Appraiser teams inspect parcels to determine property taxes

The men and women who apply valuations to property for Pierce County have a monumental job. Their “to do” list totals 315,680 parcels.
Fortunately, they have six years to get it done. They are required to make on-site inspections for each parcel at least once every six years.
Statistical updates occur annually. Residential, commercial and statistical appraisers, 33 in all, do the work.
The statistical appraiser team develops models for mass appraising.
“Paying property taxes isn’t the most popular thing to do. That’s why we make sure citizens don’t pay a penny more or a penny less than what is due,” Assessor -Treasurer Ken Madsen said.
“We have trained professionals who scrutinize property valuations to make sure they are accurate and fair.”
Results of the appraisers’ work arrive at homes and businesses each spring on postcards showing the new land and structure valuations for the parcels.
The property valuation is one of the factors that deter-mine the amount of an individual’s property tax.
The combined valuations represent the county’s assessed valuation, which is $45 billion.
Tax statements have been sent in the mail and should have been received by property owners Saturday, Feb. 16.
The information is also available on the Assessor-Treasurer’s home page at:
The statements are for 2001 taxes that are payable in 2002.
The appraisers’ work is so important that state law requires each to be deputized by the assessors in each county.
Madsen, in his first year as assessor-treasurer, performed swearing-in duties recently.