Best Gaming Energy Drinks for Gamers: Top Product Picks of 2022

Do you need to boost your energy levels? Energy drinks create a practical approach to delivering the surge of energy you require to facilitate your exercise objectives. There are numerous reasons you would need more energy; to power you through an intense workout, help you handle a long work shift, or even study all night.

The drink’s popularity is a significant indicator of its efficiency and effectiveness among its users. However, some individuals still argue that energy drinks cause more harm than good to our systems. This article focuses on navigating the world of gaming energy drinks and identifying every critical aspect. We focus on what gaming drinks are, their comparison with sports drinks, the duration it takes for them to take effect, and common ingredients featured in the products.

Numerous energy drink products guarantee outstanding performance and feature quality ingredients. Their availability in large numbers with exaggerated benefits makes it hard for one to find the ideal prospect for their situation. We decided to handle all the tedious research work for you and come up with a list of the most promising prospects available in the market. The options mentioned in our article are effective and can help power you through any activity on your way. Read on to learn more about energy drinks and their significance.

Energy Drinks Explained

Energy drinks are beverages that boost your energy levels using either minerals, vitamins, or caffeine. Understanding what energy drinks are before including them in your routine and diet is essential. Some energy drinks feature other benefits, like improving mental focus and contributing to weight management efforts. Unlike sodas, these drinks bring more to the table and ensure you elevate your performance in any activity or engagement expected.

Energy drinks are most common among college students and young individuals in the country’s workforce. Students find energy drinks helpful as they provide enough energy to last you through your study session while improving your focus for a satisfactory outcome. In simple terms, you can compare energy drinks to your personal Starbucks. They ensure delivering a jolt of energy to support your physical and mental health, resulting in high performances in any activity.

Taurine, caffeine, ginseng, and B-vitamins are common ingredients featured in gaming drinks. In some formulas, calories and sugars are added to add flavor and extra features to the product. Energy drinks are not time-specific, and you can consume them as either a morning, afternoon, or evening beverage.

Energy Drinks Vs. Sports Drinks

Although energy and sports drinks may share some effects and benefits, they are not the same. Individuals confuse the two mainly because they can act as alternatives to each other. Their primary difference is functionality. Sports drinks formulas aim to provide hydration via electrolytes courtesy of their high sodium content. On the other hand, most energy drinks do not have a high sodium content. The sodium content found in some energy drinks is a by-product of other ingredients featured in the drink. The sodium concentration ranges between 180 to 330 milligrams in energy drinks and more in sports drinks.

Ginseng and caffeine are popular ingredients in energy drinks. Although these ingredients prove effective in boosting your performance, they feature components that pull water from your body. Sodium helps retain the water and keeps you from feeling parched from consuming an energy drink. Energy drinks also increase alertness and productivity because of their diverse ingredients, while a typical sports drink can’t.

Both sports drinks and energy drinks have a place in society. They are ideal for replenishing lost vitamins and minerals, rehydration, and fastened recovery from intense routines. They also have a better taste than water and offer more benefits to your physical and mental condition.

What Ingredients are Found in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks feature a variety of ingredients, each playing a specific role in elevating your mental and physical performance. Most of the formulas claim to have their unique proprietary blend. These blends are ingredients explicit to the brand or product, and the manufacturers are less likely to disclose what is in them and their concentrations. This section expands on some common ingredients found in most energy drinks and their roles in their respective formulas.


Caffeine is a common ingredient found in the majority of the excellent energy drinks available. It plays a significant role in boosting your energy levels and maintaining high performance through your routine. You are guaranteed to improve your energy, alertness, and performance by consuming less than 200 mg twice daily and maintaining consistency.


East Asia is famous for its wide variety of herbs, and ginseng is an excellent example of herbs used by energy drinks to elevate your performance. It is an ingredient featured in most gaming drinks, although numerous researchers claim its components do not affect improving energy. Some of these researchers provided indications that ginseng decreases endurance when included in strenuous workouts and routines. The ingredient also lowers blood sugar, and it would help avoid it if you have diabetes or are under any medication for it.


Vitamins and minerals occupy a significant percentage when creating the formula for any energy drink. B-vitamins prove effective in promoting good health, and they include niacin, B-6, B-12, and thiamine. These elements guarantee to improve and maintain health in your skin cells, brain cells, and blood cells. The vitamins also facilitate the conversion of food to energy, which is the main reason for their inclusion in the formula of most energy drinks.

Niacin is the most common B-vitamin to be featured in energy drinks alone. Excess niacin content poses a significant threat to your well-being. Common health complications from too much niacin include skin conditions, nerve damage, and gastrointestinal issues. B-vitamins being water-soluble makes them less harmful, since it is easy for your body to flush them out if there is an excess.


Sugar gets included in an energy drinks formula to achieve a better taste and make it more appealing to the consumer. Some energy drinks delivered to the market have a sugar content of up to 62 grams, equal to 15.5 teaspoons in a 16-ounce can. It means that for every can consumed, you add 250 calories, the same as a 20-ounce bottle of soda.


Taurine is another ingredient common in most effective energy drinks. It is an amino acid with numerous benefits for your metabolism and overall athletic performance. According to several experts, consuming 3,000 milligrams daily is safe. It would help go through the ingredients list before buying an energy drink and determining if its taurine content supports a healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea provides energy drink consumers with an energy kick without putting them at any health risk or jolt. It has various benefits ranging from physical to mental. The ingredient also has a high antioxidant content that helps with heart health, guarantees to boost your energy, reduces cancer risk, and other health benefits. Its antioxidant concentration also makes the formula ideal for lowering blood pressure and fighting cancer, but the research behind these claims is minimal.


The Guarana plant is indigenous to South America. Its extract is what manufacturers include in energy drinks formulas, and it delivers twice the caffeine content found in coffee. Guarana extract plays a significant role in helping the energy drink fight fatigue and stimulates weight loss.


Carnitine is another ingredient found in energy drinks worth focusing on. It is also an amino acid that increases endurance and facilitates your body’s fat-burning process. Our bodies have all the carnitine required, and only individuals with a deficiency should seek external sources. Consuming it in excess puts you at risk of stomach upsets and seizures, so ensure you limit yourself to no more than 3 grams daily.

What are the Benefits Related to Energy Drinks?

There are numerous benefits enjoyed by consuming energy drinks. Choosing the ideal drink that fits your exercise requirements will ensure you enjoy more physical and mental benefits leveraged. This section explains the potential benefits of consuming energy drinks consistently and at the required dose.

Increased Energy Levels

One of the main reasons individuals consume energy drinks is to boost their energy levels. Energy drinks provide a practical approach for individuals to increase their energy levels and increase their productivity to their expectations. Be wary of products that will deliver the boost required but leave you feeling tired and worn out after their effects wear off.

Provide Vitamins and Minerals

Energy drinks feature minerals and vitamins in their formulas, making them good sources of these elements. The various minerals and vitamins featured guarantee a natural energy boost while restoring these components daily or after intense workouts. An energy drink with vitamins and minerals also helps improve your focus and catalyze the natural recovery process.

Save Money and Time

Energy drinks also prove effective in helping you save on resources. For example, getting coffee from a nearby shop will cost you money and time, especially if you wait in line. However, an energy drink provides the opportunity to consume an effective supplement in the comfort of your home without having to pay extra. Instead of spending money and time on coffee daily, you can save your resources by getting yourself an energy drink and keeping it around you.

No Calories Option

Although most energy drinks available contain sugars, there are options without them in their formulas. These zero sugar prospects are significantly helpful for individuals on a low or no-calorie diet.

Our Best Gaming Energy Drinks

By understanding what energy drinks are, and their ingredients, you are better equipped to identify the best product to include in your routine. This section features some promising prospects that you should consider when finding your ideal gaming drink. Our list features a variety of products guaranteeing different results. Here are our best gaming energy drinks.

Xwerks Ignite


Xwerks is an established manufacturer of fitness and wellness products, and the Ignite formula features in their extensive catalog. Most of the products from this brand guarantee outstanding results by using quality and clinically-proven ingredients in their formulas. Ignite is a pre-workout formula that effectively boosts your energy levels to facilitate whichever activity you plan to engage yourself in. Gamers take it for an energy drink and use it to power through their long sessions.

Most individuals refer to it as the “Tom Brady” of pre-workouts as it proves consistent in elevating your training and maximizing your results. The ingredients featured in its formula are what make Xwerks Ignite deliver the energy and stamina boost you need. The good thing about Xwerks Ignite is that the ingredients used are clearly stated on the packaging, and there is no use of proprietary blends in the formula.

You can rely on the Ignite supplement to provide steady, long-lasting, and refreshing energy. Unlike other energy drinks, there is no concern for high caffeine content that will deliver a burst of energy but leave you feeling low and exhausted. The ingredients used do not exceed the required content, and some of them even have nootropic effects.

Here are the ingredients featured in Xwerks Ignite:

  • Vitamin B6 and B12
  • Caffeine
  • Beta-alanine
  • L-tyrosine
  • Rhodiola Rosea

The Ignite formula also features additional ingredients for taste and texture improvement. These ingredients also have focus-enhancing properties that will elevate your performance significantly. You can find your Ignite formula in four flavors; orange, green apple, blue raspberry, and watermelon.

Official Website

Glytch Energy


Glytch energy is not like most prospects on our list. Glytch is family-owned and operated; the brand handles all the production, packaging, and shipping in-house. Their creation process makes it more appealing to the public since they are involved in the entire process and rarely outsource. The glytch energy formula includes quality ingredients that ensure you work hard and get the best possible results out of your exercise.

Glytch is a gamer-focused supplement that prioritizes your health and well-being by providing consistent products for increasing your energy levels. It is available in numerous flavors:

  • Blood orange
  • Aim assist
  • Magic charms
  • Granny’s grenades
  • Gumball
  • Cotton candy
  • Cherry bomb

Official Website

G Fuel


G Fuel is a product from Gamma labs. Gamma Labs is an established brand focused on creating natural and healthy alternatives to energy drinks with sugar content. Their target was a formula that met even the highest lifestyle standards to maintain a healthy life. G fuel was one of the products evolving from this vision, and its excellence has seen it become the official drink of e-sports. If you seek the best in everything, you should consider G fuel for your routine.

Most of the energy drinks on the market are concentrated in sugar and other harmful chemicals. These ingredients are detrimental to your system, and most consumers are not aware. However, G fuel uses natural and clean ingredients to increase focus, endurance, and energy immediately. Worry less about what is in your beverage; its packaging features a complete list of the ingredients used and their proportions.

The G fuel energy supplement effects take effect not more than 15 minutes after consumption, placing it among the most effective options on our list. One serving is enough if you are new to supplements. However, you can adjust your dosage depending on your activity objectives or other significant aspects. Your ideal dose should guarantee energy-boosting effects and focus for around four to six hours, and no crash is expected once the effects wear off.

There are numerous flavors of the G fuel available. Since it is an energy supplement for gamers, most of the flavors are inspired by famous gamers from YouTube, and they include:

  • Ragin’ gummy fish
  • PewDiePie
  • Blue ice
  • Flavor fusion
  • Doozy fruit

There are other flavors for the G fuel; we only mentioned the famous ones. There is also a customization option to “build your own box” to get 20 servings; four different flavors in each of the five packs. It allows you to have a pool to choose from while ensuring you do not get bored of the supplement fast.

Official Website

Juju Energy


Juju energy drink is a gamer-specific beverage that guarantees an energy boost and improved focus for all gamers. The supplement was founded by gaming industry veterans and biochemists in 2018 and is among the best performing gaming supplements available. The brand’s official website features thousands of positive reviews from satisfied users, and it shows just how great the product performs.

Most gaming energy drinks include fillers, synthetic caffeine, “active” ingredients, and meaningless nootropics in their formulas. Juju energy has a different formula and uses ingredients like natural caffeine, necessary vitamins, and cutting-edge nootropics in their ideal dosages. It promises to deliver more good stuff by giving you a higher dosage.

The Juju energy company was founded by individuals who got tired of energy drinks advertising more than they could deliver. These products put their consumers at risk by including harmful ingredients and wrong doses. Juju energy was meant to create a healthy approach for individuals to improve their performance, more so gamers. Here are the different flavors you can find Juju energy:

  • Sour gummy worms
  • Pina colada
  • Horchata
  • Green apple
  • Cherry bomb
  • Caramel apple squeeze
  • Tropical juggernaut
  • Bomber pop

Official Website

Ghost Gamer


Ghost gamer is another energy drink for gamers that features no sugars or artificial colors. It is among the best-performing prospects on our list, and its manufacturers understand the importance of transparency. The ghost gamer supplement is the first energy drink to disclose the ingredients used in the formula fully. You can visit their website and get to know what is in every beverage container and its content concentration. You can find it in numerous flavors, including;

  • Sour patch kids; redberry or blue raspberry
  • Swedish fish
  • Gamer X bubblicious
  • Sonic; ocean water or cherry limeade
  • Gamer X warheads

The Ghost gamer energy drink is vegan-friendly, sugar-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Each container has 40 servings to improve your gaming experience and maximize results.

Official Website

Rogue Energy


Rogue Energy is a dietary supplement that proves effective in functioning as an energy drink. The Rogue energy brand was founded by two friends on a mission to create a sugar-free cognitive performance beverage in 2017. They came up with a formula that features scientifically-backed nutritional ingredients to improve your focus and energy. The supplements are a favorite of most individuals; gamers find them ideal because they guarantee consistent performance with fewer side effects.

Some believe that it is the best energy drink on the market. One of the primary reasons for its popularity and good social appeal is because its ingredients are diverse and can benefit anyone. Regardless of your age, physical build, or health, there is something to gain from introducing Rogue energy to your routine.

Only a few energy drinks are available in many flavor options, like Rogue energy. It is available in more than five flavors, sour candy being the most outstanding one. The variant starts sour and finishes sweet, a concept derived from Kids sour patches. Other flavors you can find in this energy drink are:

  • Blood orange
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Cherry limeade
  • Grape popsicle
  • Black cherry
  • Pink lemonade
  • Watermelon
  • Mango pineapple

Note that Rogue energy features an artificial sweetener aftertaste which may irritate some consumers. It would be wise to avoid this supplement if you are likely to get triggered; consult with your health care provider if under any medication.

Official Website

Nerd Focus Energy


Nerd Focus energy supplement was created in 2006 by a University of Texas student with his professors. The student sought to develop a supplement different from what established manufacturers provided to the market. The drinks formula was based on science-proved ideas and ingredients, and the following aspects are what made it stand out;

  • Huperzine-A – It helps in improving your memory function and mental focus. Its role in facilitating cognitive functioning is to slow the breakdown of acetylcholine.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo biloba guarantees positive effects on your vascular system, leading to improved memory and mental acuity.
  • DMAE – DMAE is a biochemical precursor to acetylcholine. It proves effective in improving mental clarity, focus, and memory.
  • GABA – GABA is an amino acid acting as a neurotransmitter for communication among brain cells produced by your brain. It helps in mitigating stress and improving mental clarity and focus.

Official Website

How Did We Choose Our Best Gaming Energy Drinks?


One of the factors we focused on when identifying potential products to feature on our list was ingredients. An energy drink is only as good as the ingredients included in its formula. Different formulas have different components, and it all depends on the formula’s function. You are more likely to find gaming drinks that contain B-vitamins and taurine, which effectively boost your energy levels. Supplements that guarantee to reduce weight and facilitate your weight management journey should have zero sugars and no calories.


The flavor options available for a specific product also play a significant role in its appeal. Most brands focus on providing fruity flavors, since they appeal to a larger population and create a better taste. Since you cannot taste the product before buying, some companies offer samples to hint at what to expect. Note that a supplement with less flavor means it is not carbonated, making it a zero-calorie formula.

Sugar Levels

Sugar levels are another significant consideration when buying gaming energy drinks. Sugar in energy drinks is not suitable for your health, and is why most energy drinks avoid using it in their formulas. Our list features products with minimal sugar content without compromising their functionality and consistency. Watch out for products with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, stevia, and other components to achieve a sweet taste.

Caffeine Levels

Caffeine is a stimulant; it provides your body with the energy boost required for your planned activities. However, excessive amounts of caffeine are a health hazard. Most energy drinks have a caffeine content of between 100 to 300 milligrams. We disqualify products with high and unstable caffeine levels to ensure consumer safety.

Product Reviews

Product reviews allow the buyer to get product information from previous buyers. We considered the internet reviews of the various supplements mentioned in our article and chose those that stood out. Since everybody’s experience with the product is different, getting different points of view from multiple buyers will help. You can read through the comments yourself and identify which prospect best fits your routine for promising performances.


Price also matters when buying an energy drink for your gaming needs. You can evaluate if you are getting value for your money by considering the servings offered per package and its retail price. Quality also determines the final price of a product. Avoid cheap formulas with mysterious ingredients to ensure you remain on the safe side and do not expose yourself to health complications. Your responsibility is to find the ideal energy drink based on your budget and judgment.

What You Need to Know About Energy Drinks

They are Not Ideal for Hydration

Numerous studies show that water is the best fluid to rely on for hydration and thirst. Some individuals alternate water with energy drinks for hydration purposes during or after a routine. However, these supplements’ high sugar and caffeine content makes them inefficient in hydration. It also poses a significant threat to your physical well-being, since caffeine and the extra calories contribute to weight gain. Avoid using energy drinks for hydration, regardless of before, during, or after physical activity.

You Should Be Concerned If You Feel a “Rush”

Energy drinks should boost your energy levels and maintain the effect for some hours. However, if you experience a “rush” after consuming your supplement, it should leave you concerned. Some of the supplements available in the market have excess element concentration, making them unsafe for consumption. You may begin feeling a skin flush or sudden blood rush. Despite being a health warning, this effect is mainly confused with the formula taking effect.

Every consumer needs to identify the products that feature such side effects and avoid them. Niacin overdose is a primary factor contributing to skin flushing, increased sweating, and fastened heart rate. These symptoms are considered health hazards by medical practitioners globally.

They Have More Caffeine than Soda

Some of the formulas for energy drinks have a more caffeine concentration than soda. There being no limit to the caffeine content in energy drinks makes it easy for manufacturers to exceed the standard compound content to try and magnify its benefits. However, increasing the content of a specific element does not increase efficiency but exposes the consumer to numerous health complications.

Confirm the caffeine content on its ingredients list before introducing it to your system. You will get the jitters, have a racing heart, suffer insomnia, sweat excessively and experience seizures if you consume these energy drinks.

Contact Manufacturer for Information

Most buyers rely on the products’ labels to provide information on the unit and decide whether it is safe or not. However, note that not all manufacturers offer all their product information. You may need to reach out to the brand or visit their official website to know how legit and safe their products are.

Since gaming energy drinks are dietary supplements, you need to ensure everything checks out to avoid future health complications. Check the caffeine content and other health-significant elements while identifying how safe a unit is. The manufacturer’s creativity in evading labeling laws is alarming, and it is up to you to ensure you consume safe products.

The Target Population is Youths

A significant percentage of energy drink consumers is young people. They are the main target for most energy supplement manufacturers, and their advertisements seek to influence young consumers. You are likely to find energy drink-hosted events in schools or institutions with a youth-oriented population. Their flavors, marketing, and packaging also indicate that the produced units are meant to appeal to a younger demographic.

How Long Will an Energy Drink Take to Kick In?

Several aspects determine how long an energy drink will take for its effects to show. One significant consideration is the time it takes for blood to travel through your body. Sixty seconds is enough to pump blood through your entire system. For example, blood in your head will take sixty seconds to move through your body and return to the head. It is key to understanding how the most critical roles of the body function, like metabolism, when digesting foods and beverages in your body.

Other factors to consider are how quickly your digestive system works and feels these benefits. Since energy drinks are liquid, they get absorbed by your throat, stomach, and cheek linings relatively quickly. You need to focus more on the ingredients featured in every product as they determine how your body reacts to the formula and the benefits to expect.

The effects of the energy drink will start showing ten to fifteen minutes after consuming your beverage. The period is expected to extend if the product features any organic components new to your body. The absorption of vitamins also takes longer than absorbing caffeine. These elements are responsible for how long you get to feel the effects, and they maintain your high energy levels for an average of four to six hours.

Most of the caffeine consumed will get absorbed by numerous membranes in your body, which will hit first before the beverage gets to your bladder. It may take relatively longer for you to start feeling the caffeine effects since its content needs to build up in your bloodstream.

Health Effects from an Excessive Consumption of Energy Drinks on Youth

Energy drinks are highly ranked in regards to the most consumed beverage globally. A significant population of this consuming population is individuals under 25 years. They have gradually become a popular dietary supplement for teens and young adults, primarily because of their taste, affordability, promotion, and peer influences. If consumed in excess, there are health complications to expect. This section focuses on the adverse effects experienced by young people from excessive consumption of energy drinks.

Sleep Disorders

You are likely to experience sleeping disorders from excess consumption of energy drinks. Consuming energy drinks can lead to sleepiness by increasing sleep latency. Since their formulas contain caffeine to increase alertness and decrease fatigue, you may experience insomnia and short sleep.


Many teenagers prefer substituting water with energy drinks for hydration. However, nothing beats water when hydrating your body. Since the formulas used in energy drinks contain caffeine, your body will lose water instead of gaining it. It worsens if you are in the middle of an exercise as your body is already dehydrated, exposing your heart to numerous complications.

Cardiovascular Complications

One serving of any energy drink with a caffeine content of 500mg equals 14 cans of soft drinks. This excessive caffeine concentration may result in a racing heart, peripheral resistance, and arrhythmias. All these are heart complications; peripheral resistance contributes to increased blood pressure, palpitations, and tachycardia among the young people.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Consuming an excessive amount of energy drinks can result in an unhealthy lifestyle for teenagers and young adults. They are at a higher risk of developing health-risky habits like smoking, alcohol, and drug consumption.

What are the Side Effects of Energy Drinks?

Potential side effects to consuming energy drinks exist. One of the primary reasons for experiencing these effects would be excessive consumption or high ingredient content like caffeine. Products with a high caffeine content put consumers in danger of:

  • Insomnia
  • Dehydration
  • Heart palpitations
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heart rate

Also, avoid mixing alcohol with energy drinks to keep on the safe side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Energy Drink Too Much?

The majority of the health concerns involved with energy drinks revolve around caffeine content. You need to ensure you consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine daily. When browsing through different supplements to find your best fit, consider the recommended amount to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most energy drinks have a caffeine content of around 80 mg, which is moderate and does not compromise the supplement’s performance.

A more concerning aspect is that energy drinks feature other natural sources of caffeine. Even though the caffeine content is 80 mg, you will still consume more at the end of the day. Since they do not include this in their ingredients list, it is practically impossible to get the actual caffeine content of such products.

Is Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks Dangerous?

Specialists advise against mixing energy drinks with alcohol. This mixture is popular among young adults and college students who do not understand the health risks they expose themselves to. Since alcohol is a depressant, caffeine’s stimulatory effect can override the depressive effects, leaving you feeling less intoxicated despite experiencing alcohol-related impairments.

Individuals doing this tend to report heavier alcohol consumption. They are also likely to assume that they can safely drive, putting them at more risk of suffering from alcohol-related injuries. Numerous studies also show that you are six times more likely to experience heart palpitations from mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

Can an Energy Drink Help You Function when Tired?

An energy drink provides a practical solution to getting rid of tiredness and allowing one to continue functioning. The main reason for consuming energy drinks is to boost your energy levels. Once your energy levels are elevated, you can quickly get back to whatever you were doing. One good example is with drivers on long-distance drives. Such road trips consume a lot of your energy, and you may experience fatigue before getting to your destination. However, consuming an energy drink will help you power through the trip and improve your quality of driving.


The best approach to boosting your energy levels is through energy drinks—the gaming drinks mentioned in our article guarantee outstanding and consistent mental and physical health benefits. Our best prospect is the Xwerks Ignite supplement, which functions as a pre-workout supplement and an energy drink for gamers. Read through our article to discover other worthy formulas to consider.

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