Best Online Tarot Reading Sites: Get 100% Accurate Astrology Answers From Professional Fortune Teller Psychics Available 24/7 !

Psychics and tarot readings were once thought to be a type of entertainment. The truth is that tarot reading is much more than pointless entertainment. Tarot card reading is one of the most active types of mysticism, intending to provide insight into what will happen in the future, what went wrong in the past, and how to improve the present.

In the last few years, tarot readings have become extremely popular as people sought assurance and credible guidance from tarot readers. However, it isn’t easy to go through all the tarot readers because there are so many to choose from.

This is why we’ve put together a list of the best online tarot reading sites, all of which have professional, verified advisors who are specialists in their industry. An accurate and reliable reading can provide enough information to help you make a more informed decision. So let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Online Tarot Reading Sites In 2022:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Tarot Reading Platforms For Future Predictions
  2. Kasamba – Recommended Soulful Spiritual Readings Online For Career Guidance
  3. Mystic Sense – Top Recommended Fortune Teller Specialist For Zodiac Sign
  4. Keen – Professional Tarot Readers To Explain Your Angel Numbers
  5. Psychic Oz – Get Psychic Interactive Sessions With Best Oracle Cards

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Tarot Reading Platforms For Future Predictions


Purple Garden is the largest online tarot reading site with a proven track record. It’s a superior website, Android, and iOS app, offering accurate online tarot readings. Furthermore, it’s the best psychic network giving you the best tools to solve your most complex dilemma. Download the app today, and don’t miss the free credits and minutes.


Purple Ocean is the most established network, with millions of users worldwide. It cares about your privacy, providing military-grade encryption technology to protect your personal information, and that’s why it attracts thousands of users every day.

Tarot advisors on Purple Garden provide different styles of online tarot readings. They specialize in specific domains, from career and relationships to emotional release. You can always find a specialized answer in your desired area, and it’s accurate.

Get chat, voice, and video calls on Purple Garden. It’s the only online tarot reading site that offers video calls for users, and it’s as simple as logging in to your account from your device and making a call.

Purple Garden tarot card readers are honest and straight to the point. They’ll tell you the truth without sugarcoating. They’ll follow up even if the connection gets lost. So, you’ll get your answers quickly.


  • Available on all devices
  • 15+ years of experience
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Video call available
  • Starting at $0.99 per minute
  • Get the credit back if you’re not satisfied


  • Video recording forbidden
  • No free tarot online reading
  • No access to free blog posts

Customer Experience

If you’re looking for a vivid and well-thought-out mobile phone app, Purple Garden is an excellent option to investigate. They also appear to operate fairly and consistently.

They’ve put a lot of effort into making it easy to use their app and connect with their psychics. Convenience and fairness are two things Purple Garden has to offer. Just know that it’s a breeze to use.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Recommended Soulful Spiritual Readings Online For Career Guidance


Kasamba has been in the business of connecting seekers with tarot card readers by supplying them with relevant information via their website. Kasamba has been a platform for online tarot readings for over two decades. Kasamba assures that the tarot readers are chosen after a thorough screening process.

This procedure ensures that the card reader is engaged in their work and has proper credentials and certificates that qualify them for the position. This procedure places a premium on the reader’s level of expertise in their chosen field.

The brand makes it easy to find a tarot card reader that matches your needs and preferences. The readers who have passed the screening process are subsequently added to Kasamba’s database. Profiles of competent tarot readers will, after that, be made available on the official website.

A profile summarizes the reader’s essential information, such as their area of expertise, years of experience, and past user evaluations and ratings. Users can then browse the website because they now have access to all of the reader’s information. These profiles will also provide information about the readers’ availability and prices to make an informed decision.


  • Compatible for International Users

Kasamba allows users to choose between call tarot readers, phone tarot readers, and chat tarot readers depending on their need, urgency, and desire. The tarot readers are accessible for online sessions on any day, making it convenient for users worldwide.

These sessions can be performed via various communication methods, including phone, video, internet chat, and email. Kasamba is one of the few online tarot reading sites that allows the reader to be mailed for a reading. Such features ensure that the user can communicate with the reader regardless of their location or personal circumstances.

  • Cheap Rates

Kasamba is a terrific choice for interested users because of its low pricing. It offers a 10-minute session for $1.99. The low rates are great for individuals who are new to tarot reading and want to acquire a feel for it without blowing their budget.

Kasamba’s seasonal and exclusive deals are an excellent place to start for new users. Free trials, discounted prices, and other incentives are provided to new customers to help them get the most out of the service.


  • Psychics who have been practicing for a long time
  • Users can choose from a wide range of readers
  • Receive three complimentary minutes with each new tarot reader
  • The first meeting is discounted by 75% for first-time clients


  • Customers are unable to have their tarot readings via video chats

Customer Experience

Kasamba offers a comprehensive range of psychic reading services, including tarot cards and more, and has already helped over 4 million people find answers.

While video readings aren’t available, users can take advantage of Kasamba’s convenient online chatting system, accessible via the Kasamba app. The company is well-known for its three-minute promotional bonuses as well as its high-quality tarot readers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Mystic Sense – Top Recommended Fortune Teller Specialist For Zodiac Sign


Mystic Sense has built a solid name in the current psychic market by providing reliable online tarot reading services. It boasts a worldwide community of top-rated tarot readers who are dedicated to assisting people in making well-informed decisions and leading happy and successful lives.

This psychic portal, which has various advanced features, allows customers to view thorough profiles of all online readers before scheduling a consultation. You may quickly sign up on the site and begin your magical trip with your preferred tarot reading.

Apart from the basics, Mystic Sense would want to know your location and time zone so that you might be matched with the proper psychic whose availability fits yours. You may get advice on various topics, including job, finances, health, and spiritual healing, on this platform. Each category is subdivided into multiple sub-categories to create personalized psychic experiences.

On Mystic Sense, the majority of live tarot readers give chat and phone psychic readings. Some experts, on the other hand, employ video calls to develop a stronger relationship with users. You may expect a powerful reading from inexpensive tarot readers without any hidden fees as a new user.


  • Availability Of Experts

This service promises to display the faces of the best online tarot readers who are available for a rapid reading in your time zone. This tarot reading platform goes above and beyond to help clients gain knowledge and direction on difficulties relating to their career, love life, money, well-being, predestination, and otherworldly repairs and relationships.

Each category has several sub-categories that help you choose the best expert for your specific needs.

  • Communication Modalities

The bulk of the readers on Mystic Sense offer psychic readings via chat and phone. Users who are uncomfortable conversing on the phone or likely to develop social anxiety due to speaking engagement should choose the first option.

People who believe that conversing over the phone allows for a deeper heart-to-heart relationship with the psychic, on the other hand, prefer phone psychic readings. That isn’t the case. Some of the site’s best readers also deliver strong readings via video conversations. They read mystic energies throughout the session to help you form a stronger bond.


  • Mystic Sense employs a considerable number of highly qualified, motivated, and genuine tarot readers who are committed to providing unsurpassed personal service
  • The first five minutes are entirely free, ensuring that you have selected the appropriate consultant and are comfortable with them before beginning
  • Affordable rates and exceptional value for money make great deals for first-timers and beginners
  • Love and relationship predictions and advice are both optimistic and accurate


  • There is no psychic blog or information available

Customer Experience

Mystic Sense looks to provide a high-quality service. They are doing most things that should be done to help you decrease the hazards of buying a free tarot reading online. They make the entire experience enjoyable, simple to use, and highly participatory.

The platform also has a rigorous screening process to ensure that only experienced and trustworthy tarot readers can help clients spiritually find their ways in life.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mystic Sense

#4. Keen – Professional Tarot Readers To Explain Your Angel Numbers


Keen has had over two decades of experience in the field of tarot readings. When looking for tarot readers, the website of Keen is the most popular option. Keen psychic readers and counselors are accessible for sessions at any time of day and can be reached through various mediums, depending on the user’s inclination.

This means that when looking for a psychic reading, one does not have to be concerned about their time zone or location. All users have access to the most competent and experienced tarot readers with just a few clicks of the button.

These readers provide their services at a low cost, allowing them to be readily available to all users. Keen trains all of their readers to do online tarot card readings via online chat and video sessions.

The reading works because the card draws the user when the user’s energy matches the card’s. Because the cards do not require physical presence to interact with the user’s energy, they can choose for a video conversation and receive an accurate reading.

On the Keen website, users can ask any open-ended questions that stimulate healthy dialogue. The conversation also informs the user of the numerous options available in a given situation.


  • Interactive Search Tool

Keen provides a tarot finder tool to assist you in locating the perfect local tarot readers in your area. This search function provides a list of three mystics that exactly match your needs, availability, and budget. When hunting for a tarot reader, this assures you don’t waste time or lose concentration.

  • Psychics’ Credentials

Before they can give your reading services to you, the tarot specialists on Keen go through extensive training. You can clear your thoughts of any doubts or skepticism you may have about these specialists’ talents and experience.


  • One of the most cost-effective psychic reading services
  • All tarot readers have a detailed profile page as well as consumer feedback
  • A money-back guarantee backs it in the form of Keen credit
  • A wide range of advisors are offered


  • Only a few bilingual advisors are available

Customer Experience

The countless customer evaluations and testimonials on the Keen website demonstrate its worldwide appeal. Customers who could significantly positively impact their lives have greeted each psychic reader with gratitude and remarks.

When browsing the reader profiles, you can read different customer evaluations and rest confident that each online psychics session at Keen will provide you with 100 percent satisfaction.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. Psychic Oz – Get Psychic Interactive Sessions With Best Oracle Cards


Psychic Oz is a user-friendly online tarot reading site with a pleasant appearance. It is most certainly the site with the most readers who do not speak English. This covers Chinese, French, and Spanish, among other languages.

So, if you’d like tarot reading in your language, this could be the place for you. Each tarot reader can upload an introduction video to describe themselves and provide a brief sample reading on this website.

Furthermore, the website offers a free room that is available at all times. Every hour, a different psychic appears in the room. They do free demo readings there. The tarot readers are vetted and evaluated by the site’s management for the public presentation of their ability.

This website emphasizes video, which is an excellent medium for tarot because it allows you to see the cards. It’s also a very community-oriented organization. Psychics and tarot readers can use their profiles to share a wealth of free material and videos. They can also publish stories, which are popular on social media and are short 15-second videos.

Furthermore, the site employs a token-based approach. You acquire tokens, which you may use to tip tarot readers, communicate to them, and purchase their recordings. Each practitioner determines their pricing and services.


  • Interactive Live Readings

The live voice call or live video call capabilities at Psychic Oz make tarot reading sessions more exciting and participatory. The live online tarot reading sessions will help you establish a strong bond with the reader and better communicate your views—the ability to supply and observe outside the virtual space.

  • Easy to Use Mobile App

The mobile app of Psychic Oz’s online tarot reading endeavor makes it highly user-friendly. The mobile app is simpler to use compared to traditional PC versions, contributing to its widespread popularity. With the aid of this app, you may communicate with tarot readers from all around the world conveniently.


  • Aside from English, there are many more languages
  • Each practitioner has their own set of services
  • There is a ton of free relevant data and videos available
  • A wide range of prices are available to suit any budget
  • Simply by registering, you will receive 10,000 free tokens


  • There could have been a way to provide a better consumer guarantee

Customer Experience

Customers have praised Psychic Oz for making it easy to get a tarot reading even when they are on vacation and only have access to a phone. Also, especially if they have a reading over a video call, Psychic Oz lets their consumers keep their identities safe and private.

Overall, the app works well, and we’ve already emphasized how simple it is to operate. They also give new users free tokens, which benefits when deciding which site to use for a tarot card reading

=> Click here to visit the official website of Psychic Oz

Factors to Consider While Choosing Best Psychic Mediums For 100% Accuracy Of Tarot Readings?

Customer Reviews

It makes sense to first look for consumer feedback about how trustworthy that particular tarot reader is. Those seeking a tarot reading service for the first time online are likely to be skeptical. As a result, reading customer evaluations is an excellent technique to eliminate all suspicions. This also tells you how genuine an online psychic site is.

What you must realize is that a well-known website with well-known or 5-star readers does not imply that you should purchase its pack or deal. Even new websites or new tarot card reading online might be trustworthy at times. Customer reviews are one way to determine whether a new service is good or not. These reviews can be found on the service provider’s website or third-party review sites.

Rather than just reading the evaluations on the website, it’s a good idea to look them up on portals. This is because the former is more likely to be a forgery. Consider it a red signal if there are no user reviews on the website. It’s crucial to read the client reviews even if you’re only looking for a reader.


Regardless of the service requested, it is customary practice to select an experienced service provider. This holds for tarot card reading services as well. Please go with a well-known online service that’s been around for a while. After all, a genuine service will endure.

Not only should the provider have a lot of experience, but so should the tarot readers. A reputable website will always display all of its readers’ complete profiles, including their work experience, abilities, and certifications. Both the service provider and the customers should be qualified and experienced to deliver reliable information.


A trustworthy service supplier will always make a free offer. During the first reading session, most sites offer free minutes. The best online tarot reading sites will provide you with a three to five-minute free trial no matter which reader you choose. Several reputable websites also provide discounts on subsequent sessions.

For example, you can have a half-hour session for one dollar per minute. If there isn’t a free trial or offer available, you can contact customer service and ask for one. After all, you need to develop a relationship with the reader and determine whether or not they are real. Just keep in mind that reading fees can vary depending on the skills and expertise of the reader.

Modes of Communication

This factor will help you figure out how to communicate with an online tarot reader. Customers new to tarot are likely to be hesitant to speak with a tarot counselor right away. The option of live chat appears to be appropriate for them.

A phone conversation is great for those who want to establish a deep relationship with these professionals. These two ways of contact are available on the majority of trustworthy websites. A handful of websites, however, will let you contact a tarot reading through video call. This is the best option for folks who prefer face-to-face reading.

Additionally, this setting enables the reader to attune to your aura and energy more efficiently. An email reading session is perfect if you want to get some responses before asking the following query.

On the other hand, a seasoned tarot reader will ensure accuracy and quality regardless of the method of communication used. As long as they can get a signal from you, they don’t have to see your facial expressions to communicate with you.

Special Services

A site with unique features isn’t always the best. Selecting an online tarot platform that provides a variety of services is a good option. While having a few of them is beneficial, having too many on your list might be overwhelming.

Tarot reading, career advice, love and relationships, and crystal ball forecasts are just a few of them. Several of them involve astrology and horoscopes in some way. To avoid an overwhelming experience, choose the one with the fewest categories.


A reliable tarot card reading website will always give you free access to its advisers’ profiles. These profiles include information about the person’s rating, reviews, expertise, talents, and photo.

A site like this will also disclose payment plans depending on time and minute expenses. However, you must ensure that the reader is not wasting time by typing slowly or interacting with frequent pauses. If such tactics are used, you should terminate the session and notify the customer service team.


For its accurate readings, a genuine tarot card service will constantly be in the news. Fortunately, reading through customer evaluations is the only way to find out for sure. Just be wary of sites that claim to be 100 percent accurate.


This is another sign of a trustworthy online tarot reading service, but it’s something that not all of them supply. Some portals will refund your money if you are disappointed, while others will grant additional session time. If none of these deals are available, the first few minutes will assist you in making a decision.

Benefits of Free Online Tarot Readings

Relationship Counseling

An online tarot reading could bring helpful insight into the issues you’re having in your relationship. It can assist in the replacement of bad energy with a positive force that fosters a positive relationship. You will receive therapy about your relationship in addition to a tarot reading.

Some people have difficulty letting go of relationships, especially if they are significant or long-term. This is where an online tarot reading can help; psychics don’t just give tarot readings; they also offer advice based on the severity of the problem.

Peace of Mind

You won’t fulfill your goals and become the best version of yourself if you don’t have peace. Peace of mind is, without a doubt, essential for a happy life. Not only that, but it also aids in the restoration of good mental health, which leads to a healthy life.

Your days are filled with optimism, and your evenings are serene; this goes a long way toward assisting you in making the proper decisions. A tarot card reading removes stress and concerns, allowing you to think clearly and make informed judgments.

Life Improvements

Looking for a reputable online psychic to read some tarot cards for you might be a bright idea if you want to make significant changes in your life. It may assist you in identifying several areas of your life that want development.

It provides the ideal opportunity to nourish and improve oneself while also connecting with others who genuinely care about one’s well-being. As a result, it’s not just about your mental and emotional well-being but also the well-being of people around you.

FAQs On Tarot For Astrology Answers

  • What is tarot reading?

Tarot reading is a method of employing a divination tool called tarot cards to answer people’s inquiries or advising them on their difficulties. Users first used tarot cards in games. Thousands of tarot card readers exist today all over the world.

In addition, many people use oracle cards in their readings. Tarot has evolved into many diverse forms, and tarot readers are increasingly able to use their imagination in their readings. Additionally, their readings include elements of spiritual coaching and manifesting advice.

  • Is it true that tarot card readings are accurate?

It’s natural to be cautious of any psychic service. Tarot reading, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind experience. It doesn’t necessarily tell you what will happen in the future, but it can help you with various aspects of your life.

If you’re unsure about obtaining a reading, consider it as a way to discover more about yourself and how it can help you get through a difficult situation. Furthermore, the sites listed above either thoroughly vet their readers or include user evaluations, allowing you to select trustworthy tarot readers to assist you.

  • Why do two tarot readers disclose two completely different meanings for the same card?

The reader’s perception is the leading cause of this difference. The way a reader sees a card determines how it reveals in a spread to provide the most effective solution or response. The tarot reader reads the cards in their language, and the energies that drive the space must be compatible with the reader. As a result, different psychics have diverse interpretations of the selected card.

  • What are the most popular tarot decks?

Tarot cards are no longer just for fun; they’ve grown into a magical medium for predicting outcomes depending on your energy. When seeking a trustworthy online tarot reading, it’s essential to understand the basics.

The typical deck has 78 cards divided into two groups: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The former has 22 cards and is used to deal with life-altering events, including introspection, awakening, birth, and spiritual death. The latter contains the remaining 56 cards that deal with everyday issues such as finances, career, thoughts, and relationships.

Final Thoughts: Where Can I Do Tarot Readings Online?

It is easy to make significant changes in one’s life if one uses online tarot card reading appropriately. Tarot readings usually provide a lot of information on numerous topics you’d like to learn more about. As a result, it’s critical to find an online tarot reading website you can trust, one with respected experts and a helpful customer support team.

All of the websites on our list are the best online tarot reading sites, with free minutes, search tools, and starter credits to assist you in finding the ideal reader for your needs, availability, and budget. These websites are always thinking about their customers, offering the best online tarot reading service possible.

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