11 candidates apply to serve on Tacoma Arts Commission

Eleven candidates have applied to fill four positions on the City of Tacoma Arts Commission.

Eleven candidates have applied to fill four positions on the City of Tacoma Arts Commission.

The commission consists of fifteen Tacoma residents who volunteer to serve as arts advocates and provide leadership in supporting and enhancing the arts for the benefit of Tacoma and its residents. The commission’s primary responsibility is to create policies to support the ongoing development of arts programs and projects in Tacoma, such as the funding of artists and arts organizations to provide services for the Tacoma residents, Tacoma Arts Month, and oversight of public art as part of the City of Tacoma’s Municipal Art Program. Commission members are appointed by Tacoma City Council’s Economic Development Committee and confirmed by Tacoma City Council.

In September, the City of Tacoma issued a call for applicants to fill three at-large positions, and one position representing Tacoma public education (see “City of Tacoma: Applicants needed to fill 6 positions on 3 citizen panels,” Tacoma Daily Index, Sept. 15, 2014). The deadline for applications expired on Fri., Oct. 10. Individuals who applied to serve on the Tacoma Arts Commission include Kathy Anderson, Heather Conklin, Kareem Kandi, Laura Marshall, Kathryn Pascall, Maria Pascualy, Ellen Peters, Hillary Ryan, Wanda Thompson (seeking re-appointment), LaQuita Thurman, and Lynn Wilmot-Stenehjem.


Tacoma City Council’s Economic Development Committee is scheduled to interview the candidates during a public meeting on Tues., Oct. 28, at 9:30 a.m., at the Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market Street, Room 248, in downtown Tacoma. A copy of the agenda is available online here. The committee is expected to forward its recommendations for appointments to the full city council for final confirmation later this year.

More information about the Tacoma Arts Commission is available online here.

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