"Airo Services Fined $45,000 by State Ecology"

“Airo Services of Tacoma has been fined $45,000 by the state Department of Ecology and ordered to correct its waste-handling practices.We have focused our attention on Airo Services since 1998, giving them clear direction about how to follow dangerous waste regulations, but they have not followed through, said Greg Sorlie, Ecology’s hazardous-waste program manager. We’re hoping this major penalty gets their attention and helps them change their behavior.Approximately 280 leaking and rusting drums of undocumented waste were found at the site, where Ecology identified seven major violations of state dangerous waste laws. The company stored contaminated sludge in open-top tanks and piles. It stored dangerous waste without required permits or protective measures, plus, it failed to meet many administrative requirements.Sampling information from five drums at the facility verified the dangerous waste violations, and sparked enforcement action by Ecology.In addition, Ecology issued Airo Services a notice of violation for having inadequate secondary containment systems in place to prevent oil from being spilled into the environment.Airo Services generates dangerous waste and stores used oil in its facility, which is located about 300 feet from Hylebos Waterway. Also known as Crown Tank Cleaning Service, it transports and manages used oil and sump clean-outs for many Washington businesses.Airo Services has 15 days to ask Ecology for relief from the penalty, or 30 days to appeal the order and penalty to the state Pollution Control Hearings Board.”