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If you are searching for clarity and hints on what steps to take in your journey through life, an online tarot reading could give you the pointers you need to make better decisions.

A tarot reading can help you answer important questions about your love life, career, and life’s purpose.

Unlike in-person tarot reading sessions, an online tarot reading can happen anywhere, even in the comfort of your home. You can communicate with tarot card readers via phone calls, chats, and video. Although some tarot readers prefer video calls when communicating with clients.

However, not all online tarot reading websites are perfect, and some can waste your time and money. We’ve reviewed some of the best tarot card reading sites in this article. We aim to determine which ones have the most accurate tarot card readers and the cheapest rates.

Top 5 Best Online Tarot Reading From Trusted Tarot Cards Reader:

  1. Purple Garden Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site for Spiritual Readings
  2. Kasamba – Affordable Tarot Reading Sites With Top Psychic Readers
  3. MysticsenseRecommended Psychic Reading & Tarot Deck Reading Platforms; Free Trial
  4. KeenReliable Fortune Teller For Psychic Interactive Sessions About Love & Career
  5. Psychic OzTrusted Tarot Cards Readers For Future Predictions

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site for Spiritual Readings


Purple Garden is a psychic network and a subsidiary of websites like Bitwine and Purple ocean. The brand has a website and mobile app platform that provides an enjoyable and satisfactory experience to tarot readers and clients. You’ll also get unlimited access to psychic video reading sessions and chats. The sister site, Purple ocean, on the other hand, provides faster video readings. These sessions answer short and straightforward questions from clients.

With a highly responsive website and mobile app, you can browse through hundreds of psychics and tarot card readers from the comfort of your home. Also, the application gives you access to psychic profiles to help you select the best tarot readers available.

The website and mobile application are easy to use. They’ve got accurate descriptions, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.


Purple Garden is a mobile application-based service. Yes, they have a website that describes all of their services but actual tarot card readings and other psychic activities happen on the mobile application. While this may sound limiting, mobile apps have unbelievable advantages. You can use the app anywhere you are and wherever you go. You can chat or have a video call with your reader with a few taps on the app.

Purple Garden also has a unique feature called “journeys.” This aspect of the website sets the brand apart from all of its competitors. The feature allows you to share details of your experience with a Purple Garden reader that helped you navigate through a difficult time. Your story could help people with similar struggles. Also, you can learn from other people’s journeys without even talking to a psychic. At Purple Garden, you’ll find a community of people that share their unique experiences to help and encourage others.

Similarly, Purple Garden runs an algorithm that lets you find suitable readers easily. This feature helps streamline your search for top-quality readers. You’ll see a section on the website dedicated to these top psychics.


  • Readings via video calls
  • Available anywhere globally
  • Lengthy psychic chats
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Reputable psychic brand
  • Detailed psychic profiles
  • Positive reviews
  • Multiple qualified readers


  • No free readings
  • No informative blog

Why We Recommend Purple Garden

This brand has several excellent features. Journeys, for example, makes Purple Garden worthwhile. It allows you to learn valuable lessons from other people’s experiences at no extra cost. Also, you have a dedicated mobile app that allows you to talk to your psychic whenever you want. Also, you can choose between video sessions and chats, depending on your preferences.

Lastly, the pricing structure is pretty reasonable, and other mouth-watering discounts back it up.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba Affordable Tarot Reading Sites With Top Psychic Readers


Kasamba is home to some of the best psychics in the business. With a growing online platform, the company reaches more people every day. Since its inception in 1999, the company has helped over 3 million people find answers to questions about love, career, and more.

Unfortunately, they do not support reading sessions via video calls, but you can enjoy a genuinely revealing session with an expert psychic via voice calls or chat. Also, you’ll get free three minutes reading sessions with psychics that you choose to work with on Kasamba. This will help your selection process when looking for the perfect psychic.

On Kasamba, you can select any life-changing service, including astrology reading, tarot card readings, fortune telling, love and relationship readings, and more.

The website displays the complete profile of its psychics. The reader’s information features the psychic’s specialization, experience, dos, and don’ts. This aspect of the website allows you to assess readers before you hire them. You’ll also find past customer reviews to give you an idea of what customers feel about the psychic’s services.


On Kasamba, you’ll get three minutes free with readers to help you assess whether they have what it takes to help you. You’ll get free minutes with every advisor you chat with.

There’s a large pool of psychics available 24/7. You can set up reading sessions with your preferred reader whenever you like. Also, you are not restricted to fixed appointments like physical reading sessions.

Similarly, you can rest assured that your identity and personal information are safe on Kasamba. Everything you share with your advisor remains confidential. Under no circumstance will your information be shared with any third-party website.


  • A large pool of readers
  • Free chat for three minutes
  • Several psychic services
  • 24/7 service
  • Best match guarantee
  • Secure website
  • Mobile app available


  • No video sessions

Why We Recommend Kasamba

Kasamba has some of the best psychics in the industry, and they have seamless platforms many people can use.

The free chat session with every new advisor is an added advantage that gives users value for their money. There aren’t many platforms that offer this type of bonus. Psychics are also available 24/7, so you can set up sessions.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#3. Mysticsense Recommended Psychic Reading & Tarot Deck Reading Platforms; Free Trial


According to details on the website, Mysticsense is one of the premier psychic networks in the United States. With over 17 years in the industry, Mysticsense has rendered meaningful psychic readings to people on areas like love, career, life’s purpose, and prosperity. On Mysticsense, advisors and clients can communicate via phone calls and online chats. Available languages include English and Spanish.

Mysticsense works with some of the best psychics in the industry. These psychics are specialists in themes like horoscopes, astrology, tarot card readings, dream analysis, and more. Also, the website provides detailed and accurate information about all of its advisors. You can find out how long they’ve been a psychic, their charges, dos and don’ts, and the type of readings they specialize in. You have access to this information before deciding to work with the advisor. This feature puts you in the best position to select the best psychic possible.

Also, you can use the website’s search filter to run through the hundreds of expert psychics online. You can search based on psychic session type (phone calls or chats), rates, and reading category.


Mysticsense gives both new and existing customers the chance to ask a free question whenever you visit the official website. According to the website, advisors will be available to give an instant honest answer to your question.

Similarly, new customers will enjoy a special introductory offer. You can get free five minutes of counseling and a reduced rate as low as $1 for the first 30 minutes.

Apart from a large pool of psychics and advisors, you can still book a reading session with master psychics on the website. Similarly, Free minutes remain valid for up to 12 months, so you don’t have to waste all of it on the same advisor. If you notice that you aren’t connecting with a particular psychic, you quickly switch to the next available one.


  • Free minutes
  • Positive reviews
  • Mobile application
  • Reputable psychics
  • Efficient filter system
  • Chats and phone calls


  • No video sessions

Why We Recommend Mysticsense

Mysticsense has some of the best introductory offers in the industry. These offers let you try their services for free before committing and investing your money.

Mysticsense psychics cover a wide range of readings, and they do so at competitive industry rates. The website has a simple design that’s easy to navigate. If you are new to online tarot readings and other psychic activities, Mysticsense is probably the best place to start.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense

#4. KeenReliable Fortune Teller For Psychic Interactive Sessions About Love & Career


Keen is a reputable network of talented, spiritually trained psychics. According to the website, these psychics have the expertise to help people find answers to some of life’s most challenging questions.

Also, according to the website, no two psychics are the same. You are guaranteed a new and better experience every time you choose a different psychic or tarot card reader. Keen has over 20 years of experience providing clarity through intuitive and seasoned guidance.

Since its inception, Keen has helped over 35 million people get the psychic help they need. The number keeps growing, and the company likes to view itself as one of the leading psychic networks in the industry.

Apart from experience, Keen is flexible and in tune with recent trends in the tech industry. Their website, for example, has some modern features, and the company has featured on popular platforms like Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, etc.

Furthermore, Keen offers several psychic services, including tarot card readings. You can have sessions via phone calls or chats. Also, there’s an email service if that’s what you prefer.


Keen.com runs a special offer for new clients. You can get free three minutes of psychic readings on your first attempt. This feature lets you test the reader to see if they have what it takes to get you answers. According to details on the website, this offers stands even if you change readers.

The website has a unique design that makes it easy to find the right psychic according to your budget. Use the search bar to search for the reading service you need. A long list of psychics in your chosen category will appear, and you can choose based on your budget and expertise.

Reading sessions take place via phone calls, chats, or emails. You can set up your sessions at any time. And most importantly, these readings can take place anywhere. You do not have to visit any physical office to see your psychic.

Apart from online tarot reading, Keen offers other psychic reading services. Love readings, life questions, astrology, and spiritual and psychic readings are the most common.


  • Free three minutes of reading
  • Accurate readings via calls, chats, and emails
  • Public rating for psychics
  • Well-designed website
  • More than 1000 psychics are available
  • Twenty years of industry experience.
  • Unique filter system
  • No video calls


  • No money-back guarantees

Why We Recommend Keen.com

Apart from having over 20 years of industry experience, Keen has a respected rating on TrustPilot. Based on customer reviews and ratings, Keen has an average of 4-star ratings. So, we believe the company provides value for money and can get you the answers and counsel you need.

While they do not offer video call sessions, the company ensures that platforms for chats and calls work excellently. You’ll rarely have issues connecting with your psychic when you hire one. Also, prices are fair; anyone on a budget can afford to use the platform.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#5. PsychicOzTrusted Tarot Cards Readers For Future Predictions


PsychicOz is a hub for psychics and spiritual counselors. Over the years, it’s been a marketplace for people seeking psychic help and expert advisors.

PsychicOz is a unique platform that lets you receive readings and counseling via chats and video calls. The website prioritizes video communication between clients and advisors because they believe it is easier to build emotional connections when you can see the other person. Psychic reading sessions happen through webcam videos for efficiency and clarity. Psychics give public sessions to give users an idea of the advisors available and ready to work with them.

You can find counselors for every form of psychic need, including love and relationship readings, tarot card readings, dream analysis, astrology, numerology, fortune-telling, etc. You can use the website’s search feature to target the specific type of psychic that you want. You’ll only see available psychics that are ready to work with you.


PsychicOz may not offer free counseling minutes to new account holders. However, you can have open conversations with prospective counselors before committing to them. This way, you’ll be able to save time and money by not talking to an advisor that cannot help you.

Once you’ve found a counselor, the website gives you the chance to join their subscriber community. Apart from discounts, you’ll also enjoy subscribers-only privileges, including private sessions with master psychics. Take advantage of the free psychic videos on the homepage to learn more about the types of readings available.

Lastly, the credit feature gives new users free credits for signing up to the website. You can redeem these credits to enjoy free reading sessions and other discounts.


  • Quality video calls
  • Expert psychic readers
  • Free credits for new users
  • Free pre-reading consultation
  • Short introductory videos
  • Positive reviews


  • No free minutes

Why We Recommend PsychicOz

PsychicOz is flexible and has counselors in almost all areas of life that require psychic intervention. We also love the video feature that lets you form a tight bond with your chosen psychic.

The website is attractive and easy to navigate. The front page carries all of the available psychics. All you have to do is tap on anyone and begin your journey. According to the website, you have guaranteed answers to your questions.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PsychicOz

How We Made The List Of Top Tarot Reading Platforms Psychic Readings:

First, we searched the internet for some of the most popular online tarot reading websites. As expected, the initial list was pretty long.

Next, we examined each brand on our list thoroughly and tested the strength of their service quality. We considered areas like stability, expertise, experience, and pricing. Then we cut down the long list until we had ten brands on our list.

Finally, we tested the services as a regular customer would, removing five more brands from the list. We arrived at five top brands that we believe can offer some of the best tarot card reading services.

  • Technology

The success of online tarot reading sessions depends mainly on the website’s tech features. So, we took a closer look at the type of technology each brand uses to bridge the communication gap between readers and their clients. We settled for brands that take advantage of all innovative options, including video, phone calls, text, emails, etc.

  • Experience

While we didn’t completely cast away new websites, we paid more attention to brands with a track record of quality service delivery. We considered longevity in the business and how well clients respond to readers on each platform. We believe that a brand has a higher chance of delivering value for money if it’s been in the business for a long time and has many customers.

  • Customer Support and Satisfaction

To assess each brand’s customer satisfaction and support level, we looked at customer reviews about their services. We were able to find out what customers felt about each brand and whether they recommended it or not. We dropped brands associated with negative reviews. This does not mean that our top 5 brands are perfect, but their positive reviews outweigh the negative.

  • Bonuses

Promotional offers and bonuses are simple ways brands show customers that they’re thinking about them. When cutting our list down, we paid attention to brands that offered extra services to customers.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Online Tarot Reading Services:

There is a popular misconception that tarot cards can predict the future. This assumption is not valid. Mainly, Tarot card reading sheds light on the decisions made in the present.

It exposes dormant knowledge that an individual possesses but is unaware of. An accurate tarot card reading can offer guidance on a specific matter and paint a clearer picture of who you are.

  • Understand the Tarot Card Deck

Most tarot card decks contain 78 cards. Every card represents a unique tale and carries its imagery and symbolism. Out of the card deck, 22 cards are the Major arcana cards. These cards give spiritual clarity and insights. The 56 cards left are the Minor Arcana cards which represent the daily struggles of life. 16 cards out of the minor arcana cards represent the various personalities of an individual

According to practice, many tarot card readers would have tried different card decks before finding the best one. The suitable deck is the one that speaks to the psychic in such a way that the message it communicates is understood clearly.

Tarot cards are more than the beautiful pictures and symbols they carry. They are vivid representations of the subconscious. Readers must understand the deck, so they may spend years searching for the right one.

  • Preparing for Tarot Card Reading

Before you select a tarot card reading service, you should first determine the subject you are having an issue with. When you are sure, proceed to ask the open-ended psychic questions.

Avoid closed-ended questions because they’ll only lead to “Yes” or “No” answers that may render the reading ineffective. Stick to questions like “how do I find my life partner?” “how do I find fulfillment in life?” Etc.

Do not be rigid; give the reader the necessary information they need to work with to read your cards accurately. Being open to your reader gives them and the card a higher chance of showing you the accurate way forward.

Lastly, we know you are probably on a budget; unfortunately, accurate readings sometimes take time. So you may need to spend some extra cash to buy you time to get the accurate readings you need.

  • Technology

Online tarot card reading does not require physical meetings, so you need a platform that leverages available technology for communication. Phone calls, chats, emails, and videos should be your chosen standard.

Online Tarot Reading vs Tarot Cards Reader:

Offline Tarot Card Reading sessions are traditional and were the norm before the internet. They are more suited for people who prefer a person-to-person conversation style. This system has its advantages, but it’s fast going out of fashion with technological advancements.

Online tarot reading offers a more flexible approach. With an internet-enabled phone or computer, you can communicate with your reader in the comfort of your home or where ever you may be. It is a more convenient, discrete approach to psychic readings, and many people take advantage of it.

If you choose to use the more traditional approach, remember that you’d have to work with the psychic’s schedule, which may differ from yours. Some psychics may be intimidating, affecting your ability to open up during the reading session.

FAQs Regarding Tarot Deck Readers Online:

Q1. How do you ask a tarot reader for help to find someone?

It’s pretty easy. Just stick to using the words “Me / I,” and you’ll be fine. Avoid using “she/he,” “her/him,” or the individual’s name. A better way to frame your questions will be, “how can I make my relationship work better?” “How do I find the right person?” Etc

Q2. How does online tarot reading work?

You have to ask your question, and the advisor will lay up the cards face up in a spread. The position of the cards and the symbols they bear will give the reader an interpretation of your questions, which they then relay to you.

Q3. How do I ask tarot readers a love question?

It is vital that you continuously ask open-ended questions. Always begin with “where,” “why,” “which,” “what,” or “how.” With this style, you’ll always have an open-ended question.

Q4. Is it possible to read tarot cards independently?

Reading tarot cards for yourself is possible. However, you have to have some form of training and experience. While this may be faster and cheaper, we recommend that you hire the services of an experienced tarot card reader if you want accurate and unbiased readings.

Q5. Can I get tarot card readings for free?

Tarot card reading is an art that requires years of practice and devotion. Indeed, you won’t get an expert reading for free. While some platforms mandate their readers to give some free minutes to clients, you’ll have to pay at some point.

Concluding – Most Accurate Tarot Readings At Psychic Reading Sites Of 2022:

Online tarot reading is essentially an exploration. If you ask the right questions, you can begin a journey that will lead you to the answers you need to move your life forward. You can take advantage of the platforms we have reviewed above. These websites have some of the best tarot card readers. They’re available to answer your deepest questions about love, career, life path, etc.

You can use our guide above to help you choose the right tarot service if you decide not to use the ones you just read about. Most importantly, take this journey seriously, listen to your advisor and be open to them.

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