Best Credit Cards In 2022: Top 5 Credit Card Companies for Bad Credit

A credit card is a neat line of credit that allows you to make payments even if you don’t have enough cash. Credit cards offer incredible flexibility, so you can decide to repay your debt all at once or through affordable monthly installments.

Every bank has a couple of credit card options available to its customers. But some circumstances might make it harder for you to obtain a credit card.

If you have less than a fair credit score, getting approved for a credit card from a traditional bank might not be as simple as it seems. And even if you do get approval, the process can take days or even weeks to complete.

That’s why we suggest you consider obtaining a credit card online. The online application offers countless conveniences, significantly reducing the processing time, so you get an offer a couple of minutes after applying. The best credit cards offer a variety of benefits and some pretty favorable terms and conditions.

But that’s not the case with all credit cards, so you must keep your eyes open while exploring different options. To help you out, we’ve already selected some of the best options for your choice.

Best Credit Cards for Fair Credit

  1. Indigo Card – Overall Best Company for Credit Cards On The Market
  2. Milestone Card – Trusted Brand for Good Credit Cards for Bad Credit
  3. Destiny Card – Most Popular Business Credit Cards to Build Credit
  4. First Access Card – Reliable for Better Credit Limit and Instant Approval
  5. FIT Mastercard – Well Known Credit Card Offers for Zero Liability Protection

#1. Indigo Card – Overall Best Company for Credit Cards On The Market


The Indigo card is issued by the Celtic Bank and serviced by Genesis FS Card Services. The credit card offers you a fresh start, allowing you to follow your goals regardless of your credit score. As per theislandnow, it comes with pretty flexible conditions, and you also get a chance to quickly pre-qualify without impacting your credit score.

The Indigo Card is a Mastercard, which you can use anywhere across the United States without worrying about acceptance. The Mastercard logo also adds to the card’s safety and reliability so that you can use it with better confidence and comfort. With the Celtic Bank’s high approval rate, the chances of declining are pretty slim.


Pre-qualification for the Indigo card is pretty straightforward and free of charge. The only information required to pre-qualify is your name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, and Social Security Number. With that said, you shouldn’t take more than a minute to pre-qualify for the credit card.

If you pass the pre-qualification process, you’ll need to provide a couple of other options so the card issuer can determine whether the Indigo Card will be a good fit or if they can offer another credit card from their product palette. The entire process is incredibly fast, so getting an offer in your mail often takes only a few minutes.

Though making timely payments is essential if you want to improve your credit score, the Indigo Card is flexible about late payments. There are penalties for falling behind with your payments, but they are fixed, meaning no delays will cost you higher fees.

On the other hand, responsible behavior is well rewarded. If you manage to pay your bill before the due date, you won’t be charged any interest on purchases. The due day is 25 after the billing cycle, so make sure you always keep up with it if you want to avoid paying interest.


  • Fast and simple pre-qualification and application procedures
  • The authentic Mastercard allows you to utilize the Mastercard coverage and make payments wherever the major credit card is accepted
  • No need for a security deposit
  • An excellent chance to build better credit scores by making timely payments
  • The issuer performs a soft credit pull without impacting your credit score
  • An affordable 1% foreign transaction fee


  • No chance of extending the low credit limit

Why do we recommend it?

The Indigo credit card is an excellent way to get the funds you need, even if you have less than a fair credit score. The entire procedure of obtaining the Indigo Mastercard is pretty simple and concise, so you can get the card delivered to your door in little to no time.

Similar to all other credit cards, some fees may come into play. By making timely payments, you get a chance to minimize your expenses of using the card while making an incredible impact on your credit score.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Indigo Card

#2. Milestone Card – Trusted Brand for Good Credit Cards for Bad Credit


Milestone is a registered trademark of the reputable Genesis FS Card Services, while the Bank of Missouri issues the Mastercard. The Milestone Card is here to help you reach your goals.

Whether you need access to quick credit or want to make financial plans for further ahead, the Milestone Card is here to help you get credit when you most need it.

With the power of Mastercard, you’ll get widespread coverage and access to almost every product or service you need. It will help you manage and grow your credit and supply you with various other benefits. And the best part is that you won’t need a security deposit to obtain the card.


Although the requirements for getting a Milestone Card are pretty simple, there’s also a prequalification form. It only requires some basic info, which won’t take you more than two to three seconds to fill out.

The processing of your application shouldn’t take any longer than that, so you can expect to receive your offer within minutes after pre-qualifying. Furthermore, applying won’t impact your credit score.

With the quick and straightforward pre-qualification and application, the Milestone Card is a pretty convenient option. You won’t have to spend too much time filling out forms and might get approval in no time. Even if you don’t qualify for a Milestone Card, you might still be eligible for another card, so you’ll get another suitable offer.

Another benefit of using the Milestone Mastercard is that your credit behavior will be reported to all three credit bureaus. Therefore, if you’re ready to improve your credit and commit to making timely payments, you can establish an excellent financial foundation for the future.

The Milestone Card comes with fraud protection. It allows you to get peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against worst-case scenarios such as losing the card or getting stolen. That way, you can use it with confidence.


  • Short and simple application form
  • Mastercard coverage, so you can use the card pretty much everywhere
  • Milestone reports to all credit bureaus, making it easier to rebuild your credit score
  • Impeccable fraud protection for peace of mind even if your card gets lost or stolen
  • No need for a security deposit to get approval
  • Instant credit offers delivered to your mail


  • Variable annual fee determined based on your credit profile review

Why do we recommend it?

The Milestone Mastercard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quick access to credit. The application procedure is pretty concise and straightforward, allowing you to apply and get an offer in a matter of minutes. With the vast credit options offered by Genesis FS and the Bank of Missouri, you can get various other options.

The Milestone Card also offers impeccable security, so you can use it without worrying. However, the credit limit isn’t flexible. If you ask for an emergency limit to get a bigger cash advance, you might get charged with a fine.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Milestone Card

#3. Destiny Card – Most Popular Business Credit Cards to Build Credit


The Destiny Card is another registered trademark of Genesis FS Card Services, but this one’s issued by the First Electronic Bank. The credit card will help you work on your goals and stay on top of your credit, regardless of its initial condition. Even if you have a poor credit score, the Destiny Mastercard can help you work on it extensively and get the ultimate results.

Along with the reliability of a Mastercard, the Destiny card offers an even higher level of security. It comes with fraud protection, so you won’t have to worry about any inconveniences while using it. The credit card is unsecured, so you won’t have to provide a security deposit or make up-front payments.


The Destiny Card works pretty similarly to the Milestone Card. A pre-qualification form will help determine whether you’re eligible for a new line of credit. It is free of charge and won’t impact your credit score, so you can apply even if you only want to explore your options.

If your poor credit score makes it harder for you to get the Destiny Card, the First Electronic Bank might offer you other credit options.

Although you won’t need a security deposit to obtain the card, you’ll need to pay an annual fee. The fee is variable, ranging between $59 and $75 for the first year of use, while in the following years, you’ll need to pay a $99 fee.

The credit card issuer reports to all three credit bureaus, so if you manage to remain reasonable with your spending and pay the installments, you can quickly restore your bad credit score. Once you get in better financial shape, you can apply for some of the other cards the issuer offers to get better terms and conditions.

So, if you plan on making significant improvements fast, the Destiny Card could be a pretty practical choice.


  • An OTP feature helps secure your credit card
  • You can get free cash advances as high as your credit limit, free of charge within the first year
  • Accepted at POS terminals at petrol pumps and convenience stores
  • Additional safety with an EMV chip
  • The card is pre-enabled for qualifying balance transfers, making them readily available
  • It comes with easy online account access so you can keep up with the latest payments and transactions you make
  • 24/7 online support for all your queries and questions


  • Doesn’t offer any rewards or bonuses

Why do we recommend it?

We strongly recommend the Destiny Card to those struggling with poor credit scores. Not only does the credit card provide fast access to credit, but it also offers a great way to rebuild your credit score.

Pre-qualifying doesn’t impact your record, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about except making timely payments as the best way to improve your credit.

The only downside to the card is that it doesn’t offer any rewards or bonuses, which we honestly expected from a reputable card issuer like the First Electronic Bank.

However, it still allows you to work on your credit, after which you can qualify for other credit cards with better rewards.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Destiny Card

#4. First Access Card – Reliable for Better Credit Limit and Instant Approval


The First Access Card is a Classic Visa credit card issued by the Bank of Missouri. The credit card works with all types of credit, so you don’t need to provide a perfect score to qualify. The requirements are relatively flexible, making your chances of getting approval pretty favorable.

The genuine Visa credit card offers you the ultimate freedom to make online and offline payments. It is accepted by merchants across the world, offering incredible purchasing power.

The First Access Card will report your credit activity to all three major credit bureaus so you can build a better credit score in no time. You should be very careful with your financial activity, as any negative actions will also appear in your report.


With the flexible requirements for obtaining the First Access Card, almost anyone can apply and get approved. However, the expenses after approval are also slightly higher than other credit cards.

You’ll need an active checking account to qualify for the new line of credit. That way, the issuer will have reassurance that you won’t fall behind with your payments. If you fail to make a payment, the lender can automatically cut the funds from your account. But, if you make timely payments, they’ll promptly stop making payments.

The major benefit of using the First Access Card is that you’ll get an excellent chance to improve your credit score drastically. The lender will calculate the monthly installments for affordable monthly payments you shouldn’t have trouble repaying. If you keep up with the agreed pace, you’ll have a significantly better credit score.

A unique feature of the First Access Card is that instead of increasing the APR like most other cards, the card provider reduces the fees over time. The APR for the first year is fixed, so you’ll have to pay $75. For the following years, the APR is reduced to $48. Though the application is free, a $95 sign-on fee is charged after you get approval.


  • Two free card designs and a couple of paid premium designs are available
  • A fast and simple application procedure on the safely encrypted platform
  • The card issuer reports your credit activity to all major credit bureaus
  • A genuine Visa credit card with worldwide coverage
  • Online purchases aren’t charged with APRs
  • No monthly or cash advance fees for the first year, allowing you to work on your credit and upgrade to a better card


  • There’s a $95.00 program fee to open an account

Why do we recommend it?

The First Access Visa Card is another excellent option for anyone looking for a credit card to help them rebuild their credit. The flexible requirements, terms, and conditions significantly lower the risk of a negative impact on your credit.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have any issues with the card and can use it as a passway to upgrade to even better card options. The conditions for the first year are pretty favorable, allowing you to focus on improving your score without worrying about complicated calculations and high installments.

=> Click here to visit the official website of First Access Card

#5. FIT Mastercard – Well Known Credit Card Offers for Zero Liability Protection


The FIT Mastercard is a Continental Finance Company’s trademark, issued by the Bank of Missouri under the license from Mastercard International. It is a BBB accredited business with an impeccable ‘A’ rating.

Most other credit cards offer lower balances, but the FIT Mastercard will provide you with up to $400 credit. If you demonstrate responsibility with your initial credit limit, the FIT credit card allows you to double your limit to $800. All you have to do is pay the first six monthly installments on time, and your initial credit limit will double.

As an authentic Mastercard, the FIT card is accepted worldwide, improving your purchasing power. The card issuer offers many extra features, but they also come with additional fees.


What we liked about the FIT Mastercard is that it is ultimately transparent. All fees, charges, terms, and conditions are transparently displayed on the website, giving you a pretty good idea about what you’re signing up for.

Unfortunately, there is no pre-qualification for the FIT Mastercard, so you’ll have to fill out an application immediately. The FIT Mastercard issuer follows the USA Patriot Act, meaning they’ll need to verify and record information before opening your new line of credit.

To simplify, you’ll need to provide basic information such as name, address, date of birth, and other relevant information that’ll allow the issuer to verify your identity. You’ll probably need to provide a driver’s license or another identifying document, so you should have them at hand.

Applying for a FIT Mastercard is even safer with the protection of 128-encryption technology. The hypertext transfer protocol is secured, and your information is fully encrypted, so you have nothing to worry about when submitting your application.

For the extra safety of your credit card, you can purchase optional Continental Credit Protection at a monthly fee of $0.99 for each $100 of your outstanding account balance. You can cancel the protection program within 30 days after purchase and get a full refund.

=> Click here to visit the official website of FIT Mastercard


  • An excellent way to get a higher credit limit
  • Excellent rating on the Better Business Bureau and other reviewing platforms like Trustpilot
  • Available for individuals with poor credit scores and low monthly incomes
  • Free access to your Experian Vantage 3.0 score
  • No minimum charges
  • Making timely payments can extend your credit limit
  • An excellent option for all types of credit score


  • High fees for purchases and cash advances

Why do we recommend it?

The FIT Mastercard is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to access higher credit limits. The initial credit limit starts at $400, which is significantly higher than most other credit cards offer.

If you can demonstrate that you’re responsible with your finances, you can also get a fantastic chance to double your credit and get an $800 limit after the first couple of months of use.

The only downside to the credit card is that there’s no pre-qualification, so you’ll have to apply for the card directly. The application form may seem lengthy, but it only requires some basic information and shouldn’t take a lot of your time.

How We Created This List of Best Credit Cards for Beginners?

With interest for credit cards continuously growing, so is the demand. Therefore, you can now find an extensive array of different lines of credit readily available as convenient credit cards. Though the vast number of options makes for better competitiveness in the market, the diversified offer can be quite challenging.

Therefore, getting a new line of credit might not be as straightforward as it sounds. Though the actual process of applying and getting approved is made incredibly simple, picking out the right credit card takes a lot more effort.

To help you with the task, we decided to conduct market research and find some of the best credit cards online. After investing a lot of time and effort, we picked out five of the most reliable credit cards so you can have an excellent place to start your search.

If you’re interested in how we’ve chosen our top picks for the most reliable credit cards, here are the criteria we used:

  • Eligibility criteria

We understand that people looking for a new line of credit don’t often have an impeccable credit score or high monthly incomes. That’s why we tried to find the most accessible credit cards that won’t require you to have a $5.000 monthly income just to get a $500 credit limit.

People reaching out to credit cards often struggle with their finances and need a boost to help them make ends meet. With that in mind, we strived to find cost-effective credit cards that don’t have some extensive requirements.

All the credit cards we included in our list feature pretty basic requirements, so almost every adult can apply and get approval. The conditions usually include having a steady monthly income, an active checking account, and proof of identity.

With those requirements applying to almost all employed adults, getting a credit card is now easier than ever.

  • Security

Security is the first reason for concern whenever you’re submitting delicate personal data over the Internet or handling finances online. That’s why we were very cautious in introducing the ultimate safety for applying for a credit card online.

To ensure we only introduced you to safe and reliable platforms that handle your data with the ultimate precaution, we took a closer look at the safety measures they use. We spent some time exploring the safety standards in the industry, so we were able to rank each credit card based on the security measures it uses to guarantee the safety of your data.

We looked at each card issuer’s encryption algorithms and technology and insisted on services that use secure hypertext transfer protocols to transmit your data across the web.

After comparing the safety measures taken by different credit card issuers, we were able to narrow down our choices to more reliable services for your new line of credit.

  • Cost-effectiveness

We already cleared that almost everyone can get a credit card nowadays, but getting the first credit card you’re eligible for is never a good decision.

With the vast offer of credit cards, not all have favorable terms and conditions. Some can get you caught up in an endless debt cycle if you aren’t careful enough.

To help you avoid unnecessary expenses, we took a closer look at the APRs and other charges that come with different credit cards.

After comparing every little cost we could find info about, we made a pretty extensive comparison between several credit cards. We ranked the most affordable options as the best ones.

  • Customer experiences

Another thing we kept in mind was how well existing users ranked these credit cards. That’s why we contacted customer feedback to see what other people had to say about the credit lines that made it to the final round.

We reviewed several reviewing platforms and read the testimonials of people who’ve used these credit cards in the past. Though we made sure to diversify our sources to get genuine feedback, we relied upon the Better Business Bureau the most.

The BBB is a trustworthy rating organization and an incredible resource for sizing up a business’s performance and reliability. With its help, we could distinguish trustworthy credit card issuers from less reliable ones to introduce you to some of the most beneficial credit cards.

Guide: Factors to Consider When Looking for Best Credit Cards

With some of the best credit cards at your disposal, it is time to reconsider your options and make the final call. But, even with such incredible options readily available, picking out a credit card that matches your needs can still be quite challenging, especially if this is your first time reaching out for such a credit line.

But there’s no room for panic, as we’re here to offer some additional help. If you aren’t quite sure how to make the right call, we have a couple of factors that’ll help you make up your mind and make a well-informed decision that you won’t regret.

  • Qualification

The first thing you need to consider before comparing credit cards from different issuers and servicers is whether you qualify. Most of the time, the requirements for getting approved for a credit card are pretty flexible. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t oversee qualification as it is one of the first factors you should consider.

Checking whether you qualify for a credit card is simple enough if you take the time to review the issuer’s requirements. However, there’s an even simpler way that’ll help you determine whether you qualify – pre-qualification.

Many of the credit cards we reviewed above allow you to submit a pre-qualification and see whether you’re eligible for the credit card. If you qualify, they’ll email you their offer so you can consider the final terms and conditions for using the specific credit card.

So, if you want to ensure that you’ll qualify for a credit card, we recommend filling out a pre-qualification form.

  • Acceptance

Another important thing to consider is the card’s acceptance rate. Credit card acceptance refers to where you can use the credit card to make payments.

For the ultimate convenience, we suggest you consider some of the credit cards with the highest acceptance rates. That will allow you to pay your bills, make online purchases, and use your card to pay at most physical stores without any problems.

Currently, the most widely accepted credit card networks are Visa and Mastercard. Visa credit cards are accepted at more than 44 million merchant locations spanning over 200 countries and territories.

Mastercards are accepted by over 37 million merchants across more than 210 countries. That’s why we only included Visa and Mastercard credit cards in our list of reviews.

  • Upgradable credit limits

Upgrading your credit limit can be very useful, especially since most credit cards offer low initial credit limits. Though you cannot expect a card issuer to approve a credit card with a high credit limit if you have a poor credit score, some banks and services are willing to give you the chance to demonstrate financial responsibility.

The FIT Mastercard is an excellent example of how you can extend your credit limit. The credit card offers an initial $400 limit, which can be doubled in a couple of months if you demonstrate financial responsibility and pay your installments on time. That way, you can get a credit card with an $800 limit, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

  • Credit bureau reports

Getting a credit card gives you an incredible chance to work on your credit score and improve it. If you get a credit card from a reputable issuer that reports to the major credit bureaus, your financial activity will be added to your credit record. Based on your activity, it may positively or negatively impact your score.

If you use your credit card to pay your bills on time and pay the installments for your new line of credit on time, those actions will be reflected in your credit score, making significant improvements.

But on the other hand, if you fall behind with payments, the credit card can quickly contribute to an even worse credit score and impact your eligibility to obtain other lines of credit.

FAQs: Top Credit Cards

Q1. Can I apply for a credit card with bad credit?

Yes, you can apply for a credit card despite your subpar credit. There are two card options if you need a new line of credit and have a poor score: secured and unsecured cards.

The purpose of a secured card is to help you rebuild your credit score so you can apply for other credit options in the future. It involves making a security deposit equal to the line of credit, meaning you won’t get any extra funds for working.

On the other hand, unsecured cards offer credit card loans to people with bad credit. With such cards, your eligibility to repay the debt is usually assessed based on several factors, such as your monthly income.

Q2. How to prequalify for a credit card with bad credit?

Many card issuers offer you the chance to prequalify before starting the application process. In that case, a pre-qualification form will be available on the website. Pre-qualification forms usually require only some basic information about the applicant, including your name, address, and Social Security Number or its four digits.

That information is mandatory for the issuer to be able to run a soft credit check and determine your eligibility for the credit card. A soft credit check doesn’t impact your credit score, so you don’t have to worry about your credit becoming worse than it already is.

After the prequalification, you should expect an offer from the issuing bank or service. Some issuers are pretty flexible with their offer, meaning that they might be able to offer you another line of credit if you aren’t eligible for the pre-qualifying credit card.

Q3. How can I improve my credit score using credit cards?

A credit card is an excellent way to improve your credit score. Making timely payments for the monthly installation can significantly impact your credit record. That’s why you must get a credit card with affordable monthly installments so that you won’t have a problem with late payments.

To make sure you can afford to repay the credit card, you have to get the lowest credit limit that’ll allow you to achieve your financial goals without getting trapped in a debt cycle. If you limit your expenses and remember to make payments before the due date, you can significantly improve your credit score quickly.

If you tend to forget to make your monthly payments on time, you can set up a reminder or contact your bank to arrange automated payments on a specific day of the month. With automated payments, you won’t have to worry about the due dates as long as you have enough funds in your checking account.

Q4. What can I do with my credit card?

Depending on the credit card’s acceptance rate, you may be able to use it to make various payments at different merchants. No card issuer limits on what you need to spend the funds. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to decide how you will spend the money.

People often use credit cards to make daily purchases, pay monthly bills, pay installments at different merchants, make online payments, etc. You can use your credit card for any of these things and many other purposes.

However, we recommend you keep control over your spending and try not to waste too much money on unnecessary expenses until you close your line of credit.

Conclusion: Best Credit Cards for Poor Credit

Credit cards are undoubtedly the most convenient option if you need some financial aid. They offer you a financial injection neatly stored at a safe credit card you can use wherever you like.

These lines of credit are one of the most modern alternatives in the technology-driven world. They allow you to make online and offline payments without worrying about handling cash.

Some of the best credit cards even offer extra safety features like OTPs and EMV chips that further enhance the safety of your funds.

If you’re looking for financial help, you can quickly prequalify for a credit card online and see whether you’re eligible for a new line of credit. Prequalification usually takes two to three minutes, and some services can provide their answer just as fast.

With the help of our guide, you should have all the information you need to decide whether a credit card would solve your financial problems.

If you think it is a good option for your situation, take another look at the credit cards we reviewed, and you can quickly find your fit without too much trouble.

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