AG releases Top Ten consumer complaints

Troubles with high-tech companies – including a growing problem with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – continued to dominate the Top Ten list of consumer complaints received by the Attorney General’s Office in 2003, Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced earlier this month.

“The mounting number of complaints against relatively new industries demonstrates the increasing dominance of technology in the lives of consumers,” Gregoire noted. She urges buyers to beware and educate themselves.

Top Ten List of Consumer Complaints for 2003

1. Communications, 3,398 complaints
2. Retail sales, 1,903
3. Electronic shopping, 1,610
4. Auto sales, 1,301
5. Collections, 1,150
6. Mortgage brokers, 1019
7. ISPs, 918
8. Contractors, 776
9. Credit card issuers, 756
10. Auto repair, 735