2013 OAK HARBOR COMREHENSIVE PLAN AMENDMENTS CALL FOR APPLICATIONS The City of Oak Harbor is initiating its annual Comprehensive Amendment Process. The amendment process begins with a call for applications from the public requesting changes to the Plan. The requests are then compiled into a docket that is reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council. The City Council approves a final docket in March 2013. Request for changes can be made to any aspect of the Comprehensive Plan. However, the application requirements differ for private amendments and public amendments. An example of a private amendment is a request to change a land use designation for a property and an example of a public amendment would be a request to change the density requirements for a particular zoning district. For more information on public amendments please contact city staff. Information regarding this can also be found in the Oak Harbor Municipal Code Chapter 18.15.060. Applications are now being accepted for the 2013 Comprehensive Plan Amendments. The application for private amendments (land use changes) is currently available at the City Hall and on the City's website. Land owners can request changes to their property's land use designation as part of the amendment process. The deadline for applications is December 3, 2012 5pm. The process to consider amendments to the Comprehensive Plan is a year long process. All applications received will be placed on a docket with other mandatory and discretionary items. The docket will then be reviewed by the Planning Commission and the City Council through a public hearing process before approval. The process is designed to provide opportunities for public participation at various stages of the process. Please contact Cac Kamak, Senior Planner, at (360) 279-4514 if you have questions. LEGAL NO. 435306 Published: Whidbey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. November 3, 17, 2012.