Auburn Station will add 85 parking stalls

Transit commuters will get access to 85 additional park-and-ride spots at Sound Transit’s popular Auburn Station facility under a new agreement between the City of Auburn and Sound Transit.
The 85 additional parking spots increases to 467 the number of parking spots that are available to Auburn Station commuters without charge. The City of Auburn also recently announced a new program in which 53 city-owned parking stalls at Auburn Station are available to commuters on a permit basis for $100 per month.
The Auburn Station parking garage was built in 2001. While the 1996 Sound Move ballot measure envisioned a $9 million facility, Sound Transit worked with the City of Auburn to design a $30 million facility that offered greater capacity and amenities.
Last November, the Sound Transit Board included a new 600-stall Auburn Station parking garage as part of the Proposition 1 ballot measure. Currently, the Board is considering the additional service and projects and the timing of a future transit-only ballot measure. The Board will be considering options for a future ballot measure over the next few months. Considerations for system access are expected to be an important topic for the Board to discuss.