Baby muskoxen come to Point Defiance

There are some new residents at a Tacoma zoo.

Gulliver and Mya, a pair of muskox calves, have joined the animal family at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

The youngsters – 5 months and almost 4 months old, respectively – were flown in Friday from The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage under the auspices of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Gulliver, who was orphaned, was given shelter there. Mya was born at that zoo.

The calves are in medical quarantine at the zoo for at least 30 days, but they are spending that time outdoors in the meadow formerly occupied by llamas and reindeer, across from Penguin Point.

Eventually, the calves will move to the tundra exhibit area, where they will join Fritz, an adult male muskox.

The muskox is an ancient species of Arctic mammal. Wild populations are found in Canada’s Nunauut and Northwest Territories, Alaska and Greenland.

Once in danger of disappearing completely, muskoxen are making a slow but dramatic comeback.