2022’s Best Online Therapy for Depression: Top Virtual Counseling Services from Online Therapist

Psychotherapy has become a lot more convenient because of online therapy services. Psychotherapists can now provide services through messaging, phone calls, or video conferencing. This type of therapy is also called telehealth, and it is quickly increasing in popularity because of its easy accessibility.

Online therapy became very popular during the pandemic, and several studies show that it’s here to stay. What can be better than talking to a therapist from the comfort of your home?

Online therapy has made mental health treatment easier and more accessible. This is especially true if you don’t have access to conventional in-office therapy. Moreover, you can benefit from it if you have unconventional working hours, don’t have health insurance, or have conveyance issues. Whether you’re just curious about how online therapy works or want to consider it yourself, this post has our top recommendations for the best online therapy provider.

Top 5 Picks of Online Counseling

Following are our top picks for the online therapy platforms:

  1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy Platforms On The Market
  2. TalkSpace – Reliable Mental Health Professionals for Virtual Therapy
  3. Online-Therapy.com – Most Popular Web Therapy Sessions for Anxiety
  4. BetterHelp – Trusted Online Therapist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  5. ReGain – Well Known and Affordable Online Couples Therapy Sessions

#1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy Platforms On The Market


Calmerry is a new name in the online therapy field. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from the U.S. and Europe. The group initiated online therapy because of the emerging need for telehealth during the pandemic. Calmerry is headquartered in Washington, and its mission is to make therapy accessible and affordable to everyone.

This online therapy service has an extensive network of therapists available throughout the United States. The service offers subscription packages to the users through which they can contact licensed therapists. The website or mobile app allows users to communicate with the therapists through messaging services. Depending on the subscription plan, the users can have live sessions each month with their therapists.

The subscription packages by Calmerry include an initial one-week plan, and for individual therapy, there are three-monthly plans. There is a promotional discount offer too for the new users. According to Calmerry, beginners should start with a ‘Therapy Journey Start’ subscription plan and adjust the plan accordingly later.

Once you’ve made the payment, the platform allows you to access the secure virtual therapy room. You can then contact your therapist and get responses to your queries. In addition, you can also adjust the notification settings on your smartphone so that you get prompt alerts. This way, you can see when your therapist has replied to you.


Sign-Up Process: Signing up for Calmerry’s online therapy service is straightforward. You can sign up either on the desktop site or by downloading the Calmerry app. To sign up, you’ll have to provide an email address and password, and then the website will send a verification code. The next step requires an intake interview that matches you to a therapist in your state.

Ease of Use: Calmerry has a very easy-to-use website. You can also switch between the mobile app and website at any time. Moreover, the mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. You can use the website portal for many things including receiving messages, archiving messages, contacting your therapist, and performing scheduling.

Therapy Options: The app offers a variety of therapy options for different mental health conditions. The therapy approaches include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, gestalt therapy, emotion-focused therapy, response-based therapy, and others.

Therapist Qualifications: At Calmerry, you’ll get to consult only licensed therapists in your state. The therapists on this platform are trained and certified in various therapy modalities. You can contact this platform for couples therapy, anger management, emotional abuse, depression, anxiety and stress, family conflict, trauma, low self-esteem, and eating disorders.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Calmerry is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The website protects and safeguards all the information and communication on the platform. Moreover, you communicate to your therapist using your nickname and not your legal name.


  • Multiple communication methods
  • Discounted first month
  • Scheduled live sessions
  • Licenses therapists
  • Availability in all 50 states
  • Educational resources on the website
  • Numerous subscription plans


  • No free trial
  • Shorter live sessions

=> click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. TalkSpace – Reliable Mental Health Professionals for Virtual Therapy


TalkSpace came into being in 2012, and it aims to make mental health services readily available to everyone. It is also one of the first companies to offer telehealth services. It is headquartered in New York and is one of the most well-known online therapy companies. The company has earned multiple awards, including the Best Text Therapy Service. It got this award because of its flexible and unlimited online and audio messaging plans with licensed therapists.

This online therapy platform has an intuitive and modern app easy-to-read format. The platform also features a brief demonstration video that helps people understand its services and how things work there. You’ll get to see a FAQ section that will help you answer your queries on each page. You can easily connect to a therapist and communicate your concerns related to your mental health. If you feel that the therapist isn’t a good match, you can switch to another one easily.

There are multimedia sharing options that allow you to choose to communicate, whether through texts, voice chats, or video messages. Apart from the therapy sessions, you can also benefit from the exercises and videos that improve your skills and help reduce stress.

At TalkSpace, you’ll get to talk to a wide range of licensed therapists. The therapists on this platform offer support for couples, teens, and individuals. They cover a wide variety of mental health issues. The company aims to provide opportunities for most people to benefit from its telehealth services.


Flexibility: TalkSpace offers an easy-to-use mobile app that has a variety of communication methods to contact therapists. The platform provides 24/7 online messaging, phone calls, audio messaging, and video conferencing. Once you get matched to a therapist, you can access your room, where you can choose a communication method to proceed.

TalkSpace Room: After choosing a therapist, you can use a secure virtual therapy room. You can access this room either on the mobile app or the web browser. The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS. The TalkSpace room allows you to send and receive messages from your therapist five times a week.

Therapists’ Focus Areas: TalkSpace has a wide variety of therapists who specialize in different areas of mental health. Some popular types of therapy that you’ll find on this platform include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and behavioral therapy. You can also get treatment for eating disorders, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and depression.

Medications: TalkSpace Psychiatry connects you to a prescriber in your state for anyone who needs a prescription. The prescriber analyzes your treatment via video calls and focuses on medication management. However, TalkSpace Psychiatry is not a part of the platform’s therapy service. If you need a prescription, you’ll have to sign up for both services separately.

Reliability: TalkSpace is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliant. The platform uses advanced encryption to protect the clients’ chat data and personal information. All the communication and data transfer between the servers is also encrypted. You are, however, unable to delete the chat transcripts as they are a part of medical records.


  • Flexible plans
  • Constant access to the platform
  • Offers couples therapy
  • Psychiatry services available
  • Medication management services are available
  • Excellent platform security
  • Multiple subscription plans


  • It has age restrictions
  • No group counseling

=> click here to visit the official website of Talkspace

#3. Online-Therapy.com – Most Popular Web Therapy Sessions for Anxiety


Online-Therapy.com is an excellent platform for those looking for a comfortable platform for solving their mental health-related problems. It is also a suitable platform for those people whose mental health issues are not very severe. The company provides top-notch CBT therapy at very affordable prices. The website and mobile app offer valuable tools to help you get online treatment.

The therapists also treat various other mental issues apart from providing CBT. For example, you can get counseling for anger, anxiety, fear, addiction, depression, bipolar, PTSD, panic attacks, speech anxiety, stress, and many other issues.

The app features a dashboard where you can access your therapy toolbox. The dashboard includes sections and worksheets, live sessions, messages, activity plans, tests, yoga, and your journal. You can also access direct messaging with your therapist using the therapy toolbox. Therapists will reply to you within 24 hours on the weekdays, but they aren’t available on the weekends. The addition of worksheets is a convenient feature, and it gives a near in-person experience with online therapy.


Subscription Plans: Online-Therapy.com offers three types of subscription plans; the basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan. All live sessions are 30 minutes, and you can avail yourself of them via instant chat, phone call, or live video. You can purchase any subscription plans through your debit and credit cards and FSA or HSA cards.

Therapist Qualifications: The platform requires all of its therapists to be fully licensed with and have training in CBT methods. All the therapists on this platform must have 2000 hours of clinical experience before joining the forum. Moreover, the therapists should also have additional training in conducting online CBT. At Online-Therapy.com, you’ll get to talk to different types of therapists, from newly licensed ones to PhD-level clinical psychologists.

Ease of Use: Getting started with Online-Therapy.com is very smooth. You only have to sign in and get started on the platform. The app is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, there is a ‘live chat’ button that you can use to ask queries.

Types of Session: You can benefit from unlimited communication with your therapist using their worksheet on this platform. The standard subscription plan allows you to have one 30-minutes chat session in a week, while the premium subscription offers two weekly chat sessions with unlimited text messages.

Customer Support: The website offers adequate educational resources, so it would be beneficial for you if you’re a newbie. There is a FAQ section, too, and you can contact the customer support service 24/7 on weekdays. You can also contact the emergency services if you need quick answers to your query.


  • All therapists are licensed
  • Discount on the first month
  • Easy to use the app
  • All therapists’ profiles are present on the website
  • Therapists are present in 27 states in the U.S and internationally
  • Multiple communication methods
  • Affordable subscription plans


  • Therapists are available on weekdays only
  • No group therapy or couples therapy

=> click here to visit the official website of online therapy

#4. BetterHelp – Trusted Online Therapist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


BetterHelp started operating in 2013, and it is one of the largest online therapy platforms in the world. It offers online therapy with professional and licensed therapists through phone calls, chats, and video calls. The service also provides group therapy sessions, counseling, and journaling. It is headquartered in California and is one of the most renowned online therapy platforms in the U.S. The platform has extended its services, and it works with universities and businesses.

The company focuses on the privacy and confidentiality of the users, and it follows HIPAA’s security and privacy rules. The information and data that you share with your therapist remain confidential. In addition, you can delete all the conversations between you and your therapist by using the ‘shred’ button. You can use the platforms anonymously, but in case of an emergency during a session, you’ll have to provide your contact details.

At BetterHelp, you’ll get to talk to therapists regarding various mental health issues. For example, you can connect to a therapist and consult if you have stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, anger, parenting, grief, eating disorders, and other issues. However, the platform is not the best choice if you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others. Moreover, if you’re a minor or under the responsibility of a legal guardian or having an emergency, you shouldn’t choose this platform.


Therapy Format: BetterHelp offers a weekly subscription plan that allows you to do unlimited texts and one live call, phone conversation, or video call in a week. This gives you the freedom to choose any communication method that works for you. Many clients change their communication methods every week according to their convenience. Depending on the therapist’s availability, a session can last 30 to 50 minutes.

Counselor Matching: BetterHelp uses an advanced algorithm to match you with a therapist or counselor. After you sign up on the platform, the algorithm evaluates your information and connects you to a therapist. However, if you feel that the therapist is not suitable for you, you can request a change by using the feature ‘Change Counselors’ on your profile page.

Therapists’ Expertise: The therapists and counselors at BetterHelp are accredited and licensed. They all have a doctorate or master’s degree in their respective fields and have at least 1000 hours and three years of work experience. The company evaluates its therapists during a four to the five-week evaluation process. The process includes a case study exam and verification of license. Licensed clinicians also test the new therapists. According to BetterHelp, they only accept 15% of the therapists that apply on their platform.

Payment Options and Financial Aid: The platform offers financial assistance to those who qualify but are going through a financial crisis or are unemployed. If you want financial aid, you’ll have to check your eligibility during the sign-up process. The company doesn’t accept insurance, and the cost of a subscription ranges from $60 to $90 per week. To move forward with the sign-up process, you need to make a payment.


  • It is affordable
  • No time limit or commitment
  • An extensive network of counselors
  • 24/7 access to therapists
  • Access to experienced and accredited therapists
  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy to change therapists
  • Flexible billing methods


  • Limited scope
  • Not for kids and teens

=> click here to visit the official website of BetterHelp

#5. ReGain – Well Known and Affordable Online Couples Therapy Sessions


ReGain was founded in 2016, and it focuses on relationship counseling. BetterHelp owns the company, another online therapy platform we reviewed earlier in this post. There are more than 8,000 therapists on this platform, and they specialize in couples therapy and relationship counseling. The company aims to make couples counseling more accessible and convenient to the common man. It offers multiple communication methods and affordable subscription plans for online therapy.

The online therapy platform works with an extensive network of therapists, and thus it is easier to find a therapist of your choice. The platform uses an advanced algorithm to match you with a therapist so that you don’t have to bear the inconvenience of finding a therapist yourself.

The website is easy to navigate, and the sign-up process is smooth. It uses clear text, accessible to locate categories, and has a well-designed layout overall. There is a giant button saying ‘Get Started’ at the center. You have to click it to start the process. The advice tab on the menu allows you to access a vast library of educational resources related to relationships and couple counseling.

ReGain makes couples and relationship counseling more accessible and affordable than traditional in-person therapy. All the therapists on this platform are licensed and experienced, so you can rely on them to get professional advice. Moreover, you can contract longer sessions with the therapists to discuss your issues.


Sign-Up Process: To sign up, the first thing you have to do is to fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire requires you to fill in whether you need individual counseling or couples. You will also have to answer questions like your situation and issues you’re facing, what you want to gain from counseling, etc. You can also remain anonymous by using a nickname on the platform.

ReGain Room: After you connect to your counselor, you’ll gain access to a secure and dedicated room. The ReGain room is similar to a chat room where you can talk to your counselor. The good thing is that all of your texts are stored there. Moreover, the room is accessible 24/7, so you can access it at any time to seek feedback and suggestions. Furthermore, you can send unlimited messages through this platform.

Privacy Policies: ReGain gives prime importance to the privacy and confidentiality of its users. The online therapy platform has servers distributed throughout multiple Tier-4 AWS data centers for solid security. Since the platform doesn’t partner with insurance companies, it doesn’t share your information with any company. In addition, you can delete all the messages anytime you want using the ‘Shred’ button.

Counselor Qualifications: The counselors and therapists at ReGain are accredited and licensed. They are trained and licensed clinical social workers, family therapists, and professional counselors. Most of them hold doctoral or master’s degrees and are certified by the boards of their respective states. In addition, they have at least three years of experience and 1000 hours of hands-on experience. However, they aren’t employed by ReGain, but are independent professionals.


  • Easy to use platform
  • Unlimited messaging
  • 24/7 access to therapists
  • Secure and private
  • Very affordable
  • All licensed therapists
  • Flexible weekly plans


  • No free trial
  • No therapists bios on the website

=> click here to visit the official website of ReGain

How We Made The List of Talk Therapy Counselors

Our team of writers and researchers carefully evaluated each online therapy service. We considered various factors like their business practices, transparency, medical credibility, and customer reviews to determine their reputation. Our research and evaluation included dozens of online therapy platforms, but we selected only those that met our high standards.

To pick the best ones, we looked for companies with licensed psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Moreover, we considered the platforms with a simple sign-up process and flexible payment options. We also analyzed whether the online therapy service uses effective and suitable tools to help people. We also removed platforms that didn’t provide adequate security to the clients. After thorough research and consideration, we came up with the five best online therapy platforms.

What We Looked For

We looked for the following factors while choosing the best platforms that provide online therapy:

  • Accessibility: The main reason people use online therapy is because of its accessibility and convenience. People seek this service to avoid days of waiting that often come with in-person appointments. Thus, we looked for those best online therapy services that offer prompt therapy through same-day appointments.
  • Simple Sign-up Process: The online therapy sites that we have chosen for reviews are the ones that offer a simple sign-up process. These platforms have an easy-to-use interface that allows users to navigate freely. An easy sign-up process and clutter-free interface will enable you to connect to an online therapist quickly.
  • Licensed Therapists: We have chosen platforms for online therapy that offer licensed and experienced therapists. Also, the therapists have a wide range of skills and expertise, such as depression, anxiety, substance use, grief, trauma, and other mental health issues.
  • Communication Methods: We looked for online therapy providers that offer all the popular communication methods for providing services. Moreover, the client should be able to choose any method including live chat, phone call, or video conferencing. We focused on those services that gave flexibility to the users in this regard.
  • Option to Switch Therapists: Whether online or in-person, having the right therapist is imperative to have the best experience. For online therapists, it is a bit riskier because you aren’t sure how your venture will turn out. We looked for services that allow you to switch therapists if you aren’t satisfied. With the this option, you can request a change and wait for the platform to match you with another therapist.

How To Choose The Best Therapist Online

Online therapy is far more than talking to a therapist, and if done correctly, it can leave a profound impact on your mental health and wellbeing. A growing body of research proves that online therapy can be effective and is a valuable alternative to in-person treatment. However, it is also essential to choose the right online therapy platform that meets your requirements.

We aim to help you find the best online therapist. There are multiple online services available, and we have reviewed the best ones. However, if you’re still facing difficulties choosing the exemplary service, we have compiled a list of the factors to consider. The following factors will help you pair with the best online therapy according to your personal needs:

  • Qualification of Therapists

Therapists and counselors have to undergo a licensing procedure to provide therapy services. These standards make sure that the people receive the best mental health care. There are licensing boards with specific guidelines and codes of ethics that safeguard the patient’s rights. To get the best online therapy, you must look for a platform that has licensed therapists. The therapists should have a strong reputation and be well-qualified to understand the patient’s requirements. For example, an online therapy platform should have all therapists with a doctoral or master’s degree.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

To make sure that the companies follow best practices, you must consider the privacy and security guidelines of the platform. The best online therapy platforms make their operations and services transparent by declaring their policies and standards. For example, the most reputable online therapy services will not share your information with any other platform. In addition, the best platforms will allow you to communicate with your therapist anonymously. If you are concerned about your chat with the therapist, consider a service that will enable you to delete your texts quickly.

  • Communication Methods

Another important thing you should consider is the communication methods that a platform offers. The most popular forms of communication for online therapy are live chats, phone calls, and video conferencing. However, not all online therapy platforms provide them all. The best communication mode for online treatment is the one that works for you. Before choosing a platform, you must find out whether it offers the communication method with which you’re comfortable or not. For example, if you want to talk to a therapist and have a near in-person experience, you must choose a service with live chat and video calls.

  • Matching Algorithm

Every online therapy platform uses a different method to match you with a suitable therapist or counselor. However, the most common methods used by these platforms are the human method or algorithm. The platform uses complex computer processing to evaluate the information you provide and then connect you to a relevant therapist. Some online platforms use human matchmakers to offer a more personal experience to the user. The platform collects user data through questionnaires, and then matching is done. The best online therapy platforms provide multiple options for matching with therapists.

  • Cost of Therapy

Telehealth services can be costly; after all, they provide you with all the services in the comfort of your home. The most affordable option is Online-Therapy.com; if you’re concerned about the cost, the cheapest option is Online-Therapy.com. Calmerry is also a reasonable option as it doesn’t allow you to have a live video chat of more than half-hour per week. Most online therapy services charge around $60 to $120 per week. However, if you have insurance that provides coverage for mental health services, you must go for an online therapy that accepts insurance. To make the cost of treatment more affordable, go for a service that offers multiple subscription plans.

  • Number of Therapists

If you’re looking to connect to a therapist because you want to save time, you must look for a service that works with an extensive network of therapists. The more the number of therapists on a platform, the easier it gets to get matched. When using an online therapy platform, most people wish to connect to a therapist as soon as possible. However, this is possible only if the therapists can talk to you. While the number of therapists doesn’t ensure the quality of the service, it improves the matching process so that you’re connected to a therapist easily and quickly.

  • Languages Offered

In the U.S, the majority of the people speak in English, but if you speak any other language, you might feel more comfortable communicating in your language. Some online therapy platforms offer therapists who can communicate in multiple languages. For example, TalkSpace works with therapists who can converse fluently in 30 languages, including French, Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin.

  • Insurance coverage

Some online therapy services don’t accept insurance. So, if you choose an online therapy that doesn’t accept your insurance, you’ll have to pay the fees from your pocket. Moreover, you must ensure that you have insurance coverage for online therapy because not all insurance providers offer this coverage. The acceptance of insurance coverage is not necessarily an advantage. For example, many online therapy platforms already offer financial aids and subscription plans to lower costs. However, with insurance coverage, you might also end up paying interest rates. So, decide wisely and determine your needs before choosing the best online therapy.

FAQs: Online Mental Health Counseling

Q1. Is online therapy safe and secure?

Reputable and renowned online therapy services are safe and secure. These platforms are HIPAA compliant, and they follow the best practices to protect their users’ data. The best companies are also transparent about their policies and operations. To be on the safe side, you must go for a platform that provides more assurance for the level of security they offer.

Q2. Is online therapy effective?

Online therapy consumes less time for treatment, and it provides mental health support very effectively. You might feel uncomfortable with online therapy due to its stigma. Still, once you have a live video conference with a therapist, you’ll know how effective it is. With live phone and video calls, you can easily have a good discussion and discuss your issues with the therapist. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about the commute and waiting outside the therapist’s room for hours.

Q3. Does insurance cover online therapy?

Some insurance providers cover online therapy but not all of them. Insurance companies mostly pay a portion of the total cost of online treatment. However, you must look for an online therapy platform that accepts insurance in this case. Finding companies that accept insurance is also tricky, but some companies provide financial aid. For example, BetterHelp offers financial assistance to people who cannot pay the hefty service charges.

Q4. Who is online therapy good for?

Online therapy is suitable for those who find it challenging to travel and meet the therapist. Moreover, if you prefer different modes of communication to discuss with your therapist, online therapy will be helpful. In addition, online treatment is suitable for treating mild mental health issues such as anxiety, OCD, stress, and depression. Online therapy is also beneficial for those who feel more comfortable at home, live in a remote area, are very busy, or cannot leave home due to their health condition.

Q5. Which type of therapist is right for me?

To know which therapist is right for you, you must first determine your condition and requirements. You should ask yourself why you’re going to seek online therapy. Online therapists and counselors specialize in a variety of mental health issues. There are psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed professional counselors (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), and CBT specialists.

Q6. Are online therapists licensed?

Not all the online therapists are licensed, but the platforms we have reviewed work with licensed therapists only. There might be numerous other online therapy services that claim to work with therapists, but those therapists or counselors aren’t necessarily legally protected or licensed. According to APA (American Psychological Association), some online therapists might promote themselves but are not permitted in the states. Thus, it is essential to check the licensing and legal protection that the online platform provides on their official forum for the therapists they work with.

Q7. What is the cheapest online therapy?

The cheapest online therapy platform is the one that offers financial aid and affordable subscription plans. If you search for the cheapest option, you must look for a service that provides promo codes and financial aids. You can also go for a platform that offers basic therapy services. For example, an online therapy service that offers only text messaging and audio services are more affordable than live video sessions.

Q8. What is text therapy, and is it effective?

Some people find it more convenient to communicate with therapists through texts, and thus, they prefer using text messages to discuss their issues with the therapist. Perhaps this mode is also better for those who don’t want to disclose their identity or keep themselves private while the therapist treats the mental health issue. There are many online therapy platforms, like BetterHelp and TalkSpace, that provide text therapy and other communication modes. However, text therapy isn’t as effective compared to live phone calls and video sessions.

Q9. What type of mental health issues can online therapy help with?

Online therapy can help treat moderate mental health issues, for example, phobias, social and generalized anxiety disorders, persistent depressive disorders, PTSD, behavioral disorders, panic disorders, eating disorders, cognitive disorders, and relationship issues. Calmerry can help you if you are in grief or have low self-esteem. TalkSpace can be good if you want a treatment for insomnia or even schizophrenia.

Q10. Which is the best communication method for online therapy?

The best communication method for online therapy is the one that is the most suitable for you. Phone therapy is the most popular method because people feel it is easier to discuss with the therapist than in an in-person meeting. Moreover, it is easier to schedule a phone therapy session with your therapist.

Wrap Up: Best Psychologist Near Me

Online therapy platforms allow you to connect to a therapist virtually- it is more flexible and time-saving than in-person therapy. The best thing about this type of therapy is choosing any communication method that works for you. Online therapy creates a comfortable environment for you to connect with your therapist, but it also helps you talk to a health expert that specializes in mental health.

Many reliable online therapy options work with an extensive network of licensed therapists. With so many options we jotted down in this post, you’ll easily find the best online therapy that meets your requirements. Online therapy makes mental health treatment more accessible and affordable for people, and there’s no better time to try it out.

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