$62M bond sale funds Pierce County sewer system upgrades

Pierce County is preparing to issue $62 million in bonds to pay for sewer system improvements that preserve existing systems while preparing for future growth.

The Pierce County Council voted unanimously yesterday to authorize the sale of the bonds. The Council must take a separate vote this fall to accept a bid on the bonds. Proceeds from the bond sale will support a variety of improvements at the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, including expanding the sewer plant to allow for more growth; improving the wastewater treatment process to ensure clean water is discharged; and replacing larger pipes and equipment to maintain the system and ensure it is working properly.

These improvements are part of Pierce County’s 6-year Sewer Improvement Program. Of the $62 million, $50 million will be used for the construction projects and $8 million will be used to repay an existing bond at a lower interest rate. Approximately $4 million will be held in reserve as required by the bondholders.

Pierce County’s Sewer Utility provides wastewater management, collection and treatment services to large urban areas of the county. To deliver these services, Pierce County owns and operates assets that include a network of underground pipelines, pump stations, maintenance manholes and the Chambers Creek plant. More information is available at http://www.piercecountywa.org/sewer .