan?

Payday loans are short-term loans that help you get fast money when you need them urgently. This type of loan should be repaid in a short period, the time that you and your lender decide on.

Most payday loans come in relatively small amounts of money. They should be immediately repaid when the borrower gets their next wage. Payday loans are mostly paid at full price when you get your paycheck. No matter your amount, it must be repaid in two to three weeks after you’ve taken out the money.

Are payday loans a good idea?

Most of the time, no. You see, when borrowing money, you need to pay them back. This means you will repay the whole loan with your next salary. If you don’t have enough money to return the loan, you’ll probably end up in a debt loop. So, does that mean you should get another loan? We don’t think so.

So, firstly, you should have a backup plan and know how you may return the loan you’re going to get. We know that sometimes we need urgent money and a big amount of it. But, that doesn’t mean that a loan will be enough. It just might be a temporary relief.

What can I use my loans for?

Anything you can think of. Loans can cover and satisfy all your everyday needs. Starting from emergencies, incidents, car repairs, etc. You can get loans for gas, shopping, and paying your everyday bills. You can even get a loan for a holiday, traveling, or a wedding that you have to go to.

When applying for a loan, you won’t need to tell the reason you’re getting it for. Although, the lender you’re getting the loan from might be interested in that.

Are payday loans legal?

This is important to know. Can illegal payday loans take you to court? Yes. Most of the time, someone is being violated. The lender can violate you by having you pay an additional fee. That is violating the law. You, the borrower, can violate the lender by simply not paying them back, violating the law again.

An important fact to know is that payday loans are legal in only 27 states of the US. Other states allow it under certain circumstances or forms, and some completely prohibit payday loans.

Do payday loans have high interest?

Yes, so be cautious. These days, the average interest rate can be as high as 400%, while the highest can get up to 600%.

When getting a loan, you may pay additional money to the sum if you don’t repay the loan on time. That is because interest rates rise and also the amount that you owe. This is why payday loans get so hard and frustrating to return.

All the payday loan fees depend on the state you live in and the maximum amount your state allows you to borrow. The fee mostly ranges from $10 to $30 for every $100.

Who qualifies for a loan?

Almost everyone that is 18 and employed with a full-time job. Nowadays, you’ll see that many companies approve of bad credit scores. This means lenders are willing to work and wait for you until you feel secure enough to repay them.

Some companies may even approve of bankruptcy. But keep in mind that those companies are pretty rare. Finding a stable and safe company can be hard online. So eyes open wide and watch out for being catfished and scammed.

Before applying for a loan, carefully read the requirements. Not every company looks for the same. Sometimes, even if you pass the requirements, you can’t be qualified for a loan.

How to apply for a payday loan?

Applying for a payday loan online is simple. The ‘hardest’ part is finding the right company that works for you, after that comes the easy part.

All you need to do is fill out a form on the website of the company you are applying to. Then that information is given for review to the local lenders of the company. Next, you wait for someone to link with you.

Lenders will try communicating with you via phone, e-mail, or social media. Then, you negotiate on the terms and rules you both feel confident with. And that’s pretty much it. The last thing is waiting for the lender to deposit the money into your bank account.

What happens when you can’t repay the loan?

Things get complicated in this situation. Mainly because you owe the whole loan, plus additional charges that the lender seeks. This is something that most people don’t look after, mainly because they have really big problems and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. By doing so, they make their problems bigger and worse.

The fee can get quite high because of the interest rates. You may owe bounced check fees or even collection fees. If you don’t repay the loan on time or you simply delay the payment, you can get sued by the lender. This way, you’ll even owe court costs. So, not only all of the above but you’re also stuck in a debt loop, which is very hard to get out of.

Can you cancel a payday loan?

Yes, but it must be within two business days after you’ve signed the agreement. This two-day period is called the cooling-off period; you always have it when getting a new payday loan.

Canceling the loan after two days is possible but under some circumstances. It’s possible that the lender didn’t follow the rules you agreed to. You can also cancel the loan if the lender hasn’t provided you with all the information about the agreement. Otherwise, there is no option to cancel the agreement. You must pay back the money you borrowed.

What is the longest term you can get for a payday loan?

For an average payday loan of $200 to $1000. The typical term length for this amount of money is about two weeks.

Keep in mind that the term length depends on the rules the lender gives you. Some lenders are more flexible about the term and may allow more time for you to repay the money.

Concluding on The Best Payday Loans for Bad Credit Score

We all end up in hopeless situations and we seek desperate help. Being uninformed is always the key factor to making mistakes.

It is best to say that payday loans are tricky. It is up to you to decide if you want to take a loan or not. Generally speaking, payday loans are less costly than standard loans. This is why people tend to see these loans as the best option and solution for them.

You must’ve understood that these bad credit loans have good and bad sides. The good being you may have a temporary solution, but in the long run, it might get complicated. We also hope you learned and understood all the risks you may be willing to take, especially online.

We hope this article and the review of these companies gave you helpful information and clarified things. We genuinely think that after you’ve read this article, you have a clear vision of this topic. We support and think you made the right decision, whichever company you choose from our list.

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