Appointments to State Positions

“Governor Gary Locke recently announced selections for two college boards of trustees, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation, and other related boards and commissions.College Board of Trustees Bertha M. Goehner, Wenatchee, was appointed to the Wenatchee Valley College, Board of Trustees.William J. McDowell, Wenatchee, was appointed to the Wenatchee Valley College, Board of Trustees.Arlista Del Holman, Auburn, was appointed to the Green River Community College, Board of Trustees.Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Robert Higgins, Spokane.Medical Quality Assurance Commission Randi Smith Leggett, M.D., Bellevue.Michael Snell, Walla Walla.Appointed to additional terms on the commission are: Laura Roderick, M.D., Olympia; and Marilyn Ward, Medina.Criminal Justice Training Commission The 1999 Legislature established two new positions for this commission. Under the statute, the new members must be the rank of sergeant or below, with at least ten years of experience in law enforcement. One must be from a city police department, and one must be from a sheriff’s department.Kathy Atwood, Everett. Earl Howerton, Spokane.Board of Accountancy Zoe Ann Foltz, Spokane.Appointed to an additional term on the board is Thomas Sadler,Tacoma.Building Code Council Steven R. Nuttall, Bellevue.Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference Board Gregory N. Davis, Edwall.Michael G. Heuer, Kelso.”