Additional Sounder Tacoma-Seattle trip begins June 1

The first bus service additions from the Sound Transit 2 package will begin rolling with the June service change this year. Highlights of the many changes that begin rolling out on May 30 include more trips on twelve bus routes, the addition of a brand new Sounder shadow bus route in King and Pierce counties, and the addition of a ninth roundtrip Sounder train between Seattle and Tacoma.

The Sound Transit 2 package included the addition of 100,000 annual bus service hours, which will be phased in at regular service change intervals.

Starting June 1, the brand new ST Express Route 578 will provide early evening express bus service from downtown Seattle to Federal Way Transit Center, Auburn Station, Sumner Station and Puyallup Station, supplementing Sounder southline service and the ST Express Route 577 Federal Way-Seattle.

Also on June 1, Sounder commuter rail service will expand on the southline with the addition of one new round-trip train to the schedule. Adding these new peak-direction train trips will also introduce major schedule adjustments to southline Sounder service.

Complete information about the June-September service changes for ST Express, Sounder, and Tacoma Link can be found at .