Best Loans For Bad Credit: Get Loans For Bad Credit & Quick Loans From Top 5 Payday Lenders In 2022

Anyone who has ever been in a financial crisis can recognize the stress that comes with the situation, together with the importance of loans. People with less-than-perfect credit scores may find it hard to obtain a loan for an unexpected emergency. However, everything is possible nowadays since we live in a digital age.

Companies that engage in bad credit loans with guaranteed approval prioritize the security and privacy of the clients in every single way.

If the lender determines that a borrower is qualified for acquiring a loan, the interest rates are determined using the personal information provided in the application form. The lender evaluates the applicant’s eligibility based on the capacity for the loan repayment.

There are a plethora of online lending platforms online that can connect you to a lender and help you get a loan regardless of your credit score.

In our article, we created a list of the best platforms for bad credit loans to help you manage your financial crisis and get the funds into your account in less than one day.

Top Five Platforms for Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Obtaining a loan from an institution or a bank can be a time-consuming and lengthy process. This especially applies if you have poor credit. Banks usually conduct an extensive credit check and require the clients to have a FICO score of 660 or above.

Having a bad credit score can limit your financial funds and make the whole operation of acquiring a loan challenging. However, it is not impossible, and many reliable online lenders are willing to look past your credit score and rely solely on the stability of your income.

As you are aware, an abundance of online platforms can easily connect you to a lender that may offer you a loan in times of emergency. Unfortunately, many companies like to use the vulnerable state of customers and charge extremely high-interest rates. Don’t worry; we have your back. We made a list of the most reputable and trustworthy companies that offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

The following companies don’t conduct extensive credit checks and don’t charge high APRs. Without any further ado, the platforms that we chose are:

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval
  2. BadCreditLoans: Top Loan Lenders For Loans For People With Bad Credit
  3. RadCred: Get Fast Cash Advance & Instant Loans From Direct Lenders
  4. CashUSA: Popular For Installment Loans & Urgent Loans For Bad Credit
  5. Personal Loans: Trusted Brand For Personal Loans For Bad Credit

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval


Our first choice of firm offering the best bad credit loans is MoneyMutual. This company often gets high praises and is considered the best overall company by theislandnow for online cash emergencies. MoneyMutual has proven itself as a trustworthy marketplace in the industry and, since its establishment, has successfully assisted over two million clients that needed to obtain a bad credit loan.

The website shines on integrity and credibility. In addition, it demonstrated constant improvement over the years, and you can trust every lender on the platform’s network that offers you a loan.

MoneyMutual is not a direct lender but instead connects you to an eligible lender based on your provided information. You can think of this platform as Amazon or eBay but for loan purposes. The website makes it easy to get in touch with a lender and has over 60 third-party lenders that provide services all over the country. On top of that, the company keeps a high standard and prioritizes clients’ needs.

MoneyMutual requires just a one-time application to match you with the best possible lender.


Every lender that the company thinks is a good fit for you will be notified and compelled to make you an offer. Later, the client can review the terms and conditions and is not obligated to sign any contract.

MoneyMutual works with more than 60 lenders prepared to overlook bad credit and make you a great loan offer. The lenders’ requirements are not based on the credit score history but on the stability and frequency of the income. The vast network of online lenders can offer you a variety of loans, including bad credit loans, with guaranteed approval. The company is an excellent option for clients needing a short-term loan without any additional expenses.

The website of MoneyMutual has a unique design and a user-friendly interface. This allows the clients to navigate its services and helpful information without struggle. In addition, the application form, which requires personal information, uses privacy safeguards that protect and secure the client’s data. The lenders that collaborate with this company are transparent about their dealings.

The whole application, approval, and money transfer process happen very fast. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of a lender, you can receive your loan funds in your account in less than a day.


  • Best online lending platform overall
  • Free services
  • User-friendly interface
  • Loans of up to $5,000
  • You can get the money within a day
  • Straightforward application process
  • A vast network of lenders
  • Encrypted and secure
  • Trusted by millions of customers
  • Flexible monthly repayments


  • The interest and annual percentage rates vary from a lender to lender
  • Only available to US citizens

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Top Loan Lenders For Loans For People With Bad Credit


Continuing our list, BadCreditLoans is a company that facilitates connections between lenders and borrowers. As you can probably guess by the website’s name, this company shines the most with people who struggle with bad credit and have limited options for obtaining a loan.

The company started working back in 1999 and has a lot of experience in offering people financial assistance. This network can be beneficial if you have your back against the wall and provides many services like debt relief, rent, credit card refinancing, debt consolidation, medical expenses, vacation, auto repairs, or any other financial support.

BadCreditLoans has an extensive lending network that may help you make an excellent loan decision. Furthermore, clients are under no obligation to accept any offer that they don’t like. Similar to other reliable online lending platforms, the lenders collaborating with BadCreditLoans are unbiased and establish their terms and conditions.

By using the services of this company, you can request a loan amount of as little as $500 and as hefty as $10,000. On top of everything, BadCreditLoans offer flexibility and many repayment options. The company provides clients with the liberty to repay a loan in three years.


By using BadCreditLoans’ services, you can get different interest rates that depend on the terms and conditions of the lender. The annual percentage and interest rates range between 5.99% and 35.99%.

The company’s eligibility criteria require you to be older than 18 and capable of making your own financial decisions, have a stable and steady source of income, and have US citizenship proof. These are just a few basic requirements that are required by BadCreditloans, and if a third-party lender decides to work with you, it has the right to ask for further requirements.

BadCreditLoans requires a simple three-step operation to apply for a loan. On top of that, the money can be transferred into your checking account in less than 24 hours. But first, you must fill out the application form, which requires basic information found on the official website.

Last but not least, BadCreditLoans offers a great feature: obligation-free rates. This allows the clients to browse through multiple loan offerings, compare interest rates, and decide which one works the best for them. If you don’t like the offer, you can negotiate the terms before immediately switching to a different lender.


  • The application form can be filled in a couple of minutes
  • Eliminates the extra hassle of obtaining a conventional loan
  • One application is sent to multiple lenders
  • A vast network of lenders
  • Great customer support team
  • Many years of experience
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Loans of up to $10,000
  • Strict security and privacy guidelines


  • The services are not available for people under 18
  • Requires financial and personal information

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred: Get Fast Cash Advance & Instant Loans From Direct Lenders


Next on our list is RadCred, a highly-rated platform for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. Despite fierce competition and going against several reliable platforms, this company has managed to stand the test of time and fight its way to the top. The services of RadCred allow you to acquire modest or large loan amounts, making the company more versatile than its competitors in the loan lending sector.

Since the beginning, the company has offered financial assistance to many consumers and managed to connect them with a loan lender that offers reasonable interest rates. In addition to the interest rates, the lenders that work with RadCred offer a variety of loan sizes, flexibility regarding the payback terms, and, most importantly, affordable monthly installments.

The platform will only conduct an obligatory check on your credit, offer you a loan based on your income, and limit any further damage to your credit score. It is an excellent platform for a bad credit loan because of its flexible payback services and low-interest rates.

Both parties, the borrowers and the lenders, are satisfied with how the website links them and how much has improved over the years by managing all of their changing requirements.


All of the reputable online lending platforms work similarly. You fill out the application form with basic information, which is later sent to all the lenders partnered up with the company. In the end, you receive multiple loan offerings.

RadCred separates from the crowd by offering lower interest rates on small loans than its competitors. The company is very customer-oriented and is concerned about the privacy of every client’s personal information. RadCred utilizes industry-standard security operations to ensure confidentiality and ensure no data leakage.

The website of RadCred uses some of the most strict security procedures. The platform works with McAfee secure certifications that protect every financial information provided on the website.

When you enter your information in the application form, RadCred, on your behalf, submits it to its network of lenders. The company only requires one application form. Later, the platform will notify you if any lenders are willing to honor your loan request and provide you with the sum. From this point forward, you can negotiate the loan terms and conditions with the lender; as soon as the connection is made, RadCred leaves the operation.


  • Free and secure service
  • McAfee secured
  • Easily navigated website
  • Multiple lenders
  • Funds are deposited within 24 hours
  • Loans amounts start from 500 dollars
  • Low-interest rates
  • Loan approval within a day
  • Variety of loan types


  • Some loan requests may get denied

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA: Popular For Installment Loans & Urgent Loans For Bad Credit

We cannot conclude a list of the best loan platforms without mentioning CashUSA. This platform is one of the most trusted networks for connecting borrowers with eligible lenders. Often referred to as a leader in the no credit check loans world, CashUSA offers all types of loans that can be used for various purposes. The company works by connecting clients with a network of lenders by optimizing the whole case review system.

CashUSA’s website is easy to navigate and requires the client to be older than 18 years old and have the last digits of SSN, zip code, bank account details, email, phone number, and employment status. The platform sends the application to its private network of lenders within a couple of minutes.

The company can provide loans of up to $10,000, ideal for medium-term projects. After the form submission, you can modify the terms and conditions and accept or decline the offer.

Filling out the online form can get you closer to getting a loan, not directly from CashUSA but one of their partnered lenders. Once you are comfortable with the loan term and the actual amount, by accepting the offer, your job is done, and CashUSA handles the rest of the procedure.


Clients who like to use the services of CashUSA only need to fill out one application form, which is later on sent to various lenders. If a lender is willing to make an offer to a client, the whole approval process can be within a day.

Compared to financial institutions and banks, if you decide to give CashUSA a chance, the entire process can be done almost instantly. On top of that, if you accept the terms and conditions of a lender and accept the loan offer, the money can be transferred into your checking account in less than 24 hours.

CashUSA separates itself from other online lending platforms by using some of the most advanced encryption technology to protect the information of every customer. This approach is crucial, and the platform has never been hacked. The financial and personal data of the users are safe and can only be accessed by lenders with proper authority. Plus, the clients of CashUSA can run tests on the website to ensure the platform remains secure and there are no security breaches.

Even though the application process at CashUSA is straightforward from the start, the company has an excellent customer support team.


  • A broad network of lenders
  • Secure and private website
  • Loans up to $10,000
  • Average interest rates are 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Fast lending time
  • Quick approval
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • No credit checks
  • Guaranteed approval
  • AutoPay and online payments are available
  • Flexible repayment methods
  • Education center available


  • The application form asks for more in-depth information

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#5. PersonalLoans: Trusted Brand For Personal Loans For Bad Credit


To finalize our list, our last but not least significant reviewed platform that offers bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals is PersonalLoans. This online platform strives to provide safe and convenient loan services to people who struggle with poor credit history. To accomplish its mission, PersonalLoans has partnered with several financial agencies and a range of reliable lenders that can help people with bad credit get out of any financial crisis.

We gave our final spot to PersonalLoans because it is one of the most reputable and trustworthy online lending platforms and has fantastic feedback from millions of clients. PersonalLoans is a company that is constantly improving and is transparent about its status. The platform does not work as a direct lender, but instead, it connects borrowers with direct lenders that can make potentially bad credit loan offerings.

The company was established in Utah and has been in business for many years. PersonalLoans can offer you a loan for multiple reasons. You can use the cash for debt repayment, home improvement, payday and loans tax, fast cash loan, cover the mortgage, education, vacation, and auto loans.

All lenders partnered with PersonalLoans work in favor of the client and allow flexibility for the repayment process.


Customers adore the services that PersonalLoans offers and repeatedly admire the company’s offering. The platform’s services are free; instead of charging the borrower, they get a small fee from the lender.

Regardless of the reason behind your loan requirements, it can be medical bills or something more positive like house renovation; PersonalLoans always has a solution.

The application process of this platform requires only basic information, and it is quick and simple. Plus, clients can work with any company from the platform network or even select a third-party lender that is highly advertised on the website. This allows customers to contrast and compare different loan offerings before picking the most eligible one.

The borrowers are given some leniency for the repayments and installments. If you think you will be late on a payment or entirely miss it, you should only contact the customer service team and set a new repayment date. The lender may charge a small fee, but it will be less than the penalty for a late fee.


  • Simple website
  • A lot of experience
  • Customer-friendly
  • Verified by BBB and OLA
  • Fast funding within 24 hours
  • Secure platform
  • Wide lending network
  • A variety of credit services
  • Maximum loan amount of $35,000


  • May need additional documentation

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Bad Credit Loan

Not every person has a perfect credit score, which means that not everyone is suitable to obtain a loan from a bank or other institutions. However, many online lenders don’t mind the bad credit history and pair you with an eligible lender that can offer you a suitable amount of money.

If you were wondering how you can determine which company is worth your trust and which one is only interested in scamming you, we are here to help. Now that you know our choices for the best online lending platforms that offer bad credit loans, we would like to provide you with an additional guideline to follow if you want to do your own research.

  • Company’s history

Before trusting any random company to grant you a loan, the first thing is to check its history. We recommend only moving towards the next step and applying for a loan only if the company has not been involved with any illegal activity and hasn’t been accused of fraudulent behavior.

How long has the company been operating in the market plays an essential role in the reputation? If the online lending platform you choose has been connecting borrowers with lenders for multiple years and has nothing but positive reviews, you are in a safe space.

  • Customer reviews

The testimonials left by other clients go hand in hand with the company’s reputation. The customer’s feedback can help you establish the company’s reliability and provide clearer insight.

Checking the customer reviews section is a great way to see the honesty and transparency of the online loan service. You can see what users praise and how high their satisfaction level is.

You should switch to a new platform if the comments are negative. If you like to take things a step further, you can do social media research and check the client’s experiences apart from the official website.

  • Website security

Checking the website’s security is another essential thing before applying for a loan and filling the application form with personal information. Clients should only trust a reliable lender to avoid any possible fraud or identity theft.

Checking the encryption technology and security label are great ways to find out about the security of the online lending website. If you see that a website is customer-oriented and uses encryption technology to prevent any data leakage, you can go ahead and fill out the application form. However, if the website is not interested in saving the customer’s data and has no claims about the security, you can move on to your next choice.

  • Hidden charges

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with online lending companies that have hidden charges and charge extra fees. As you can probably guess, the sudden changes can cause some problems in the future.

We recommend choosing a transparent platform that doesn’t charge any additional fees. You can check if a company has stored some hidden fees by looking at the “Аbout us” section on the official website.

  • Interest rates and types

Before applying for a bad credit loan, we suggest comparing the interest rates that different lenders offer. Almost every financial service provider keeps fixed rates for bad or no credit loans. This means that you will be familiarized with the interest rates before signing the contract, and they will remain the same throughout the loan period.

In addition, if the APRs and interest rates are variable, the loan amount will fluctuate. Choosing a lender that offers fixed and low-interest rates is always a great option. The best online lending platforms have between 5.99% and 35.99% interest rates. Choosing a platform that offers fixed rates ensures that the loan amount remains equal without any fluctuation throughout the period.

  • Eligibility criteria

Checking the eligibility requirements for the application is another essential step to take before applying for a loan. Almost all platforms require you to be older than 18 to use for any type of loan. Several lenders may need proof of your source of income before approving your request. Regardless of the credit score, a stable income will take you one step further in obtaining a loan.

Despite the stability and your monthly income, the lenders also check whether or not you have an active bank account where future transactions can occur. Something else worth mentioning is that some lenders may check your financial activities before approving your loan.

  • Loan terms

If your application for a bad credit loan is pre-approved, the lender willing to work with you will provide specific terms and conditions. In addition, the contract will consist of loan restrictions, annual percentage rates, total amount, and the loan repayment period.

Your job as the borrower is to read through them before agreeing carefully. Plus, you are not obligated to accept any offer and agree to any terms if the proposal doesn’t fulfill your financial needs.

  • Repayment method

Last but not least, the repayment method is something that you should consider before working with a potential lender. On average, the most reliable online lending platforms offer a repayment time frame that ranges between 3 and 72 months. The repayment period depends on the terms and the actual loan amount.

On top of that, some lenders allow automatic payments every month from your active checking account. You can also make monthly payments online. We recommend choosing a lender that offers a repayment method that is most eligible for you.

FAQs On Online Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. How can I improve my credit score?

First things first, improving the credit score is not simple nor easy. However, there are some things that you can do to raise your credit score. The first thing we recommend doing is monitoring your credit score by using free credit assessment checks. The most crucial thing that can improve your credit score is paying off the debts and keeping current on any bills or payments.

If you have any debt or owe money, you should act on it immediately. If you have a stable income, you can seek the guidance of credit counselors who can design a plan to improve your overall credit history.

Q2. Are bad credit loans safe?

The reputable platforms that offer bad credit loans are safe and secure. Before providing you with a contract, every lender should be honest about the correct terms and conditions. Researching the terms of your agreement is a simple task and can help you determine whether or not you could be able to repay the loan on time.

In most cases, the response will lean more towards no, and the interest rates will be too high for the amount you asked for on a monthly bases. However, you should understand that bad credit loans can quickly be obtained and are very useful in emergencies.

Q3. Do I need a bank account to qualify for a bad credit loan?

Having a bank account is in the eligibility criteria of almost every reliable online lender. The bank account number is usually required during the pre-approval operation. The account must be under the borrower’s name for liability purposes and a successful money transfer from both parties.

The companies eligibility criteria may also include:

  • Clients must be older than 18
  • Users need to be a permanent US citizen
  • Financial stability and a minimum monthly income of $1,000
  • A valid home and work address
  • Working phone and email

These requirements have to be met for approval of the loan request. This criterion only applies to online platforms; however, if a lender decides to approve a loan, additional information can be required for the loan offer.

Conclusion: Get Installment Loans For Bad Credit From Online Lenders

Getting loans for bad credit can be a great way to cover unanticipated expenses. Whether it is medical bills, a holiday, a wedding present, auto repair, or any other reason, ignoring your budget can lead to a low credit score.

We prepared our article to help people with bad credit and included five of the most reliable online websites. The platforms offer free services and are trustworthy. All you have to do after selecting a company is to spend the money wisely and don’t miss the repayment dates.


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