7 consultants submit bids for Tacoma strategic plan contract

Seven consultants have submitted bids on a contract to develop the City of Tacoma's Strategic Visioning Plan.

Seven consultants have submitted bids on a contract to develop the City of Tacoma’s Strategic Visioning Plan.

The City of Tacoma last embarked on a similar project 10 years ago when it developed “Tacoma Tomorrow: 2005 – 2010,” a strategic plan that aimed to identify the City’s priorities, opportunities, and initiatives.


This new effort is designed to build upon previous projects and create a new strategic plan, which is envisioned as a more dynamic, integrated, descriptive, tangible, and detailed plan that will be widely accepted by the community and implemented through specific initiatives and updates to the City’s other plans and programs.

Fern Tiger Associates (Oakland, Calif.); ARCADD, Inc. (Newton, Mass.); Beckwith Consulting Group (LaConner, Wash.); Community Attributes, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.); BDS Planning & Urban Design (Seattle, Wash.); Strategies 360 (Seattle, Wash.); and The Athena Group (Olympia, Wash.) submitted bid applications before the deadline expired on Tues., Feb. 25, at 11 a.m.


The project budget is estimated at $250,000 to $300,000.

Tacoma City Council is tentatively scheduled to award the contract in late-March. A first draft of the strategic plan is tentatively due in August, and councilmembers are tentatively scheduled to adopt the strategic plan in October.


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