3 candidates apply to serve on Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission

Three candidates have applied to serve on the City of Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Three candidates have applied to serve on the City of Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The 11-member commission oversees the establishment and regulation of landmarks, local historic districts, proposed name changes for public facilities, and certain property tax incentives. Membership is comprised of three architects, four individuals with professional expertise in preservation-related fields, one representative from the Tacoma Arts Commission, and three interested citizens. Non-voting ex-officio members may be appointed to represent property and business owners within Tacoma’s historic districts.

The City issued a call for applications last month to fill four volunteer positions on the commission:

Architect (one position) – This position is open to individuals residing in Tacoma who are currently or have in the past been professionally certified architects;

At-Large (two positions) – These positions are open to individuals with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation who are residents of Tacoma;

Professional (one position) – This position is open to individuals who have had professional experience or training related to historic preservation originating from employment or study within the following disciplines: arts or art history, architecture, history, architectural history, planning, prehistoric and/or historic archaeology, conservation, construction or building trades, landscape architecture, urban planning or design, structural engineering, land use or real estate law, real estate, appraisal or real estate finance, project management or contracting, or a related discipline.

The following individuals have applied to serve on the commission: Lysa Schloesser (seeking reappointment — Architect, At-Large); Laureen Skrivan (Professional, At-Large); and Eugene Thorne (At-Large).


Tacoma City Council’s Neighborhoods and Housing Committee is scheduled to interview the candidates during a public meeting on Mon., Nov. 17, at 4:30 p.m., at the Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market St., Room 248, in downtown Tacoma. Copies of the agenda and meeting materials are available online here and here. Following the interviews, the council committee’s recommendations for appointments are expected to be forwarded to Tacoma City Council for final approval on Tues., Dec. 9.


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