Best Online Therapy Programs Review

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Cognitive health is an essential part of overall health and well-being. It can be challenging to identify when something is wrong, but if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or unhappy, it may be time to speak with a professional. Mental health encompasses a range of feelings and experiences, from mild stress to severe depression and bipolar disorder. Anyone can deal with mental health problems at any time – no matter your age, sex, race, or social standing.

Mental health problems can have a noticeable impact on your ability to function in everyday life. They can make it challenging to work or study, take care of your home or family, or engage in recreational activities. If left untreated, mental health problems can lead to addiction, suicide, and other serious consequences.

If you are worried about your mental health or think you may have a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. These days, the best thing is that there are more resources available online than ever.

There are many websites today offering free or paid online therapy.

Online therapy websites with a proven track record offer authentic, individualized therapy for people dealing with different mental health problems.

In this article, we have reviewed the best online therapy platforms. We spoke with virtual therapy companies, tested their platforms, communicated with clients, and conducted hundreds of hours of interviews during our research. We’ve compiled the most successful programs here.

The Best Online Therapy Programs In 2022

Many online therapy websites claim to help. Some are legitimately helpful. Others are shady money-making schemes. Here are our picks for today’s best online therapy programs, as ranked by our editorial team:

Better Help: The online therapy platform has helped over 2,600,000 people
Talk Space: This online therapy helps you reach your best potential
ReGain: The best relationship counseling and online therapy service
Brightside: Best online therapy services for anxiety and depression
Calmerry: They have a wide range of licensed mental health professionals
Online-Therapy: Help you match the right online therapist
MyWellbeing: Fast, easy, and personalized online therapy
Health Sapiens: Affordable One-on-One Counseling from professional counselors
Faithful Counseling: Professional mental health therapy from a Biblical viewpoint
Teen Counseling: Help your child thrive with professional therapy
Pride Counseling: Pride Counseling offers professional therapy for the LGBTQ community
Self-Therapy Journey: A highly preferred online mental health counseling
Cerebral: Best medical therapy for depression, insomnia, and anxiety
Doctor on Demand: One of the best online therapy services providing 24×7 care
MDLive: A three-step process of feeling better
7Cups: Connects you with caring listeners for free emotional support
Bonus Online Therapy Program (Neuro Balance Therapy): Powerful 10-Second Fall-Prevention Ritual

Better Help

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Licensed clinical social workers and accredited professionals
  • Marriage and family therapists are available
  • live video sessions and video therapy
  • Highly affordable online therapy platform
Pricing Per Week: $60 to $90

The Better Help therapy service is one of the most popular online. In addition to individual therapy, couples therapy and teens therapy is available through the website.

They offer the world’s largest network of experienced, licensed, and accredited therapists, which allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition. They have a great deal of experience helping patients cope with depression, grief, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and other issues.

With Better Help, you can get the same professional service and quality as seeing a licensed therapist in an office.

Talk Space

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Flexible online counseling plans and psychiatric services
  • No extra cost if you switch therapists
  • Text, video, and audio messaging
  • Partner with many U.S. health plans and health insurance providers
Pricing Per Week: $69 to $129

The Talk Space online therapy platform allows you to start immediately, match with the right therapist, and message them throughout the day.

You can find a therapist that best fits your needs after completing an online assessment in 60 seconds. You can choose a level of support that fits your needs and budget, and you can start therapy immediately.

The Talk Space study found that users had more clinically significant changes after eight weeks of using the platform rather than a traditional face-to-face therapy program. The number of Talk Space users reporting clinically significant changes after eight weeks is 44 percent, instead of 25 percent of in-person therapy users.

Talk Space also accepts insurance as it partners with several U.S. health plans and health insurance to provide online therapy to employees. Suppose your health insurance does not cover Talk Space. In that case, you should know that many Talk Space users pay for their subscriptions with their credit or debit cards, then submit the bill to their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) administrator. You can verify what details your HSA/FSA provider needs to accept your bill.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Easy assessment to get started with online therapy
  • Get matched with the best-licensed therapist
  • Text Video and audio messaging
  • Schedule live sessions easily for relationship counseling
Pricing Per Week: $60 to $90

Professional therapy is available from licensed therapists at ReGain. Individuals and couples can access the service at any time.

To participate, you just need to complete a brief assessment and invite a partner (if desired). Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll receive a therapist’s recommendation. ReGain claims to maintain access to the largest network of licensed, accredited, and experienced therapists to assist people with various issues.

Using ReGain, you can also talk with your therapist using different communication methods, such as text, video, and audio. With ReGain, you can get matched with a therapist ASAP in whichever way you feel most comfortable. However, ReGain doesn’t accept insurance because many insurance companies do not cover the services of marriage and family therapists.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Licensed professional counselors
  • Unlimited messaging therapy
  • Custom-built plans for online mental health services
  • Accept insurance
Pricing Per Month: $299

Brightside Health offers online therapy plans that are customized specifically for each patient.

In Brightside’s clinical study, 85% of its members felt better after 12 weeks of using its online therapy services.

Therapy at Brightside is provided by licensed therapists who undergo a thorough background check. In addition, all therapists are master’s degree holders.

The Brightside app is another Brightside benefit. With the Brightside app, your progress is tracked via Your Path. This symptom tracker uses science-based algorithms that allow you to take control of your care in a way that’s not possible with other online therapy platforms.

You can also apply for their online therapy sessions through your health insurance. However, make sure your health insurance covers online therapy.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Human-centered therapist matching process
  • Affordable online therapy that fits your lifestyle
  • Easy to start and cancel anytime
  • Verified marriage and family therapists
Pricing Per Week: $42

Calmerry is intended to help people who suffer from anxiety. Perhaps you should consider consulting a therapist if you feel restless, anxious, or obsessive.

With Calmerry, licensed counselors provide anxiety therapy for as low as $42 per week. Clients will benefit from a client-counselor match, a treatment that meets their budgetary needs, and a therapeutic approach based on evidence.

Calmerry is a population option if you want to get anxiety treatments online without spending much money. To get started, simply complete a short survey. Choose a payment plan and complete the checkout process. In just 24 hours, Calmerry can find you the right therapist. You can turn to a Calmerry therapist for help reorganizing your thinking and developing self-awareness, setting realistic goals in life, and finding better ways to cope.

The rates at Calmerry are comparable to the copays in most insurance plans, but they do not accept insurance. Nevertheless, they offer the lowest prices to clients.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Highly qualified and licensed therapists
  • Hire your therapist and talk to him anytime
  • Provide various tools and quality support
  • Live video sessions are available
  • Video and audio messaging
Pricing Per Week: Visit Online-Therapy

You can find a qualified therapist online within a minute using Online-Therapy.

Founded in 2009, Online-Therapy offers online therapy services to help people feel better. Professional therapy services are provided online, including worksheets, live sessions, activity plans, yoga classes, and other personalized options.

With Online-Therapy, you can receive help anywhere globally, on any device you have. For a better understanding of your progress, you can log in to your Online-Therapy platform at any time. You will find everything you need there to guide you through your treatment process. The process begins with a simple survey.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • A fast and easy match with a personalized online therapist
  • Free online therapy consultation
  • Licensed clinical social workers and online therapists
  • Accept insurance and reimburse policies
Pricing Per Week: $80-$300/session

By matching you with three therapists or coaches, MyWellbeing finds the right match for you. All you have to do is answer some questions, and then you’ll have the right match.

Upon matching, MyWellbeing arranges a free phone consultation with one or more of your matches to gauge your compatibility. Once you have decided on a partner, you can begin therapy or request more.

There are a variety of therapists offering their psychiatric services at MyWellbeing, including anxiety therapists, career-related stressors, chronic illness specialists, and more. Online therapy is available at MyWellbeing, a well-respected online therapy program that can help people of any age.

Health Sapiens

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Affordable weekly access to online therapists
  • 24/7 for immediate support
  • Chat, email, and video therapy sessions
  • Easy to switch therapists and professional counselors
Pricing Per Week: $49.25

Getting diagnosed in minutes is easy with Health Sapiens since they provide affordable 24/7 access to doctors all over the country.

The other online therapy platforms listed here are more focused on mental health. Health Sapiens, on the other hand, focus on your overall well-being. This telemedicine platform allows you to consult with doctors through your mobile device.

Their psychiatric services can save hours of our time and hundreds of dollars by avoiding urgent care and emergency rooms. Subscription-based Health Sapiens lets you enjoy the benefits of in-person care without dealing with the hassle of scheduling appointments.

Faithful Counseling

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Licensed mental health professionals
  • Highly affordable and easy to start
  • Speak with a licensed Christian therapist online
  • Offer stress, anxiety, and relationship counseling
Pricing Per Week: $60 to $90

With Faithful Counseling’s online therapist matching tool, you can find the ideal therapist online after taking a brief quiz. As the name implies, Faithful Counseling is explicitly designed for Christian clients. You may want to consult Faithful Counseling if you need mental health therapy and prefer a Christian perspective.

You can speak to your therapist at any time when using Faithful Counseling. Whenever your therapist is marked available, you get text-based therapy in addition to individually-scheduled sessions.

With Faithful Counseling, you can also benefit from faith-based counseling without paying the high costs of in-person therapy. Some Christian counselors give spiritual advice, teach how to connect with God, and provide mental health counseling based on the Christian faith. They accept health insurance, but coverage can be partial or limited with many health insurance plans.

Teen Counseling

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Match licensed therapists who specialize in teens
  • Easy to use application for your child to attend online therapy programs
  • Text, phone, and live video sessions
  • Affordable pricing and packages with unlimited messaging therapy
Pricing Per Week: $60 to $90

Teen Counseling has more than 11,000 licensed therapists dedicated to helping teens.

The Teen Counseling program offers teens professional counseling via text, phone, and video sessions. There is also the option of unlimited messaging therapy. Therapists you can trust are licensed, experienced, and vetted.

Counselors specializing in Teen Counseling address a broad range of issues, from bullying, trauma, depression, and anxiety to relationships problems. Teens receive the same support they would get in-office for a lower price.

Once you register on the website, you will be matched with a licensed therapist. The invite code will be sent by email and text message to the child so that they can accept the invitation.

There are no claims submitted to Medicare, Medicaid, or health insurance by Teen Counseling or the Teen Counseling Platform. This site generally does not accept health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid payments for its services.

Pride Counseling

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Help you match a licensed therapist who specializes in the LGBTQ community
  • Schedule live video sessions and text anytime you want
  • Simple sign up process and provide a safe space for every identity
  • A team of highly qualified licensed clinical social workers
Pricing Per Week: $60 – $90

Pride Counseling is a professional therapy center for the LGBTQ community. Pride Counseling connects you with a therapist specializing in the LGBTQ community, either online or through an iOS or Android app.

You can contact your Pride Counseling therapist and schedule a time for live video sessions that work for you whenever you need them.

Pride Counseling provides online therapy for the LGBTQ community to make it easy for everyone to receive the help they need. People of all genders, orientations, and identities can use Pride Counseling services.

Self-Therapy Journey

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Work to transform your psychological and mental health issues
  • Connect with an online community to get help
  • Provide an extensive list of mental health services
  • Mental health care for all over phone calls
Pricing Per Week: Visit Self-Therapy Journey

In its own words, Self-Therapy Journey is “a GPS for the mind.” It is an online tool designed to help you overcome psychological issues and increase your sense of well-being.

The Self-Therapy Journey helps people with psychological issues (such as procrastination, shyness, anger, insecurities, eating problems, and depression), emotional wounds (including stigma and abandonment), as well as health-related concerns (such as confidence, intimacy, work confidence, vitality, self-esteem, and self-control).

Self-Therapy Journey offers a quiz to get you started. The Self-Therapy Journey could be helpful for anyone battling a particular problem or stuck in life. However, the site may be somewhat outdated compared to some of the other programs on our list.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Regular assessments and live sessions
  • Appointment for therapy sessions on videos/phone calls
  • Medication delivery (If Required) is included in the price
  • Accept insurance and reimbursement policies
Pricing: It starts from $30 per month

Cerebral provides expert advice about your mental health, helping you deal with depression, anxiety, restlessness, and ADHD.

Cerebral’s unique offering is that you can receive online prescriptions, care counseling, and online visits from your prescriber for the low monthly fee of $30.

Sign up for Cerebral and get an affordable monthly subscription for better mental health. You would receive regular assessments and video and telephone appointments with a prescribing physician in that subscription plan.

If your insurance is not already considered in-network, they can try to get your insurance company to reimburse you for our services. After entering your insurance information, your insurer will receive a claim submission from your account.

Everything is included with your subscription. Additionally, Cerebral offers FSA/HSA benefits, and you can cancel at any time.

Doctor on Demand

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Select your therapist within a minute
  • Emotional support from the privacy of home
  • Easy management for chronic conditions
  • Covered benefit for over 98 million Americans
Pricing: $129 for a 15-minute follow-up appointment

The 24/7 availability of medical experts, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical professionals in Doctor On Demand, ensures that care is always available. Pick your favorite providers and view them repeatedly, right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

More importantly, Doctor On Demand is a benefit covered by over 98 million Americans’ health plans or employers. Joining is free, and you can check your coverage immediately after registering.

The treatment plan is created around your specific needs, whether rashes, allergies, anxiety management, or diabetes management. They keep your journey protected and connected by coordinating the care of both our medical and mental health providers.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Board-certified doctors and licensed professional counselors
  • Schedule an appointment by phone, computer, or app
  • Accept health insurance
  • Get primary care as low as $0
Pricing: $108 for each 45- to a 60-minute therapy session

MDLive delivers fast, hassle-free health care from board-certified doctors and health care professionals.

MDLive provides a simple three-step method for treating stress, anxiety, and other concerns. Creating an account, scheduling an appointment, and getting better is all it takes.

The best part about MDLive is that it has no additional fees. MDLive is an easy-to-use platform that makes healthcare easily accessible. MDLive offers urgent care and cognitive behavioral therapy. In some cases, you can even see a dermatologist through MDLive for as little as $0 to $95.

Another benefit that MDLive offers are the mobile app. You can communicate with a healthcare professional from anywhere, anytime, with the MDLive mobile app.


Main Details
Key Features:
  • Proven tips and advice on how to feel better
  • Be heard by volunteer listeners
  • Affordable and confidential online therapy platform
  • 24×7 chat support is available
Pricing: $12.95/month

A team of counselors and listeners is always available at 7Cups to help with any emotional issues.

The other online therapy programs on this page are all paid. After you pay, a professional will answer your questions. Unlike other online listening services, 7Cups is free: you can chat with listeners 24/7 and seek assistance in online support rooms.

Paid options are also available on 7Cups. Licensed therapists provide confidential online counseling and therapy for $12.95 per month. 7Cups has helped over 25 million people through 180 therapists and over 300,000 listeners in the past five years. 7Cups offers multiple options, whether free online therapy or paid subscriptions, no matter which kind of therapy you need.

Bonus Online Therapy Program: Neuro Balance Therapy

Main Details
Key Features:
  • Complete balance-strengthening protocol DVD series
  • Revive your body’s natural capacity to move around strongly
  • It makes you more stable and balanced with each step
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
Pricing: Starting from $37

There is no online therapy program like Neuro Balance Therapy on this list. A one-time fee gets you to access to a package of videos and eBooks you can use at home to practice your physical therapy skills.

Losing your balance is more likely to occur as you age. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should embrace it. The Neuro Balance Therapy online program allows you to become more balanced without spending thousands on specialists.

A spike ball is also included with Neuro Balance Therapy. Spike balls enable you to restore your body’s natural ability to move around, allowing you to feel strong, balanced, and stable as you move.

How We Ranked The Best Online Therapy Platforms

There are many different levels of quality among online therapy programs. To separate the most effective and least effective online therapy programs, we looked at the following factors:

Several Ways of Communication

Some people prefer to speak with a therapist via video chat (i.e., video conferencing). Some people like to chat online, converse on the phone, or communicate via email. An excellent online therapy website provides multiple communication methods, so you can get the assistance you need in your preferred way. We only mentioned the best online therapy platforms that provide all the possible communication methods.

Board-certified and Licensed Therapists

Most of the top online therapy programs utilize licensed, trained, and board-certified therapists. It is essential to look for a website that uses professionals with a Ph.D., PsyD, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), LCSW/LMSW, or LPC, including licensed, accredited, and board-certified professionals.

Easy Scheduling

An excellent online therapy program works around your schedule. It makes meeting with your therapist as convenient and straightforward as possible. We listed only the best online therapy platforms that are easy to schedule and highly convenient.

User Friendliness

Almost every online therapy provider on our list offers its customer a user-friendly interface or application. We excluded those online therapy sites that were hard to operate and time-consuming. This will save your time in learning a new platform.

Customized Matching Based on Issues

There are various forms of online therapies. You probably need marriage and family therapists to deal with similar issues or a therapist that helps you deal with stress and anxiety. An individual may have specific problems. An excellent online therapy website will have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of therapists specializing in different areas, so choosing the right therapist for your specific issue is straightforward.

Money-back Guarantee or Satisfaction Policy

Online therapy programs with a money-back guarantee are good. If you’re unsatisfied with your online therapy services, a refund should be available. Programs that guarantee their services were preferred by us.

Demographic Matching

Some online therapy programs match you with therapists based on your demographics, age, gender, and other characteristics. In some instances, the therapist works best when they belong to the same sex group as the client or if the couple is of opposite sexes. The best online therapy providers offer you multiple options for matching you with the right therapist.

Worksheets and Resources

Although you may not be working with your therapist face to face, you can still access worksheets, mental health apps, and other materials via the Internet. Patients can enhance their online therapy services with these materials provided by the best online therapy providers.

Customer Reviews

Our online therapy team has tested each program where possible. We have also read a great deal of patient feedback to see how they felt about their overall experience. Though no online therapy website can satisfy everyone, the most effective ones are supported by many positive reviews.

A Value-based Pricing System

In-person therapy is more expensive than online therapy. It is typical for online therapy programs to cost between $50 and $200 per week, including one therapy session per week. In some cases, there are also monthly rates. Our preference was to find online therapy programs that offered reasonable value rather than a particular price point at their price point.

When you pay for an online therapy platform that’s premium, you’ll expect premium services. If you are getting cheap therapy online, you should not have to compromise on quality.

Here’s How Online Therapy Works

There are different ways online therapy works, based on the provider. An online registration process is followed by communication via phone, video chat, email, or live chat with a therapist. The process is as follows:

  • Whether you are an individual, couple, or teen, you register online.
  • A qualified and accredited therapist connects you.
  • The therapist is available through video chat, email, and live chat.
  • Usually, you pay $50 to $200 per therapy session.
  • The subscription can be canceled, switched to a different therapist within the same company, or paused.

The websites match you with therapists according to your concerns and other factors. For instance, some try matching you with a therapist whose demographics are similar to yours. At the same time, others specialize in matching you with the best mental health professional for your concerns.

Individual therapy is also available online, in some cases exclusively. Couples therapy, teens therapy, or child therapy are other options.

General online therapies can help people manage their depression, anxiety, and other severe mental health conditions.

Online therapy programs are also available for individuals with specific religious backgrounds. Additionally, there are online therapy programs that specialize in LGBTQ therapy.

What Can Online Counseling Services Help With?

There are many different types of mental health disorders, and each one can present with a variety of symptoms. Online therapy can help people with various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.

in general, online therapy can help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Relationship issues – Whether you’re struggling with your relationship with your partner, family members, or friends, online therapy can offer a safe and confidential space to talk about what’s going on.
  • Depression and anxiety – Online therapy can be a great way to deal with depression and anxiety in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Stress and anxiety – Online therapy can be a great way to manage stress and anxiety in a controlled and structured environment.
  • Self-esteem issues – Many people struggle with self-esteem issues, and online therapy can provide a space for them to explore these feelings and learn about healthy ways of managing them.
  • Trauma and abuse – Many people have experienced trauma or abuse in their lives, which can cause negative emotions such as fear, sadness, guilt, etc. Online therapy can provide a space for these feelings to be expressed safely and honestly.

Benefits of Online Therapy Platforms

There are many benefits to using online therapy platforms, including the following:


One of the main benefits of opting for online therapies is that they can be more cost-effective than traditional in-person therapy. This is because most online therapy platforms offer flexible payment options, which allow patients to pay based on their individual needs and budget.

Highly Convenient

Another significant benefit of online therapy is that it is often more convenient for patients. This is because most online platforms allow patients to access therapist resources from anywhere in the world at any time with live sessions, phone calls, and text and video messages. Furthermore, many online platforms also offer 24/7 support, making it easier for patients to get help when needed.

Anonymous and Private

Many online therapy platforms provide a private, anonymous environment that is safe for both the therapist and the patient. This is a significant advantage over traditional therapy settings, where patients are often required to disclose personal information such as their addresses and phone numbers.

Flexible Scheduling

Many online platforms allow patients to book appointments around their schedules, which can be especially helpful if work or family obligations prevent them from attending traditional therapy sessions.

Wide Range of Services

Online therapy platforms provide a wide range of services, including individual, group, and telephone therapies. This allows patients to find the right type of therapy for their specific needs.

Wide Range of Therapists

Online therapy platforms often feature a wide range of qualified therapists experienced in various therapeutic areas. This makes it easy for patients to find a therapist that matches their specific needs and preferences. The best part is that online therapists aren’t just random people. The majority of them hold master’s degrees and are board-certified professionals. All best online therapy platforms feature licensed, board-certified therapists similar to those you’d find in a physical therapy office.

No Extra Charges

An online therapy program does not require a clinic or high overhead costs. It does not require a travel staff or high administrative costs. An online therapy program eliminates many of the overhead expenses associated with therapy, allowing you to get the most for your money.

Services for All

All types of patients can receive therapy through online programs, including individuals, couples, teens, and children. You can get different types of support through online therapy, whether you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one.

Some Disadvantages Of Online Counseling

Many people prefer to receive their therapy online. Despite these advantages, there are a few disadvantages to consider, specifically:


Some states do not allow psychologists from out-of-state to practice in their state of residence. The majority of states require that therapy providers are licensed within that state before offering therapy services. You could likely find fewer online therapists in a smaller state than in a more populated one.

Also, Online counseling can be challenging to connect therapeutically. The therapist may be located in a different country or time zone, making it difficult to establish a rapport.

Insurance Coverage

Online Counseling may or may not be covered by your insurance plan, depending on your state. Furthermore, some online therapy programs are not even accepting insurance payments. In that case, you might pay extra money to avail the services.

Not All Programs Are Designed Equally

We found that the best online therapy programs, including those on our list, can deliver effective mental health services on par or even better than their in-person counterparts. There are, however, differences between them. If you do not do your research, you may receive inadequate care.

Absence of Body Language and Communication

It can be difficult to read body language and gestures even when using a video call. In some cases, the lack of body language could affect how you receive treatment, depending on your condition.

Uncertainty Of Satisfaction

There is the potential for clients to be overwhelmed or feel unsafe in the online environment. Also, clients may think that they cannot openly express their feelings due to fear of being judged or misunderstood. There is no guarantee of face-to-face interaction, which can benefit some clients but not others.


There is no assurance that sessions will remain confidential. Clients could find themselves exposed if the therapist feels compelled to share information about their sessions with others in the online community.

Scientific Evidence for Online Therapy

In addition to in-person therapy, studies have found that virtual therapy is equally powerful. In some studies, online counseling has shown to be more effective and more efficient than in-person therapy. Below we will look at some studies related to online therapies:

Online therapy was the subject of the most comprehensive study published in 2020. Researchers reviewed 17 online and in-person experiments to determine how successful the two methods provided cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), also called electronic cognitive behavioral therapy (eCBT), when delivered virtually. According to researchers, eCBT is just as effective as face-to-face CBT, so patients and therapists recommend it.

Researchers found that in-person and online therapy for treating anxiety and depression were equally effective, based on research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in 2014.

Furthermore, a recent study found that online cognitive behavioral therapy was equally effective as in-person therapy. Researchers found similar online and in-person treatment outcomes in studying people with major depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

The results of this study from 2016 were similar. A study conducted by researchers in three categories of research found online therapy to be “clinically efficacious” and that the therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the patient “seems to remain unchanged.”

In the same 2016 study, researchers discovered that patients overwhelmingly enjoyed online therapy, and it was shown to be effective, despite therapists’ varying responses.

Overall, above mentioned scientific studies indicate that both online and in-person ways can help with mental health conditions and other brain health issues similarly. Both are proven equally effective.

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

The price of online therapy will vary depending on the therapist, the type of therapy, and the location. However, some general tips that may help you estimate the cost of online therapy include looking at therapist websites and reading reviews to get an idea of what people in your area are paying. Additionally, some therapists offer discounts for specific online communities or groups members.

Virtual therapy programs generally charge between $60 and $100 per week. There are inexpensive options and premium options ranging from $300 to $500 per month.

The following points illustrate how some of the best online therapy programs price their services:

  • Short-term therapy – This type of therapy typically lasts around ten sessions and costs between $30 and $120 per session.
  • Medium-term therapy – This type of therapy typically lasts around 16 sessions and costs between $60 and $240 per session.
  • Long-term therapy – This type of therapy typically lasts around 30 sessions and costs between $100 and $500 per session.

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

The coverage that an insurance company provides for virtual therapy will vary depending on the individual company’s policy. That said, most companies offer coverage for online counseling and therapy services in some form or another. So, if you’re looking for coverage for internet therapy, it’s best to contact your insurance company and inquire about their specific policies.

Several online therapy programs allow you to pay for coverage through tax-advantaged accounts, including FSAs and HSAs.

Even though most insurers cover internet therapy, your online therapist might not accept insurance payments. Some online therapists don’t take insurance.

Advantages Of Starting Therapy Sessions

There are a lot of benefits to starting therapy today, and here are just a few:

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

Therapy is a very effective way to improve mental and emotional health. It can help you deal with difficult emotions, cope with stress, and work through problems.

Reduced Risk of Mental Health Disorders

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people who receive therapy are less likely to develop mental health and eating disorders.

Greater Self-awareness

Therapy can help you develop greater self-awareness and understanding of your mental state. This can lead to more effective strategies for dealing with emotions and problems.

Improved Communication Skills

Therapy can help you improve your communication skills, which can be especially helpful in relationships. You may also find that you can better express your feelings and thoughts more constructively.

Improve Relationships

Relationship therapy can help you deal with unresolved issues from your past that may be contributing to current problems in your relationship. Relationship therapy can help you identify and resolve issues early on before they become too big or destructive to deal with.

Main Types Of Internet Therapies

There are a variety of online therapies that can help individuals with a wide range of issues. Some popular therapeutic modalities include CBT, DBT, SFT, and SHT. Here is a brief overview of each:

  • CBT – Cognitive behavior therapy is a type of therapy that helps people learn how to change their thoughts and behaviors to improve their overall mental health.
  • DBT – Dialectical behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that helps people learn how to manage difficult emotional situations by replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones.
  • SFT – Solution-focused therapy focuses on helping individuals find solutions to problems rather than dwelling on the issues themselves.
  • SHT – Self-help therapy helps people learn to manage their mental health issues by using self-help books, websites, or groups.

Best Ways of Mental Health Care

Mental health is a severe issue that deserves our utmost attention and care. Here are some of the best ways of getting mental health care:

  • Reach out to your friends and family – It can be hard to talk about mental health issues, but we must do. Talking to someone we trust can help us open up and get our support.
  • Talk to a therapist – A therapist can help us deal with our emotional issues and understand them better. They can also guide us in dealing with mental health problems independently.
  • Use online resources – Many online resources can provide support and information on mental health issues. These resources can help relieve stress, manage anxiety, and cope with depression.
  • Attend counseling sessions – Counseling sessions are a great way to get individualized support and treatment for mental health problems. They can also help us develop coping mechanisms and strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety in the long term.

If you’re feeling lost or like you need more support, reach out for help!

How To Access Mental Health Services?

Mental health care is essential, and there are a variety of ways to get the services:

  • Medical Doctors – If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your doctor. Medical doctors can guide you on the best way to get brain health care and refer you to the appropriate specialists.
  • Access mental health services through your employer – Many large companies offer mental health services as part of their employee benefits package. This can be a great way to access quality care without spending a lot of money out-of-pocket.
  • Access mental health services through a government or non-profit agency – Many government and non-profit agencies offer brain health care at affordable rates. This is an excellent option if you don’t have insurance or don’t want to use your employer’s benefits package.
  • Access mental health services through self-help groups – Many self-help groups offer mental health care and support. This is an affordable and convenient way to get help from experts.

Who Should Use Online Therapy?

Anyone can use online therapy – there is no need for a clinical condition or any special qualifications. Many people prefer online therapy because it is more convenient and affordable than traditional therapy.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using online therapy. First, be sure to communicate effectively with your therapist. You need to express yourself freely and make sure that your therapist can understand and respond to your thoughts and feelings. Second, be aware of the potential risks associated with online therapy. Like with any other form of therapy, there is always the risk of emotional or psychological harm if you do not feel safe or comfortable communicating with your therapist. If you have any concerns about using online therapy, talk to your doctor first.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Counseling Platforms

Q: How can you find the right therapist?

A: If you want to get help from a therapist, do not hesitate to contact that person before choosing them. You should make sure you and your therapist are on the same page. Is your communication clear? Does your therapist know what you are trying to accomplish? Make sure you discuss all these things.

Q: What do I need for online therapy?

A: If you’re looking for online therapy, you’ll need a computer with an internet connection and an active browser. You’ll also need to be comfortable talking on the phone, as many online therapies involve talking on the phone. Finally, you’ll likely need to pay a monthly fee for the online therapy sites.

Q: Which is the best online therapy provider?

A: The top online therapy providers are already mentioned above. You can access therapy and psychiatry services with just a few clicks. They have an easy-to-sign-up process for attending live sessions and phone calls. To be specific, Better Help, Talk Space, ReGain, Brightside, and Calmerry, are some online platform options you can go with.

Q: Is online therapy effective?

A: Yes! The licensed therapists and mental health professionals make online therapy effective. If you’re looking for an easy way to get mental support, virtual therapy may be a good option. All you need is a computer and internet connection, and you can begin chatting with your therapist right away.

Q: Why do I need a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)?

A: A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) is a type of therapist licensed by the state in which they practice. As licensed professional counselors, they will be able to provide individuals and families with the support they need to cope with difficulties in relationships and improve their overall well-being.

Q: What are the advantages of live video sessions?

A: Live video sessions are more engaging for patients because they allow for a more interactive experience. This means that patients have a greater chance of getting the information they need and implementing their desired changes. Studies have shown that live video sessions are more effective than traditional talk therapy in terms of helping patients achieve their goals. This is likely because live video sessions allow for a more holistic approach, including verbal and non-verbal communication.

Q: Can an online therapist prescribe medication?

A: Therapy platforms provide therapists with the option of prescribing anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. Many online rehab programs do not offer these options.

Q: What is medication management?

A: Medication management is the process of monitoring, dispensing, and administering medications to patients as prescribed. Medication management is a crucial part of the healthcare system, and it helps to ensure that patients are taking their medicines as prescribed and that they are safe. Many of the platforms on our list offer psychiatry medication management if a patient needs treatment options beyond therapy sessions.

The Best Online Therapy Programs In 2022 Final Words

Therapy over the Internet can help you rediscover your true self. There are more options than ever for those interested in video calling with a therapist, live chatting with an expert, or participating in any other type of online therapy.

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