Bates, University of Phoenix join forces for students

University of Phoenix, Tacoma Campus and Bates Technical College have entered into an agreement designed to help students transition from Associate to Bachelor programs.

The two institutions have signed an articulation agreement to improve the transition students make between the two schools. The articulation will facilitate the credit transfers by Bates students planning to go on for a bachelor’s degree at the University of Phoenix.

Because University of Phoenix offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs, many of their students bring an associate’s degree or credits from a college to apply toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The articulation between the two schools will be a good resource for counselors at Bates who are advising students about their options for continuing their education.

Often, students get discouraged by the process of approving credits that will transfer and trying to find programs that fit with their career paths. The articulation will take a lot of the aches and pains out of the process for all parties.

“It’s a great opportunity to help students,” said Tim Rees, Campus Director for the University of Phoenix’s local campus. “Ideally, students can come to us with an associate’s from Bates and be assured that their credits will transfer and they can move directly into one of our bachelor’s programs without losing any credit.”

“This is a great benefit to our graduates who have mastered their technical training and want to go on to earn a BS,” says Sally Cofchin, Executive Vice President of Instruction at Bates. “We are excited about this new partnership. It gives our students yet another opportunity to advance their education locally.”

Bates degree graduates will be eligible to transfer a block of up to 72 credits and enter University of Phoenix programs as juniors working toward a Bachelor’s degree – either at the University’s downtown Tacoma campus or online. Even better, students who are within 12 months of completing their associate degree at Bates may apply for entrance into classes at the University of Phoenix and get a head start on their baccalaureate program.

The University of Phoenix has focused on adult education for nearly 30 years. Convenient locations and evening schedules cater to adult students looking to further their education while maintaining busy work and home schedules.

The University offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs as well as technology certification programs at over 150 campuses, nationwide. With over 210,000 students, the University of Phoenix is the largest private accredited university in North America. The University’s focus on small interactive classes, highly personalized teaching, and comprehensive academic accountability systems has won praise and recognition by noteworthy academic and business leaders.

Bates is Washington State’s largest technical college, serving 17,000 students annually in career training, apprenticeship, and a variety of continuing education programs. Bates was the first state college to guarantee to employers that graduates meet industry-level standards of the skills-based career training programs. Bates Technical College shares articulation agreements with City University, the University of Washington, Tacoma, and The Evergreen State College.